Mercedes-AMG G 63 Truck: Six by Six by Sick

On the ever-growing list of mega-buck items you want but may never have the ability to buy is undoubtedly a 6-wheel drive Mercedes mega-truck. If a piece of materialistic fantastitude like the Mercedes-AMG G 63 sports utility truck doesn’t grace your fictitious Mega Millions spending spree, let us convince you to sharpen the pencil and scribble it in. Jump in, brother (or sista), we’re going for a ride.

mercedes-benz g36

AMG G 63: Truck Grit

We’ll get to the glitz later. For now, let’s talk about the internals that makes this Mercedes-AMG G 63 truck as capable as it is flashy. Starting with the sneakers, this truck has 37-inch all-weather tires with a remote inflation system that can be activated while the car is in motion. Should a swath of snow or sand cover your oncoming causeway, simply air down the tires and drift right through, air them back up upon exit with the flick of a switch.

Connecting the Xtreme Radials and bead lock rims to the vehicle is a six-set of portal axles that allow for more ground clearance around the tires. Tracing backward again in the drivetrain is the penultimate feature in this vehicle’s capability features, five differential locks. Now, one would assume that a vehicle with six tires might feature six differential locks, but the vehicle has three axles, allow for differential locks in all four of the back tires, and one shared lock upfront. We simply do not know how one would jump between this labyrinth of traction fine-tuning, but we’d love to find out!

Finally, the power plant: AMG’s world-famous Biturbo V8 engine produces a sound one must hear to truly appreciate. A rumble so low and soul-stirring you’d swear you were hearing Zeus himself gargling with pure rocket fuel as he prepares for a night out on the town, read this in as throaty a voice as you can muster: “guuguuguuguguguuuuuuuuu.” Five hundred forty-four ponies pull you off the line in the AMG G 63 truck, or up a sand dune, or simply drag your house down the street should you feel inclined. The 760-newton torque capacity of the drivetrain is happy to assist in your relocation.

mercedes-benz g36

AMG G 63: Sports Utility Glam

You’re not going to find this color of AMG anywhere else. The creamy champaign finish of the quarter panels have a touch of old-world Mercedes in them, but they’re butted right up against the hard and fast world of carbon fiber. The fenders, front hood scoop, and a number of other bits come constructed from the beautifully woven composite found on Formula 1 racers.

The finish of the AMG G 63 truck’s bed is the real selling point for me: wood. Not that you’re about to load up a stack of drywall and haul it home, look friend: this truck isn’t for your weekend projects. Nicely finished bamboo lines the threshold of what they comically refer to as the “load area.” A cute reference to a function you’ll never take advantage of, but hey, you don’t keep your mittens in the “glove compartment” either.

Mercedes-Benz Money

Bad news bro, we deeply buried the lede to the story here: this beast resides in Kuwait. But, if you’ve always wanted to visit The Kingdom and you’ve got the coin, you’re in luck. The good folks at Mechatronik will line up a look-see for you and a test drive if you appear to be ready to plunk down a little over a million dollars. If that’s you, report back to us and let us know if this beast does deliver that all impressive “guuguuguuguguguuuuuuuuu” as you blast down the road!

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