The Revehō slite Collapsible Travel Guitar – An Innovative Solution for Traveling Musicians

For many folks, a guitar is their best friend and a consistent travel partner. But the size and dimensions of a guitar can make it challenging to bring along on your travels. The Reveho slite Collapsible Travel Guitar fixes that problem and allows you to make music anywhere you go. The slite is a full-size electric guitar that breaks down into five pieces in a convenient carrying case for easy travel and storage. The innovation in this guitar allows it to stay tuned, provides the ability to swap pickups, and maintains all the regular electric guitar features in a compact and portable package.

the revehō slite collapsible travel guitar


The slite from Reveho is an innovative guitar that is modular, compact, and travel friendly. Even with these benefits, there’s no loss of other key features to compensate for the new technology and design. The collapsible full-size 25.5-inch wooden neck contains steel rods for additional stability and hosts 24 frets and seamless connection points. The plastic body keeps the guitar lightweight and easy to carry. The guitar’s body also includes an aluminum core, swappable pickups, a built-in pre-amp, and onboard effects. This site also comes with USB-C connectivity, a standard jack output, and a headphone jack. The slite is everything you need in an electric guitar with the bonus of portability included.

the revehō slite collapsible travel guitar

How It Works

The Reveho slite’s neck breaks down and connects via the supportive aluminum rods that provide a seamless connection between the two neckpieces. No one will be able to tell your guitar is modular once it is together. In the carrying case, the center of the guitar’s body sits below these two neckpieces, keeping the strings intact so that they don’t become damaged or need additional tuning and maintenance. The body breaks down into three parts for quick and easy storage. The outside body pieces sit opposite of the other elements in the case. Assembly takes approximately 20 seconds.

One downside to this guitar is the lack of customization in the guitar case. Because of the way the guitar is stored, there’s not many, if any, options for additional guitar cases. If more options become available, they’d likely need to come from Reveho. It is also crucial that you take extra care to ensure this guitar is stored correctly. Correct storage prevents unnecessary damage during travel and long-term storage. The slite will take a few minutes longer to store and put away than your average guitar.

the revehō slite collapsible travel guitar

The slite comes in at $1,709, and the price makes this guitar aimed at more advanced and professional musicians. If you’ve been looking for a better way to travel with your guitar, the slite from Reveho is an excellent option for your on-the-road show. If you’re already jazzed and ready to rock the stage or jam out at home with this guitar, head on over to Kickstarter to preorder your slite.  You’ll want to act fast as the campaign wraps up within the next week as of this writing.