Jimi Hendrix 1967 SG Custom – Shred Like the Legend

Jimi Hendrix didn’t make many televised performances. The footage of his two-hour set at Woodstock is iconic, but his mainstream music career was tragically only about four years long and didn’t provide him all that many chances to be filmed. Luckily for posterity, one of those moments was on The Dick Cavett Show on September 9th, 1969, just one year before his death. The 1967 SG Custom he played for that appearance is now lovingly recreated in a limited run by Gibson and will be available for 150 lucky buyers. And if you are really fortunate, you might get your hands on another classic re-creation: The Jimi Hendrix 1969 Flying V in aged ebony. So slap on a pair of your favorite studio headphones and get ready to record some greatness.

Hey Joe, Check This Out

Let’s take a closer look at the 1967 SG Custom, our favorite of the two re-creations. Consider this beauty: SG Custom body shape, hand-crafted of mahogany. Murphy Lab Aged Polaris White finish with aged gold hardware. An ebony fingerboard. Custom black inlays. A custom white-black-white ‘67 Custom “Batwing” pickguard.

The switch tip? Cream. The control covers? White. The strap buttons? Brass. The control knobs? Black with gold inserts.

All of which is a long way of saying that this guitar is gorgeously — dare we say elegantly — rendered. It isn’t ostentatious. It’s just awesome.

1967 SG Custom

Image Source: Gibson

Stone Free, But Still Pricey

We doubt you’ll be able to match Jimi’s prowess with this axe, but you’ll at least look good while you make an attempt. And good luck — this is a right-handed guitar that is strung lefty, just like Jimi’s.

The electronics (neck pickup, middle pickup, and bridge pickup) are all ‘68 Custom Humbuckers, just in case you needed a little more authenticity. If you happen to have $9,999 (MSRP) laying around, this sweet, sweet shredding machine can be yours. It includes a custom case and free shipping.

Just don’t light it on fire, okay?

Jimi Hendrix™ 1967 SG Custom and Jimi Hendrix™ 1969 Flying V Collection

Image Source: Gibson