The Three Best Ergonomic Rollerbar Mouse Keyboards

You spend a lot of time at your computer playing games; it is perhaps your favorite hobby and ideal way to decompress and de-stress after a long hard day at work. You might also spend a lot of time sitting at a desk for work as well, tirelessly typing away at your computer to get your work done every day. Many people do one of these two things, and as a result, many people experience fatigue in their wrists, especially if those wrists do not have any support while spending hours in front of the computer every day.

This fatigue not only slows you down when you need to work swiftly or need to get speedy results when gaming, but over time, you could experience a condition called carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel is a common condition among people who spend a lot of time typing at their keyboards. It’s felt as a tingling or numbness in the hand due to a pinched nerve. By having the proper wrist support, you can help stave off this condition.

Ergoslider Plus+ By Fersgo: Ergonomic Roller-Bar MouseErgoslider Plus+ By Fersgo: Ergonomic Roller-Bar Mouse

Those who work at the computer all day long tend to have neck, shoulder, wrist, and arm pain from desk posture around the keyboard and mouse. Lifting the mouse and moving it from side to side on one side of the keyboard is not only inefficient, but it can cause pain as well. Breaking out of bad computer habits can be challenging, but with the Ergoslider roller-bar, it has never been simpler.

The Ergoslider Plus: Ergonomic Mouse with Precision Roller-Bar Computer Cursor Control is a revolutionary take on the traditional mouse. It keeps everything that you need right in the center of the desk along with your keyboard. Place it in front of your keyboard and enjoy its comfortable padded design as you take control of your computer in a brand new way. This mouse features a long cursor bar that makes it easy for you to reach forward a bit and navigate the computer by running your finger across the long bar. It comes with a scroll wheel and four mouse click buttons for your convenience.

The modern design of the Ergoslider Roller-bar mouse adds a nice contemporary flair to your home office desk while providing the ultimate comfort at the same time. Its effortless nature will help remove the neck and shoulder pain that you experience from using a standard mouse, all while making you more efficient at your desk.


RollerMouse Red - Ultimate Ergonomic MouseRollerMouse Red – Ultimate Ergonomic Mouse

It’s difficult to say goodbye to your old traditional mouse that you have used for so long, even if that mouse has caused you nothing but trouble and pain. Yet the second that you rest your hands along the smooth surface of this mouse and see the ease, efficiency, and pain-free nature of the RollerMouse roller bar mouse keyboard, you’ll be left wondering why you hadn’t made the switch before.

The RollerMouse Red – Ultimate Ergonomic Mouse is an innovative mouse design that keeps your hands in the center of the desk near the keyboard at all times, making it easier for you to get your work done. It works using a roller bar that allows you to touch it at any angle and move your finger from right to left, backward, and forward without ever having to move your wrists. The RollerMouse Red – Ultimate Ergonomic Mouse features a scroll wheel in the center and eight key functions, including copy and paste, one-touch control, double click, and more.

It has an ergonomic design and keyboard risers to level the RollerMouse roller bar with your keyboard for the most ergonomic effect. Sleek and silver-toned, this durable mouse is durably made out of aluminum and comes with a detachable leatherette wrist rest.

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RollerMouse Red PLUSRollerMouse Red PLUS

Never before have you experienced such ease and simplicity when it comes to using the mouse at your computer, as you will experience with the Contour Design RollerMouse Red plus. This mouse revolutionizes how you work at your computer by keeping it in the center of your desk just below your keyboard, eliminating the constant need to reach to the right or left to use the mouse. This position helps to alleviate a lot of the neck and shoulder pain that so often happens when using a standard mouse.

The Contour Design RollerMouse Red plus is controlled by an open roller bar that makes it simple to navigate any web page, document, excel sheet, and more. This mouse features a roller bar at the top, which provides unmatched precision and has tracking technology that measures up to 2,400 DPI. On either side of this mouse, there are ergonomic wrist supports that keep you comfortable no matter how many hours you need to work.

In the center of the Contour Design RollerMouse Red plus, there are mouse buttons. These buttons offer you eight essential functions that will make you more productive and efficient than ever before. These include but are not limited to their one-touch technology, copy, paste, and double click. You can adjust the height of the Contour Design RollerMouse Red plus to fit the height of your existing keyboard for a more comfortable experience than ever before.

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The Importance of Having Wrist Support

Another benefit of having the proper wrist support is simply ergonomic. A wrist rest is something that is going to benefit your wrists over the long term better. These wrist rests provide just the right amount of support that you need to comfortably game for hours on end without having to stop at a crucial moment to give your wrists a bit of a massage to combat strain and fatigue. Having less fatigue in your wrists means that you will be able to game more efficiently and longer.

While it can take a little bit of time to get used to, especially if you have gamed for years without any wrist rest, it is well worth the time spent. If you feel as if a wrist rest might get in the way of your gaming ability, you can always opt for a thicker pad. A thicker pad will add plenty of stability along with a place to cushion your wrists and support them during downtime in a game. It is the next best thing, ergonomically speaking, to a full wrist support module.