eBussy Electric Bus System

eBussy, The “Bus” That Can Become Anything

There are so many vehicle choices on the market these days; it can be hard to choose. Most of us have one vehicle, which doesn’t allow us many options. Cars are often a multi-year commitment, and our lives and needs are prone to change over time. Electric Brands has a solution for us. Introducing eBussy, short for Electrical Bus System, this vehicle is much more than just a bus.


Electric Brands wanted to create a multi-functional vehicle that could suit every user’s needs while remaining eco-friendly. Decades of experience in the automotive industry provided a background suited to developing reliable and extraordinary vehicles. They wanted a car as diverse as the lives of its users; eBussy was the answer. Electric Brands deliberately reduced this vehicle to its essentials. They are so confident in their product that they are offering a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

eBussy Electric Bus SystemHow It Works

eBussy comprises two interchangeable modules to make this bus anything you need it to be. You can pick and choose your compartments and modules from more than ten different options. These interchangeable parts allow this vehicle to be everything from a bus, a pickup truck to an off-road camper trailer, and much more! There are city and off-road options so that this bus can go with you anywhere. Changing the compartments may require some help, but eBussy’s design makes this transition as seamless as possible. The bus’ weight without batteries and superstructures is just 992lbs but can transport up to 1.1 tons of charge.

Recharging eBussy is quick and easy. You can opt for conventional charging at home using a wall socket or utilize the solar option if you are out and about. You can add and interchange up to 12 battery modules to get the range you need out of your vehicle. With a 3-hour charging time, eBussy will be ready to go again in no time. Once eBussy is charged, it has a range of 124 miles a day or a maximum capacity of over 373 miles with full batteries and solar modules.

eBussy Electric Bus SystemFeatures

eBussy comes equipped with an electronically controlled all-wheel drive, making it an excellent adventuring vehicle. Its four in-wheel 15kw motors produce 1000 Nm of torque, making it capable of hauling all kinds of loads. This vehicle includes an innovative steering system for driving with ease. Last but not least, eBussy boasts digital mirrors and an app-controlled communication system, making this the tech bus of your dreams!

Each compartment comes with additional features to suit your needs. Most options come with a sound system for jamming to tunes as you drive. The Camper option comes with a water tank, sink, fridge, and TV, making it possible to camp or live in your new eBussy straight off the lot. Some options come equipped with innovative storage options or sunroofs. This vehicle can truly become almost anything you need it to be.

eBussy isn’t just for the adventurous or single folks. This “van” option of this bus can accommodate up to four people comfortably, making it a great family vehicle. Additionally, eBussy comes equipped with loads of safety features, including a passenger safety cell and crash box integrated into the vehicle’s front.

eBussy Electric Bus System

Currently, this bus can be pre-ordered in Europe with a starting cost of 15,800 Euros or $18,733. The higher end of the price range for eBussy is 28,800 Euros or $34,116. Pre-order is not available yet in the United States or countries outside of Europe.

The biggest drawback we see is the range. While the range is impressive for an electric vehicle, it may not be enough for some folks living in rural areas or those road trips that might include time away from an easy way to charge.

With a slew of customizable features, eBussy is an exceptional vehicle choice for most drivers.

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eBussy Electric Bus System