The 8 Best Presentation Laser Pointers

Presentation laser pointers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Whether you are a professional or just starting out, this review will help you get the device that matches your presentation needs. These are the eight best presentation laser pointers.

The Best Presentation Laser Pointer

Kensington K72427AMA Expert Presentation Laser PointerKensington K72427AMA Expert Presentation Laser Pointer

The Kensington Expert K72427AMA has all the features you need for a laser pointer. It also comes with the perfect balance of price and the features that make an impact on a presentation.

The USB receiver stays connected for up to 150 feet, and it also serves as an SD card reader. You can keep your presentation on an SD card, plug it into any computer, and the Kensington Expert K72427AMA will do all the configuration for you.

We like the design of this pointer because it is comfortable, and the contours make it feel natural while in your hands. The Kensington Expert K72427AMA has backlit buttons and built-in joystick for mouse control, making it easy to navigate through your slideshow. Although it has a bit of a learning curve, these navigation features gave us better control while presenting.

The Kensington Expert K72427AMA is an excellent tool for professionals who want to make effective presentations without veering into the premium side of laser pointers.

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Logitech Spotlight Presentation Digital PointerLogitech Spotlight Presentation Digital Pointer

If you are feeling a little extravagant or want to take your presentations to the next level, then the Logitech Spotlight will bring out the master presenter in you. It has a premium look with premium features, and it is the most advanced presentation pointer we have seen.

Of all the laser pointers we tested, the Logitech Spotlight is the only one that gave us the wow factor. It goes beyond what we thought was possible for a presentation tool. Logitech ditched the traditional laser pointer in exchange for the ability to highlight or magnify specific details on the screen. It also gave us full control during presentations. We were able to open links, play videos, and manage everything using smart gestures.

This device has a Smart Time Management feature that lets you keep track of the time spent on your presentation. You can configure the Logitech Spotlight to vibrate five minutes before your closing so that you can wrap things up, and another when your time is up.

The features of the Logitech Spotlight redefine presentation, but it comes at a fairly high price. Still, it’s worth it if you want to take your presentations and style to the next level.


Canon PR10-G Presentation Laser PointerCanon PR10-G Presentation Laser Pointer

If you’re looking for a pointer that you can use even in bright auditoriums, then the Canon PR10-G Laser Pointer is the best that you can get. It is not the most feature-packed nor the one that gives the best value, but it has an excellent balance of interaction, usability, and reliability.

The PR10-G Presentation Laser Pointer uses a green laser light that Canon claims to be eight times more visible than traditional red lasers. We tried it for ourselves, and it is more visible, even at a distance of 100 feet from the screen and the USB receiver.

This device has an LCD for the timer, signal strength, and battery. You can also set vibration alerts at predetermined times to remind you when to start wrapping things up and start closing your presentation. We like how Canon designed the navigation controls on the PR10-G Laser Pointer, and it’s just right where the thumb rests while holding the device. Although the grip could have been better by having a bit more contour, it still feels nice to hold with just enough heft to it.

A lot of presentation laser pointers offer too many features, trying to be too many things at the same time. The Canon PR10-G, on the other hand, lets you focus on presenting by having the navigation controls right where you need them to be. It may not be the most affordable option, but it is one of the few devices that lets you get in the zone and have the best presentation every time.

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Red Star Tec PR-820 Presentation Laser PointerRed Star Tec PR-820 Presentation Laser Pointer

As a wireless mouse and a laser pointer at the same time, the Red Star Tec PR-820 Presentation Laser Pointer will let you have full control over the laptop even from a distance of 50 feet. It has a bit of a learning curve, but once you get used to it, you will be able to interact with your presentation seamlessly.

This model can be very tricky and overwhelming to use, with 15 buttons all at your fingertips. These buttons include mouse control, volume, navigation, and action buttons. However, there is no other pointer in its price range that came close to the level of interaction that it can offer. Whatever you can do with a real mouse, you can do with the Red Star Tec PR-820.

This laser pointer is compatible with PowerPoint and Keynote, without pairing or configurations. You only need to plug the USB receiver into any regular or mini laptop, and you already have full control. The design feels natural and comfortable even during long presentations. The buttons are rubbery, similar to the ones you have on remote controls, which can be an acquired taste.

The Red Star Tec PR-820 may not have the best user experience, and it requires a bit of a learning curve. However, it is one of the few pointers that can offer full control, not only with the presentation but the whole computer as well. If you are looking for more than just a laser pointer with basic functionality, this device is worth considering.


DinoFire (Black & Green) Presentation Laser PointerDinoFire (Black & Green) Presentation Laser Pointer

DinoFire Presentation Laser Pointer is the slimmest device on this list, about the same size as a permanent marker. Still, it is powerful enough to control your presentations from 300 feet away. Pointers should be portable, and DinoFire took it to the next level without compromising its performance in other areas.

This device is a plug-and-play laser pointer that will let you open links, control the volume, switch to different applications, page up and down, and enable full-screen mode. It can support several applications, including MS PowerPoint, Word & Excel, Google Slides, ACDSee, iWork Numbers & Pages, Keynote, and Prezi.

The bright green laser light makes it easy to highlight details on your presentation even in bright auditoriums, but it diminishes when used on LCD. It runs on a 360 mAh lithium-ion battery that takes 60 minutes to charge, and it has a battery indicator function, so you will never go to a presentation with a low battery.

If you are looking for a slim pointer that you can slip into your pocket, the DinoFire Presentation Laser Pointer is your best choice. The grip may not be preferable for some, but it is the best slim laser pointer in terms of features, connectivity, and compatibility.


BlueBeach Presentation Laser PointerBlueBeach Presentation Laser Pointer

If you want a device that will help you deliver the message without breaking the bank, the BlueBeach Presentation Laser Pointer is the best that you can buy. It doesn’t have the fancy features that you can use for your presentation, but this is the best pointer that you can buy for less than $15.

This model uses a red laser pointer with buttons that will help you navigate through your slide. You can also do basic tasks to enhance your presentation like page up and down, darken the screen, and escape or resume. It stays connected to the receiver for up to 30 feet, but it gets sluggish. We recommend that you only use the BlueBeach Presentation Laser Pointer if you are presenting in classrooms or small group meetings.

One thing that we love about this pointer is the design. The contours are perfect. It feels natural in hand and is lightweight.

There’s nothing that makes the BlueBeach Presentation Laser Pointer stand out, but it will help you deliver outstanding presentations on a budget.

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Amerteer Presentation Laser PointerAmerteer Presentation Laser Pointer

The Amerteer Presentation Laser Pointer may be compact, but it offers unique design elements. This pointer is the smallest that we have tried, and it is the easiest to hold. You don’t have to worry about its grip or handle because it has an adjustable rubberized finger ring design where you slip your index finger through. This smart design implementation gave us the most natural and comfortable feel while holding a laser pointer.

This device has five buttons that are all within your thumb’s reach. These buttons will allow you to navigate through the presentation, launch or end the slideshow, open a black screen, and activate the red laser pointer. It is straightforward and feels so natural that I noticed my fingers still in the same position even after I removed this device.

This laser pointer works well even if the clicker is 100 feet away from the receiver, allowing you to engage with a large audience. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and it supports the most popular presentation apps.

This product is in the same category as the BlueBeach Laser Pointer but with very different design implementation. If you are looking for a budget-friendly and compact laser pointer, the Amerteer is an excellent option for you. The smart design implemented on this device will let you focus more on the presentation rather than what you have in your hands.


Kensington K33374USB Presentation Laser PointerKensington K33374USB Presentation Laser Pointer

The Kensington K33374USB Presentation Laser Pointer is our pick for the best grip and usability. Although other pointers offer a nice grip, the contours on this pointer feel very natural. We like the surface of this pointer because it provides a bit of resistance, making it the best laser pointer for people with sweaty palms.

This device has four equally spaced buttons that protrude from the surface, making it easy to use even without looking. The Kensington K33374USB Presentation Laser Pointer has the most straightforward navigation buttons that we have seen in a laser pointer. The navigation buttons include previous/next slide, laser pointer, and start/launch slideshow. There is almost no learning curve, so you can begin presenting like a pro as soon as you start using it.

This laser pointer works on both Windows and Mac from a distance of 65 feet. The red light laser works well even when used in bright rooms, but it is not as visible on LCD. The USB receiver delivers 2.4GHz of wireless connection, but it is quite bulky. Although it has dedicated storage inside the device, we still prefer a smaller USB receiver.

There is no other laser pointer that is more straightforward and as comfortable as the Kensington K33374USB. It is very reliable and never lost its connection throughout the entire two-hour test that we did. These attributes make it the best laser pointer for first-time users.

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