Lava Me Pro – The Guitar of the Future

High-quality sound, high-tech features, and solid construction can be a tall ask of your average guitar. You usually have to sacrifice one quality for another. The Lava Me Pro from LAVA Music combines innovative technology, excellent sound, and all the features a professional musician could ask for in a compact instrument. This guitar delivers exceptional live performances, and LAVA built it with the future in mind.


The  Lava Me Pro is excellent for stage performances. The powerful preamp system and built-in controls eliminate the need for a pedalboard. Less weight and equipment will make your set up and travel to shows quicker and easier!

Lava Me Pro

You’ve got reverb, delay, and chorus all at the touch of a finger, making it simple to add effects as you play. The Lava Me Pro also includes a Turbo button, which gives you a 50 percent boost in volume for rocking those solos or anytime you need to turn up the volume quickly. Just make sure you have an amplifier.

L.R Baggs had a significant role in developing the Lava Me Pro. The L2 Preamp was a product of this collaboration, which also produced the signature Mix-Control feature, which adjusts the sound between the built-in body mic and piezo, creating a more natural and customized tone. One of the newest features, Tap Tempo Play, allows you to shorten the delay with just a tap of your finger. These features and additions put the Lava Me Pro ahead of the pack in versatility and innovation.

Lava Me ProConstruction

The Lava Me Pro construction is wildly innovative and is ahead of its time, winning an IDEA Design award in the USA. The IDEA Design awards recognize creative and excellent product designs. Quality materials and innovative engineering make the Lava Me Pro an outstanding guitar.

Measuring in at 41 inches long and weighing 0.21 ounces, this guitar is comfortable to play and lightweight. Inspired by aviation engineering, this guitar possesses a unique honeycomb-shaped AirCarbon soundboard for an organic sound while reducing weight. The AirCarbon used in this guitar is 30 percent lighter than other carbon fiber of the same stiffness. The neck of the guitar uses an ultra-stiff carbon fiber rod and an aluminum connection structure. Lastly, the Phantom structure transfers the vibration from the Elixir NanoWeb strings to the whole soundboard with a purposeful frequency.

The engineering of the Lava Me Pro lets this guitar travel anywhere you do. The temperature range is from -13 up to 203 degrees Fahrenheit. You can rest assured the Lava Me Pro can travel well and remain functional anywhere life takes you! It adapts to weather changes during performances with ease.

Lava Me ProDownsides

The Turbo feature on the Lava Me Pro only works when an amplifier is in use. At an MSRP of $1,299,  this guitar is more expensive many others, but all of the extra features add tremendous value. This guitar is relatively compact, so keep that in mind. Built and designed specifically for professional stage performance and tours, it may not be the best choice for a garage jam session or a new guitarist.

Final Takeaways

This guitar is a standout with its blend of engineering, design, and features. The Lava Me Pro eliminates the need for pedals and offers exceptional sound quality. Your next guitar to rock the stage should be the Lava Me Pro.

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