Klos Carbon Fiber Ukulele

For travelling musicians, being able to take their instruments with them on every journey is something that often stays as a fantasy. One could say that guitarists and ukulele players have it the most easy, as these instruments are the most common to carry around, especially ukuleles. On the other hand, their traditional wooden body tends to crack and wear out the more they are used and handled.

However, KLOS Guitars have come out with the latest innovation in music. Using carbon fibers, KLOS Ukulele is known for its ability to be indestructible. This ukulele has had cars driving over it and blocks of cement falling on top of it to test is durability; all experiments which have left the ukulele looking pretty much intact. This said, the issue of travelling or using it on a daily basis should not be a problem whatsoever. In fact, it could last you a lifetime.

To top it off, KLOS Ukulele does not fail to deliver a high quality instrument. Its sandwich panel soundboard and upgraded stiffening rods allow players to deliver a spectacular sound across any room.

For an extremely sensible price, you will be able to take this instrument anywhere you go, all while ensuring an outstanding performance when played.


Klos Carbon Fiber Ukulele