Kuberg Ranger – The First Dirt Bike Scooter

An electric dirt bike is really something you have to experience to appreciate. It’s hard to explain the kind of racing pulse you get from something that emits nearly no sound but has all the power you’d expect from a combustion engine. The delivery is smooth, but it hits quick, the lack of engine braking means you can roll for what feels like an eternity, and the best part is hearing the wind whip through your helmet. Kuberg is a European electric vehicle company, and they are getting ready to drop the world’s first scooter and motorcycle hybrid called the Ranger.

With an entry point price of just $4,545 (at the time of publishing), this might be a fantastic way for you to dip your toes in the world of electric vehicles. And have a heck of a good time doing it. Let’s jump in and look at some of the details.

Curb Appeal

To a seasoned motorcyclist, the first glance at the Ranger reveals that this thing is unlike any motorcycle you’ve ever ridden. The front of the bike has the look of a very robust downhill mountain bike and features long-travel suspension, a fender, and offers an optional headlight system. As you work your way back on this machine, you’ll notice a trellis frame around a battery pack and electric motor. But before we get to the powerplant, let’s highlight the fact that this thing comes with a retractable seat, much like a modern trail-oriented mountain bike. Very cool.

Sitting just in front of the rear suspension is a motor that is capable of propelling the rider up to 50 mph when the three-option controller is set to “race.” This battery and motor combo are good for a range of up to 60 miles, depending on how you ride it. Like most electric vehicles, there is no need to shift gears because the Ranger has only one speed that produces massive torque on the low end and high speed, low drag at the top.

kuberg ranger

The back half of the bike is really where the true essence of the scooter comes into play. First, the floorboards function in place of standard pegs. We think these actually look quite functional given that the rider will have more contact area with the bike, which offers more control. Beyond the motor, there’s a low-slung swingarm that attaches to the trellis frame. Maybe the most shocking thing about this bike is the size differential between the front and rear wheel. Though we are not entirely sure why the disparity, it does seem to appear to be very nimble in some of the product introduction clips.

Ready For Duty

If it wasn’t the army green and black livery of the bike that makes it look like it’s ready for service, it might be the optional trailer you can purchase for an extra $450. This little luggage rack appears to have a lot of excellent applications should you need to haul something into camp or to a worksite. This customizable bike trailer can hold up to 66lbs and has a number of options for the height of the sidewalls to keep your cargo in place.

“I personally would use the Ranger all day every day! With the drop seat function, the sky is the limit. I would take it to town, to work, on the trails, on the track, on the ramps, everywhere. You can cruise it, rip it, flip it, send it, all without waking up the neighbors.”

— Justin Hill, Pro MX Rider

kuberg ranger

Worth It?

It’s hard to impress upon you just how much fun an electric dirt bike really is without riding one. Beyond that, there just aren’t that many companies creating them anymore, so we’re stoked to see Kruberg step in and make something that looks like a blast to ride. If you’re new to the electric vehicle category, or already have a few sitting in the garage, this interesting hybrid should be near the top of your list when you look for your next bike.

Ride on!