The 2021 Ural Gear Up GEO: From Russia, with Love

One doesn’t necessarily think of Russia when pondering which country makes the best motorcycles. But if you’re searching for one with a sidecar, the Rooskies have a lock on that market thanks to their pride and joy, the Ural. Commonly thought of as an urban motorcycle — something you might throw your dog or significant other into ­­— Ural has something else up their sleeve with the Gear Up GEO.

With only 20 units available, this hand-painted, off-road capable sidecar is as unique as it looks. And at $26,999, it’s as expensive as it is unusual, but that’s what’s so appealing about the Gear Up GEO.

Does it have what it takes to be your next uber-capable grocery getter? Pour a shot of straight vodka, and let’s sip our way through the features of this Russian renegade.

ural geo motorcycleUral Gear Up GEO’s Base

As a platform for this off-road wonder, Ural looked to their already capable 2WD Gear Up ($17,549). The Gear Up comes bedazzled with fanciful parts like Brembo brakes, fuel injection, a reverse gear option, nearly 7 inches of ground clearance, and 2.9 cubic feet of space in the trunk. The base Gear Up is capable of hauling 1,325 pounds as-is. But this wasn’t enough capacity for the GEO; Ural decided to level-up, and level-up they did.

Ural Gear Up GEO’s Trick Bits

The GEO receives a blend of convenience and capability that befits the stylistically conscientious adventurer with looks to spare. Nitron shocks, Heidenau K 37 tires, and an off-road-only GPR exhaust system were added to the base-model Gear Up to improve off-road capabilities.

Additionally, a new spare wheel rack, sidecar nose rack, crash bars, headlight grill, and light guards wrap the GEO up in high-viz orange protection.

Rotopax supplied an additional fuel cell for those extended voyages, while a handlebar-mounted GPS top clamp guides the way. A skidplate and USB charger are there to assuage your worries once you get off the beaten path, and the ergonomic upgrades will keep you in the saddle longer.

ural geo motorcycle

Not For Everyone

Sure the military-inspired camo is de-natured by the bright orange accents, and the price tag is seriously steep for such a utilitarian vehicle, but I’m in love with the GEO. If only I had an endless expanse of backcountry and an off-the-grid cabin to ride it to; I’d probably be in line for one of these right now. But alas, Vlad and the boys back in The Motherland will have to sell my model to someone with more means.

Maybe next year, Ural!


ural geo motorcycle

ural geo motorcycle