Music culture could definitely be considered at a whole different level during the 1970s and 1980s. Vinyls have become much more than a disc containing music recordings. Vinyls represent an era of musical ecstasy, joy and nostaligia.

This is why Austrian startup company has developed a system that enhances the quality of our old collection of music; offering us a new, yet timeless musical experience.

The technology used in HC Vinyl offers a 30% increase in playing time and amplitude, and a higher frequency response. The audio from vinyls is digitally translated to a 3D topographic map. Then, a map is inscribed by using lasers on to a stamper that is then integrated into the vinyl.

Besides this technology used to uprade the audio experience of vinyl records, it is also enormously beneficial towards decreasing health and environmental hazards. The current and traditional process of producing vinyls actually uses many toxic chemicals that harm the manufacturers and our surroundings.

You can be sure that any product that comes from HD Vinyls is of the utmost quality. The founders of this company understand the anatomy and the importance of music. Therefore, all their energy and mental power has been invested in creating a product that is reliable and of the best quality.

The HD Vinyl records can be played on any turntable, so you won’t have to worry about making any additional purchases. You can trust HD Vinyls in producing consistent great quality in every copy that is made.