The 10 Best Star Projectors

Deep space. The Cosmos. The Ocean of Emptiness. Regardless of what you call our universe of stars and planets, it’s difficult to deny how fascinating and beautiful the vast blackness really is. That may be one reason why we’ve turned to simulating our galaxy with large planetariums.

Rather than have to trek out to these large astral displays, though, star projectors let you bring the universe home. These home-planetariums are great for kids – whether as a means of helping them sleep or getting them in touch with the “bigger picture – and adults that simply love all things “space”. They’re great for some good party ambience if you like hosting them.

Parrot Uncle Laser Twilight Stars Hologram ProjectorParrot Uncle Laser Twilight Stars Hologram Projector

The playful design of this hologram projector is only half of its appeal. The 270-degree rotating laser emits an array of twilight stars on any solid surface. The high-quality display will present an unmatched production that the user can control through adjustable patterns.

Kids and adults alike will marvel at the hundreds of stars projected through the thousands of pinpoint lasers. It’s quiet, easy-to-use, and comes with an auto shut-off so users can fall asleep to its stunning display.


Sega HomeStar Black Planetarium Star ProjectorSega HomeStar Black Planetarium Star Projector


Whether it intentionally looks like the Star Wars Death Star can be a matter of debate. What is no question is that the Sega HomeStar Planetarium Star Projector produces a display of up to 60,000 stars for users to marvel at.

With an adjustable angle and focus, the galactic display can be broadcast on walls and ceilings or wherever there’s an empty space. For a truly striking experience, utilize the “shooting star function” to get a glimpse at the universe in motion.


Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star ProjectorLizber Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector

Three buttons. That’s all it takes to control this affordable and convenient night light projector. The top dome emits a powerful light, which offers adjustable brightness, for a show that the whole family can enjoy. Four LED beads project a starry display, complete with a crescent moon and more traditional stars.

With the press of a button, the color of the projection can change from a standard white glow to purple or green.


In My Room Star Theater Pro Home PlanetariumIn My Room Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium

The black casing of this light projector and night light is sleek and contrasts the bright and shimmery display that it emits. Watch the universe come to life on your solid surface with multiple discs, which can project a starry scene or one with the Earth, moon, and sun as the stars of the show.

Ten-thousands stars will sparkle along your walls as you enjoy a 30-minute or 60-minute auto shut-off production. Motorized image rotation keeps things interesting while an adjustable focus and quality lens makes for a clear projection.


Homestar Classic Homestar Classic          

The option to change out discs offers the ability to produce a new projection when you get tired of watching the same incredible display day after day. That is, of course, if you get tired of these beautiful, magnificent, brightly lit shows.

The Homestar Classic shines best in a darkened room and was the product of a collaboration with Ohira Takayuki, a name synonymous with planetariums. Expect a higher quality show than some other models thanks to Takayuki’s input.


Twilight Constellation Night Light Galaxy StarBee Projection LightTwilight Constellation Night Light Galaxy StarBee Projection Light

Sure, you’re not going to get the same brightly lit, expansive displays as with other projectors, but Galaxy Beetlestar’s unit is more for the kids than the whole family. Stars flood your walls from this cute unit, providing a serene setting amplified by the soft glow of stars.

Touch activated and equipped with a 45-minute timer, this projector is perfect for nurseries and gives your baby something to marvel at. Maybe you’ll even inspire the next great astronaut.


Smithsonian Planetarium ProjectorSmithsonian Planetarium Projector

With the Smithsonian name attached to it, you know you can’t go wrong with this cosmic projector. All it takes is three AAA batteries to bring this dual-function projector to life. Enjoy a look at the skies northern hemisphere with a rotating projection or spend your time admiring the nebulae, planets, and galaxies of the second function.

Being associated with the Smithsonian, this in-home planetarium is a great learning tool for kids and can ring bring to life the universe with 24 HD images and 50 different combinations.


Starr Night Light Lamp by SlowTonStarr Night Light Lamp by SlowTon

SlowTon’s nightlight isn’t going to be winning any awards for best planetarium, but it is going to help you or your kids sleep better at night. The soft glow of the starlight is soothing and gives you something to focus on, especially when you just want to escape the world you’re in.

A quartet of modes – including Cupid for a romantic ambiance, Stars and Moons for a soothing projection, and the Cosmos and its planetary mix – offers a range of uses for both adults and kids. This multi-use unit may not look like much, but there is a lot to this smaller unit.


Le Petit Prince Twilight Constellation Galaxy Round ProjectorLe Petit Prince Twilight Constellation Galaxy Round Projector

If there were a project made for ease-of-use, Le Petit’s purple constellation projector would certainly be it. Just one touch turns on a beautiful array of stars that will appeal to any child – and most adults. Multi-colored LEDs add to the fantasy of the astral projection that encompasses any wall or ceiling it’s near.


MOCERO Rotating Light ProjectorMOCERO Rotating Light Projector

MOCERO brings the awe and wonder of the universe’s thousands of stars to your own walls. If you’re just looking for a soft glow to fall asleep to, leave the translucent cover on; but if you want your room to become a planetarium, remove that color and let the device shine.

Nine different modes provide a myriad of displays that light up the night for a child that may be a little hesitant about the dark.