8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on Spotify

With 140 million users, 60 million subscribers, 30 million songs, and $5 billion in royalties paid to artists (though I must admit, it could and probably should be more), Spotify is the world’s most popular streaming service.

But while most of the almost 150 million users are familiar with Spotify’s standard functions, an overwhelming majority have no idea just how many different things they could be doing with their Spotify accounts.

The following is a list of 8 of these functions that would provide you with even more options from one of the hottest subscription services out there.

  1. Discover New Music with the “Song Radio” and “Artist Radio” Stations

spotify radio

What drew most people to Spotify was the ability to create custom playlists of any music a person wants to listen to. But just like Pandora, Spotify does have radio stations that will play music similar to one of your favorite artists or songs.

The advantage to the Spotify version is the way the service will create a playlist using songs selected by other listeners who like that artist. And with the millions of songs available in Spotify’s library, you are sure to find plenty you are not already familiar with.


  1. Shazam Songs Can be Automatically Added to Your Playlist

shazam app connect spotify

The Shazam app helps you identify music you hear out in public that you don’t recognize. But after Shazam tells you what the song is, it gives you the option to have that music added to your Spotify playlist.


  1. MagicPlaylist Also Works with Spotify

magic playlist

MagicPlaylist is a website similar to the Spotify Artist and Song Stations. However, the user gets more say in the creation of the playlist.

First, a listener types in a song into the search bar. Second, MagicPlaylist creates a list of songs based on that one title. Then, listeners can delete tracks they don’t want and listen to samples of songs they aren’t familiar with to see if those tracks make the cut.

After editing the playlist to his or her specifications, a listener then downloads the playlist directly to Spotify.


  1. Spotify Running

spotify run

Now, this one is cool and creepy at the same time.

Not only does Spotify have workout mixes available (or, of course, you can make your own gym mix), the app can use your phone’s accelerometer to automatically play music according to the pace you are setting.

So when you are running full speed, the service will deliver up a song with strong beats. Then, during the cooldown phase, your playlist will follow suit with something mellower.


  1. Crossfade

spotify hack tips

If you don’t want that awkward silence between songs, Spotify eliminates it for you with the “crossfade” option under the “preferences” and “playback” sections of your library.

That way, the upcoming song will start just before the previous song ends based on the time you set for it.


  1. Collaborative Playlist

spotify hacks and tips

“Collaborative Playlists” allow you to share your playlists with friends both on the site and throughout social media. That way, a person can simply see your track selections from his or her own device instead of you having to pass around your phone to everyone else.


  1. Playlist Miner

the playlist miner

“Playlist Miner” allows you to find the most popular music on Spotify for any occasion.

For example, if you entered in “Workout Mix” into the search bar for Playlist Miner, Spotify would find the songs on the most workout playlists and compile them into one list for you.


  1. Discover Weekly

spotify hack tips life hack

Every Monday, Spotify gives you 30 fresh tracks to sample each week through its “Discover Weekly” feature.

But since these lists disappear at the end of the week, make sure you add any new music you really like to your current playlists.