Discreet Smoking With the Silver Palm Leaf Credit Card Pipe

The Silver Palm Leaf is the original credit card pipe and, as the brand points out, “the world’s first pipeless pipe.” Trippy, man! The discreet device is ideal for EDC pipe folks and could flummox snoopy, er, security guard types tasked with chasing smokers around.

Conversely, the little stainless steel gadget was too much for our staff to ignore. Truthfully, I only smoke cheap cigars, but I discovered they’re a lot better when slit open with a razor blade and emptied (with any other smoking mixture of your choice) into a nice bowl. Along with such a mixture, the Silver Palm Leaf is a smoker’s EDC delight.

original silver palm leaf credit card pipe

Pipeless Pipe Ins and Outs

The Silver Palm Leaf pipe, roughly the size and shape of a credit card, is molded stainless steel. The low-profile bowl and the company’s maze logo occupy one side, and a smooth, blank backing piece makes up the other. The two sides attach magnetically. Take them apart to reveal the pipe’s guts, from the gauze (bronze screen) inside the bowl, through the maze, and out the mouthpiece.

The design is elegant in its simplicity and master touches, especially the non-abrasive magnetic attachment and trademark maze. In fact, I kinda got lost in there looking at it — is it a diagram of a crop circle? A strange key? Some kind of…leaf?

Either way, it was a fun thing to do while I enjoyed the feeling I got by smoking my cut-open cheap cigar.

Credit Care Pipe Reputation, Possible Weak Points, and Cleaning

The Silver Palm Leaf credit card pipe was first available in 1993. This makes it older than many of our readers, which could seem dubious in the world of hip paraphernalia, but the pipes enjoy a strong reputation. Some issues with machining and sealing seem to have surfaced within the last several years, but most recent reviews indicate they’re becoming more isolated.

Silver Palm Leaf quotes High Times Magazine as saying, “the pipe is sturdy and gives a surprisingly smooth hit.” The package includes extra gauzes. Silver Palm Leaf recommends a unique cleaning procedure with a curious final step on its website — it’s worth a read at the least.

original silver palm leaf credit card pipe

Pipe It In

The Silver Palm Leaf costs $45 MSRP, which seems like a fair price to pay for a product that specifically claims to be not itself; the “pipeless pipe” seems categorically unique. I tripped out when I read “pipeless pipe.” Can such a thing actually exist? Isn’t that like saying “thingless thing?” I’m going to go load another bowl of cheap cigar/smoking mixture and contemplate it.


original silver palm leaf credit card pipeoriginal silver palm leaf credit card pipeoriginal silver palm leaf credit card pipe