The 10 Best Projector Mounts

Getting the best projector mount can take research with all the available options. Being compatible with the projector is not enough; you need to consider the type of projector and installation.

We have simplified the task for you by compiling this list of the ten best projector mounts you can buy. This list covers residential, classroom, office, and auditorium uses.

The Best Projector Mount

VIVO VP01W Ceiling Projector MountVIVO VP01W Ceiling Projector Mount

The VIVO VP01W is a well-rounded projector mount, perfect for home and office use. It requires work during installation, but its low-profile and sturdy build, with high versatility and budget-friendly price, make it an excellent choice.

The mount is high-grade solid-steel, making it durable enough to hold projectors up to 30 pounds. We love the white variant, because of its low-profile design. The powder-coated finish blends well with home and office setups while keeping the projector six inches away from the ceiling.

Most projector mounts in this price range are fixed or challenging to adjust. The VIVO VP01W has a tilt and swivel range up to 15 degrees and a rotation range of 360 degrees, giving an optimal projection angle, regardless of where installed.

The installation process is straightforward but still requires experience. The VIVO VP01W is the best projector mount you can buy if you are looking for a projector mount with the perfect balance of construction, versatility, compatibility, and price.


Amer AMRDCP100KIT Drop-in Ceiling Projector MountAmer AMRDCP100KIT Drop-in Ceiling Projector Mount

When it comes to the installation of projector mounts, the Amer AMRDCP100KIT offers ease. The 2×2-foot reinforced steel metal plate serves as the mounting plate, replacing your average ceiling tile. It is the only ceiling projector mount that offers this type of installation, making an excellent choice for first-time installers.

This projector mount can support up to 30 pounds of weight and offers pitch and yaw range of 180 degrees, with a rotation range of 360 degrees. It includes installation tools: the mounting hardware, clips, tool kit, and safety support cable. It’s a straightforward process and has two cutouts with standard covers for cable management and accessories.

The unique design of the Amer AMRDCP100KIT makes it compatible with almost every projector. It comes with a separate extension pole, adding length and coming in handy when installing on high ceilings.

You can install the Amer AMRDCP100KIT in less than one hour. It has a hefty price tag but if the price isn’t an issue and you don’t want to deal with the hassle of installation, it’s an option worth investigating.

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Peerless-AV Precision Gear PRGS-UNV Ceiling Projector MountPeerless-AV Precision Gear PRGS-UNV Ceiling Projector Mount

If you are looking for a projector mount compatible with bulky projectors, try the Peerless-AV Precision Gear PRGS-UNV. It arrives pre-assembled, minimizing time spent on installation.

Aside from the sturdy design, it has a painless configuration compared to other projector mounts. We like the precision gear that allows us to have accurate image alignment, which is challenging when using other projector mounts. Instead of bolts and screws, the Peerless-AV Precision Gear PRGS-UNV enables you to adjust the image alignment using two adjustment knobs.

This projector mount uses a heavy-duty spider adapter that can safely handle projectors up to 50 pounds. It comes with an integrated cable management system, along with all the tools you’ll need for installation. The cherry on top is the five-year warranty, adding long-term value on your purchase.

The Peerless-AV Precision Gear PRGS-UNV may be expensive, but it has some of the best features that can be found of projector mounts, making it a worthy investment.

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VIVO VP02W Projector Ceiling MountVIVO VP02W Projector Ceiling Mount

If your ceiling is too high, an extension or telescopic pole can fix the problem for you, but extension poles can cost more than the mount itself. In the high ceiling realm, the VIVO VP02W beats everyone. For the same price as other ceiling mounts, it offers 15 to 23 inches of space from the ceiling with exceptional versatility, adjustability, and sturdiness.

The VIVO VP02W uses high-grade steel, giving it the capability to handle projectors weighing up to 30 pounds. The independent arms make it compatible with almost every projector on the market. Its fully-adjustable design gives a tilt range of 15 degrees and a 360-degree rotation range. This design ensures you will always have the perfect projection angle.

We love the design of the VIVO VP02W because it fits well with any aesthetic. You can choose from black or white coating, making sure it blends well with its environment. Adding value to your purchase is the inclusion of the hardware you need for installation. It is easy to install, and you can mount your projector by tightening the bolts.

It’s the best ceiling mount you can buy if you are looking for lower clearance. The VIVO VP02W is one of the most versatile and reliable in its price range, and few projector mounts can match the value it delivers.

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Monoprice 106529 Projector Ceiling MountMonoprice 106529 Projector Ceiling Mount

High ceilings require sturdy ceiling mounts that offer lower clearance while handling bulky projectors. The Monoprice 106529 is our best pick for high ceilings because of its budget-friendly price. It has an excellent extension pole that can support projectors up to 50 pounds.

The minimum length for the extension pole is 6.7 inches, and it can extend up to 12.59 inches. Other projector mounts can offer the same feature, but none of the mounts we researched can handle the same weight and be offered at the same price.

The Monoprice 106529 has a 30-degree tilt range and rotation range of up to 360 degrees. This adjustability gives the perfect projection angle wherever you install it. The projector bracket can be removed from the pole, making it one of the most versatile projector mounts.

If you are looking for a projector mount designed for high ceilings, this mount is an excellent choice. It offers exceptional versatility, and its weight capacity makes it perfect for office use.

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Mount-It MI-605 Projector Ceiling MountMount-It MI-605 Projector Ceiling Mount

If you are looking for a budget-friendly projector mount, the Mount-It MI-605 is an excellent option. Featuring a universal design with four detachable arms and engineered for seamless installation on ceilings or walls. This projector mount may look small and flimsy, but its cold-rolled steel that can handle almost any projector weighing up to 44 pounds.

Its full-motion design offers a tilt range of up to 15 degrees, an eight-degree roll range, 360-degrees of rotation, and a height range from five inches up to 25.6 inches. Few projector mounts can match the flexibility the Mount-It MI-605 offers.

We love its minimalist design. The mounting plate measures 4×4 inches, and it hardly takes up space. Having a more elegant surface coating would make it look better in offices, but the Mount-It MI-605 looks good on metallic chrome.

Installation may require experience, but it is one of the affordable projector mounts you can find without sacrificing quality and flexibility.

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QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT-S Universal Projector MountQualGear QG-PM-002-WHT-S Universal Projector Mount

The QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT-S is a well-rounded projector mount perfect for home and office use. It can be overwhelming, but when installed properly, it offers fully adjustable positioning for the best projection angle. You can install it on sloped ceilings, making it the perfect projector mount for smaller spaces.

The QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT-S is compatible with all projectors that weigh less than 29.7 pounds. It keeps your projector 5.3 inches away from the ceiling, leaving enough room for adjustments. It offers a 90-degree tilt range, making it possible to install on walls. Getting a better projection angle is easier with its adjustable bracket featuring a roll range of up to 15 degrees and 360-degree rotation.

You can opt to purchase a separate telescopic extension if you have a higher ceiling. This pole can add 15.75 inches of length, making the QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT-S an excellent option for high ceiling installation.

This choice is not the most affordable projector mount you can buy, but it’s worth the price for its excellent versatility. Regardless of where you install it, you will always get the perfect presentation if you use the QualGear QG-PM-002-WHT-S.

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Suptek PR05 Universal Projector MountSuptek PR05 Universal Projector Mount

When it comes to universal projector mounts, the Suptek PR05 is the most versatile mount we have seen, making it the best choice for office use. This low-profile projector mount is compatible with walls and high and sloped ceilings.

The default pole is 4.7 inches, but you can use an extension pole to adjust it from 16.9 inches to 25.6 inches. The tilt range of the Suptek PR05 is 90 degrees up or down and has a rotation range of 360 degrees. With those ranges, you will have enough flexibility to install it on a wall and still get the perfect angle.

The mount itself is made of cold-rolled steel while the pole uses rust-proof aluminum alloy. This unique design element and sturdy build make the Suptek PR05 highly versatile, and it works well with almost every projector weighing up to 30 pounds. Included with the mount is a three-year guarantee.

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Elitech EW4B Wall Projector MountElitech EW4B Wall Projector Mount

Dedicated, or projector-specific, wall mounts are not easy to find. If you need one, Elitech EW4B is an excellent choice. Comparatively, it’s not budget-friendly but includes a one year warranty and can give you up to 56.5 inches of space from the wall. It is perfect if you are looking for a mount that will give you enough room to adjust and still handle bulky projectors.

It works well with projectors that weigh up to 25 pounds, despite the long pole length. The solid-metal construction looks nice, and it blends well with office aesthetics. You can adjust the Elitech EW4B for a better projection angle as it offers a 30-degree tilt range and a rotation range of up to 360 degrees.


Mount-It MI-603 Wall Projector MountMount-It MI-603 Wall Projector Mount

The Mount-It MI-603 is a lightweight projector mount that is compatible with all projectors weighing under 33 pounds. With four independent arms, you can adjust depending on the projector that you are using and can be sure this mount will fit almost every projector.

This projector mount is made from heavy-duty aluminum with full adjustability, giving you a tilt and pitch range of up to 15 degrees. The 360-degree rotation enables you to get the perfect projection angle, while the adjustable arm offers an extension from 10.25 inches to 13 inches away from the wall.

One thing separating the Mount-It MI-603 from other wall mounts is the installation process. There is nothing to cut, and you only need bolts to attach it to the wall. With the right tools, you can install it on a wood stud, solid concrete, or brick wall.

With its sturdy build, versatility, ease of use, and competitive pricing, there’s little reason not to try this projector mount.