The 10 Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

Monitoring your blood pressure at home is one of the easiest ways to keep your body in check. It’s good to be on the safe side. If you notice a change in your blood pressure suddenly, you can get the help you need faster.

Arm cuff monitors are the typical choice and are known to give accurate readings. However, arm cuff monitors are not convenient for at-home use. The convenience and comfort of wrist monitors make a wearable device the preferred choice among many.

There are lots of wrist blood pressure monitors available today, which is convenient because it opens a lot of options. At the same time, with so many options available, selecting the right one can be a bit daunting.

We’ve taken a look at the best wrist blood pressure monitors available and reviewed them here to make your search a bit easier.

The Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

MOCACuff Connected Blood Pressure MonitorMOCACuff Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

MOCACuff wrist monitor joins the list for its sleek, sophisticated, and classy design. This product is a great deal, with useful features at a more affordable rate than some others.

All you have to do is be still and relax, and set the monitor to start. After the reading, which also includes heart rate, a color-coded chart aligned with the American Heart Association’s categories will display. This chart will help you make more sense of your readings.

All it takes is one click to get your readings synced up with your smartphone. From there, you can organize your data and set new goals for yourself. The app will also throw in some knowledge from the experts at the American Heart Association to help you pick up new tips and habits.

The app keeps track of all your trends and allows you to look at your health from a data-oriented perspective. This data gives you a much bigger picture of what is going on with your body.

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Omron 10 Series Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorOmron 10 Series Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This device is sleek, silent, and packs in most features of their tabletop monitor into one little compact product. The fact that this little monitor is silent is useful for those who want to take their blood pressure discreetly.

The monitor can be hooked up to a smartphone, as it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Using a smartphone, you can track an unlimited amount of readings. Without being synced up, you can still store 200 readings.

This wrist monitor offers a two user mode, which allows two different people to observe and record their blood pressure without overwriting the other person’s data. This option is a convenient feature that prevents couples from having to buy two devices for the same purpose.


Greater Goods Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorGreater Goods Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This blood pressure monitor looks more like a medical device than a fashionable nice watch. Though it doesn’t quite hit the sophisticated, futuristic look many of the wrist monitors on this list sport, it does serve its purpose well.

The monitors are designed to encourage proper measuring techniques, even when taking blood pressure in an unconventional spot. It has a built-in position correction system that corrects your arm position if it is in the wrong placement for taking blood pressure.

The Greater Goods Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor measures diastolic and systolic blood pressure and also captures the pulse. Records of past measurements will be stored for up to 60 readings and include a three-day average.

Two users can share this blood pressure monitor as well. It will record 60 readings for each person and give each user a three-day average. This makes sharing the device simple and easy.

The cuff can accommodate wrist sizes ranging from 5.3 inches to 8.5 inches. It can also detect irregular heartbeats, which is an important thing to pay attention to.

The company has a wellness app, though you can’t connect your blood pressure monitor to it. To see the trends of your progress, you will need to log in your information manually.


LifeSource ULTRACONNECT Premium Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorLifeSource ULTRACONNECT Premium Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

LifeSource makes a highly sophisticated, slim, wrist blood pressure monitor that works great.

This monitor allows five different users to sync up and track their blood pressure, which means you can save a lot of money buying just one and sharing it with the family. It can store up to 100 readings in the device, but if you hook it up to the app, it becomes limitless.

Measurements sync to your phone via Bluetooth, which makes monitoring your progress a breeze. You don’t need a phone or tablet to track your blood pressure, however.

The device also looks out for irregular heartbeat and will make a note of it in your measurements. It’s always good to keep an eye on any irregularities in the body.

It uses positioning technology that ensures the monitor is positioned at the best place for taking a reading. It has bodily movement sensors that will pick up if you’re moving around during the reading.

The cuffs are soft and designed to sit comfortably around your wrist. It can accommodate wrists between 5.3 and 8.5 inches.


iProvèn Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor WristiProvèn Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist

While the aesthetics of this blood pressure monitor are more on the medical side than fashion, the product itself is a great choice. It can take a reading in a short time, the results are accurate, and it’s extremely affordable.

Along with systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings, the device can also take heart rate and detect an irregular heartbeat. It takes your readings and places them against the benchmarks for the American Heart Association’s guidelines so you can clearly see where you fall among the expert recommendations.

This monitor is one of the more simple devices on the market. While the monitor does not hook up to an app, it still can store your last 60 readings so you can go back and take note of the trends.

The LCD is large and easy to read, making it a great choice for someone who struggles to read off small screens.


Omron HeartGuideOmron HeartGuide

This is one of the higher-end blood pressure monitor wristbands that packs a bunch of features into one sophisticated device. It’s a medical-grade monitor that will give you a full report on your heart health, and allow you to keep on top of it.

You can use it to set daily reminders for yourself, including goals for your activity and heart health. It will even send out reminders to help you reach those goals.

The device also keeps track of your sleeping patterns and can give you an analysis of how your sleeping patterns are affecting your heart.

Unlike many other monitors, this device does not provide a blood pressure estimate, but instead its own patented technology that imitates all the traditional ways of taking blood pressure without using sensor technology.

The band will keep track of your blood pressure fluctuations throughout the day and give you easy-to-understand data directly from your own body.

It uses an easy to read LCD and the battery typically needs to be charged two to three times per week. It can accommodate wrist sizes between 6.3 and 7.5 inches.


Paramed Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorParamed Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This blood pressure monitor is a mix between the futuristic devices and the more plain, medical looking devices. It’s a practical option at an affordable price.

The cuff has a large LCD display that will pull up accurate readings in under 30 seconds. You can save up to 90 of those readings at a time to go back and compare your progress, or catch any declines quickly.

It comes with a convenient carrying case that you can take with you anywhere. To get the reading, you just have to press a single button.

The device will automatically shut off after one minute of inactivity, a useful feature for saving battery life. It will also indicate when the battery is getting low, so you don’t end up caught off guard with no monitor.

It will also pick up and record irregular heartbeats, a feature that is useful for preventing any medical issues from arising.


Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorOmron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This device is very similar to the Omron 10 Series monitor, with slightly fewer features. If you liked what you saw with the 10 Series, but find you don’t need extra connectivity with Bluetooth, you could save a few bucks and go for the Omron 7 instead.

It’s still attractive while maintaining a silent monitor process that allows you to be as discreet as you’d like. It stores 100 readings at a time, but will not hook up to a phone to get unlimited readings. One hundred readings can still offer a lot of insight into your health, though.

The monitor will take an average of your last three readings to give a more comprehensive look at your health. Unlike the 10 Series, this monitor can only be used with one person and will not allow you to store information for two people.


Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff MonitorCare Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

This device is a classic white monitor with a deep blue, easy-to-read LCD screen. It’s simple to work with and does a great job of getting results to you fast.

The readings are ready in under a minute, and it will also take note of any irregular heartbeats. This function is especially useful if the monitor detects an irregular heartbeat and alerts you to an impending medical problem early.

It has an automatic shut off feature to save battery life and can store up to 60 previous readings at a time. Though it does not sync to any device, being able to look back at the last 60 readings is useful enough for some.

Two people can use this machine, with each person allowed 60 individual stored readings. This device is a great choice for a couple who wants to keep track of their health together.


Slight Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor ST-501Slight Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor ST-501

This wrist blood pressure monitor is another great, affordable choice that is practical without offering too many fancy features.

It’s FDA-approved, so you can rest assured that your readings will be accurate. It uses an easy-to-read LCD screen and a nearly silent cuffing method that allows you to be discreet as you take your blood pressure.

Two users can share this device, making it another good choice for couples. Each person can record up to 60 readings, while getting the average of their last three readings with each use.

It will also alert you if it picks up on any irregular heartbeats, which can be an early sign for medical problems. The monitor also comes with a carrying case and batteries.

It is simple and attractive in a black and white design.


Choosing a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

There are many products available, and many feel overwhelmed when trying to decide what to purchase. The most important thing is to figure out what your needs are.

If you just want to keep track of your blood pressure for medical purposes, a simple and practical monitor would be a good choice because it won’t be confusing. Automatic tracking is a nice feature, though.

If you want a more comprehensive look at your health, go for a monitor that goes above and beyond the typical taking of blood pressure. The market is full of products that will give you endless insight into your body, while also tracking and monitoring your blood pressure.