Lucid Air EV: 2021 Model Guns for 500 Miles per Charge

Road trips dotted my college years, and it was during those years, my anxiety over flying grew worse, and my naiveté about climate change wained. The price of electric vehicles was unattainable, and the range? Blasphemously unimpressive. Fast forward to today and enter electric automaker, Lucid Motors, a company bent on shaving down drag and elongating mileage with the 2021 Lucid Air EV.

The 2021 Lucid Air EV is a purposefully sleek electric vehicle with 400+ miles of range and luxurious legroom.

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Lucid Air EV Power Systems

Lucid Motors relied on aerodynamics specialists to engineer the Lucid Air into the most aero-efficient electric vehicle on the market.

The Lucid Air EV uses a Dual ActiveCore motor with AWD miniaturized electric powertrain. The hardware is the LEAP or Lucid Electric Advanced Platform, which paves the way for the spacious interior. Max horsepower is a whopping 1080, and 0 to 60 only takes 2.5 seconds.

As for the EV’s range, the stock battery option commands a little more than 400 miles per charge. But, when hooked to an extended power pack, the Lucid Air can fetch up to 517 miles per charge.

Charging the Lucid Air’s battery is easy owing to its Combined Charging System (CCS). The onboard CCS is compatible with all Level 2 and 3 recharging stations and can achieve enough power for 300 miles in just 20 minutes.

lucid ev interior - dash

Lucid Air EV Interior

The front row seats sport a darker tone for a pilot business aura. In front of the driver is a 34-inch curved 5K resolution glass display for frequently used information and an additional central display with supplemental information and controls that conceals a hidden compartment between the driver and passenger.

The Lucid Air app goes above and beyond standard connectivity. Your smartphone will sync not only with the EV’s two display screens but with more traditionally analog systems, too. Unlock the EV using proximity metrics. Once in the driver’s seat, utilize the integrated app’s facial recognition AI to prompt adjustments. Also on deck are route planning, Alexa voice control, and automatic software updates.

Lucid’s Space Concept takes advantage of the miniature powertrain and battery. The resultant space allows for dual, split-level storage compartments in the trunk and hood, along with the legroom for the tallest of your friends. For weekend warriors, the back seats lie down flat for ample extra storage or larger cargo.

Running the entire cabin’s length is a glass canopy for an undivided view of the surroundings, making the vehicle seem even bigger. The whole space feels like an SUV in a sedan-sized package.

A Sustainable Arrangement

The unique interior pulls focus from technology to luxury. Lucid Motors took cues from the airline industry, too: the Lucid Air interior resembles a high-end cockpit and spacious first-class seating. Californian landscapes inspire the interior color palette. Sustainably sourced and developed leather, wood, and fabrics adorn the cabin, carefully selected with Mother Nature in mind.

It comes as no surprise Lucid Motors is a product of the environmental poster child, California’s EV industry. Lucid is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has a Casa Grande, Arizona factory in the works. It’s a company bent on becoming the benchmark EV standard.

The Buy

For the 2021 Lucid Air EV, MSRP starts at $69,000, which competes directly with the Tesla Model Y Performance hybrid. It’s not exactly an average household price, but it’s the first step towards an affordable EV with an impressive intercity range.


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