The 8 Best Mechanical Keyboards

Whether you’re a big PC gamer or just spend a lot of time on the computer, the quality of your keyboard can greatly impact your experience. Mechanical keyboards are designed to withstand millions omore keystrokes while also offering a host of useful tools.

To help you find the best mechanical keyboard for you, here’s our list of the top keyboards you can buy:

Corsair K95 RGBCorsair K95 RGB

At the top of our list is one of the best mechanical keyboard you can buy, especially if you’re a gamer. This updated version of the Corsair K95 features customizable per-key backlighting along with aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum for unmatched durability. Every key can be assigned a unique backlighting color, allowing you to key bind however you desire.

Gamers will appreciate the 18 G-keys with more than 100 programmable macros. Other features include a detachable soft-touch wrist rest, dedicated multimedia controls, and choice of four different color styles. While it is one of the more expensive ones on this list, the Corsair K95 RGB is worth every penny as one of the best mechanical keyboards available.


Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

This is one of those keyboards that proves Razer it at the top when it comes to giving gamers what they want. If you don’t believe us, consider the incredible Amazon rating left by more than two thousand satisfied customers. If you’re willing to break the piggy bank for the perfect gaming mechanical keyboard, this is it.

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 contains switches designed to give you the best responsiveness and speed possible when issuing commands during a heated online match. You’re also getting 16.8 million different color options for the programmable backlit keys that can be assigned their own color. A few of the many other great features include an ergonomic wrist rest, inter-device synchronization, built-in anti-ghosting support, and 10 key roll over. Did we mention an impressive 2-year warranty?


Das Keyboard 4 ProfessionalDas Keyboard 4 Professional

This great mechanical keyboard has everything you could want and more. The keys are designed with Cherry MX Brown switches with gold contacts to make them both quieter and rigid. The dedicated media controls with large volume knob are perfect if you regularly use your computer to listen to music or watch movies.

The Das Keyboard 4 Professional also includes an advanced two-port USB 3.0 superspeed hub that lets you transfer pictures, music, and other data more than 10 times faster than a USB 2.0 port. Other pluses include a sleek anodized aluminum top panel, laser etched keys, 6.5 ft. cable, and full n-key rollover support over USB.


Logitech G610 Orion Brown Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G610 Orion Brown Mechanical Keyboard

This Logitech product is worth considering if you’re on a budget but still want the benefits of a mechanical keyboard. Cherry MX mechanical key switches guarantee help give the G610 Orion Brown that indestructible feel while also lowering noise. Although your only choice for backlighting is the color white, you can customize each individual key in terms of brightness.

Other perks include an easy-access media control, programmable F keys, and your choice of two keyboard colors: Brown and Red. It’s missing a lot of customization that other top mechanical keyboards on this list have, but perhaps you’re OK without them if it means a much more affordable price.


SteelSeries Apex M500SteelSeries Apex M500

SteelSeries was kind enough to provide another affordable mechanical keyboard worthy of this list. The SteelSeries Apex M500 was designed with performance in mind, making it a great choice for the gamer on a budget. Cutting-edge Cherry MX Red switches give these keys a high-quality feel that won’t wear down even after hours of use or gaming.

Other bonuses include an attractive blue LED backlighting, full anti-ghosting with 104 key rollover, swappable keycaps, fully programmable keys, and more. If you’re on the hunt for the best mechanical keyboard in terms of comfort, durability, and price, this is an option worth thinking about.


Razer Ornata ChromaRazer Ornata Chroma

Razer is known for providing some of the best mechanical keyboards on the planet, and this one is no exception. The Ornata Chroma gives you both reliability and comfort by giving you a soft cushioned touch in addition to sturdy keys that are crisp to the touch. A custom designed keycap reduces the time it takes for actions to register so you’re free to move between keys more efficiently.

An ergonomic rest adds comfort to your wrists while the 10-key roll over with built-in anti-ghosting technology makes you a force to be reckoned with while playing games. If you want an affordable mechanical keyboard that gets the job done, look no further.


Das Keyboard X40 Pro Gaming Mechanical KeyboardDas Keyboard X40 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

As the name suggests, this fantastic Das Keyboard product is a superb investment if the last thing you want hindering your online gaming performance is your keyboard. Each X40 Pro comes with advanced Alpha-Zulu switches that extends their lifespan to 60 million keystrokes. All six different designs also give your keyboard an edgy, attractive look.

The X40 Pro also comes equipped with 5 programmable macro keys, full n-key rollover support, cool red LED backlighting, USB 2.0 pass-through, and more. When it comes to the best mechanical keyboards for gamers, the X40 Pro is one of the best out there today.


CHERRY MX-Board 3.0CHERRY MX-Board 3.0 Mechanical Keyboard

If you can do without customization options and backlighting, this great mechanical keyboard is worth checking out. It features a sturdy design that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time and not suffer the same wear and tear of regular plastic keyboards.

It also has a number of convenient perks such as a removable wrist rest, detachable cable, win-key lock to prevent unintended operations. If you’re in the market for a basic mechanical keyboard that’s well worth its affordable price, the CHERRY MX-Board 3.0 is for you. The three available colors are Blue, Brown, and Red.