Embody Gaming Chair by Herman Miller & Logitech G – Function & Fashion for the Win

I’ll bet you a buck you’re reading this while sitting down. Maybe you’re lucky enough to be slumped on the couch right now, feet up, and comfy. But for those of you unfortunate enough to be perusing this site from your desk chair, take a moment to evaluate the seat you are currently occupying. There’s a good chance you’ve got some hotspots on your back or below, and let’s not get started with those armrests. Do you actually choose to spend part of your life in that thing? Perhaps you need one of those ergonomic PC gaming chairs, pronto! But what to buy?

Luckily Herman Miller has your back … and your bum … and your arms, with their new-and-improved Embody Gaming Chair. For $1,495 MSRP, you might be wondering if you’re getting a new computer with this state-of-the-art piece of formidable furniture. But, no. Just a chair. However, Herman Miller is known to make some of the best sitting equipment on the market, so let’s dig into the details and see if this thing is worth the pretty penny it demands.

herman miller x logitech g embody gaming chair


Let’s do a quick meditation. Focus on your back for a moment. Does it feel like every vertebra is both in contact with your seat and adequately supported? Now imagine a chair that provides that support, corrects your posture, and naturally helps align your spine in a neutral position.

Next, move your focus down towards your sit bones. Does the decades-old foam in your seat even have anything left to give? Can it resist your gravity whatsoever? The Embody features additional padding to ensure you can sit upright for hours, and they’ve also integrated cooling foam to keep you chilled while under pressure.

What about the adjustability of your current seat? Aside from the herky-jerky elevator knob you accidentally hit about once a week, are there any other options for adjustable comfort? Herman Miller wants you to be able to customize your seat. So, the Embody has not only an adjustable backrest to keep your spine aligned, but adjustable armrests to ensure you can slide in and out of your desk environment with ease.

herman miller x logitech g embody gaming chair

Don’t Take Our Word For It

So, is this the chair for you? Dont’s take it from us, take it from Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg revered and longest-standing member of the TSM League of Legends esports team:

Herman Miller and Logitech spent months asking us, as players, what we needed most in a chair, and what resulted was the Embody. Ensuring that the chair we use is comfortable, offers proper support, and helps us play at optimal performance is critical to our success. We only use the best products when we play, and the Embody is no exception. 

And what about a warranty? This thing is expensive, so you’re going to want to be confident it will last. John Campbell, Herman Miller’s Business Lead of Gaming, can allay your warranty concerns:

The Embody is designed to last up to 12 years, with 24-hour usage during that time. … So when you buy the Embody Gaming Chair, what you’re buying is the confidence that this chair is an investment. If anything were to go wrong with it, it’s covered at 100%.

Bottom Line

The reality is that gaming chairs are often built for function and not so much for style. And not everyone has a dedicated gaming lair where their consoles, LED-backlit PC towers, and E3 swag live. The Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair blends into the modern apartment or home and looks like an executive chair, with some serious functionality. It’s a win-win.