The 12 Best Off-Road Camper Trailers

Camping is a fun way to explore the great outdoors. Before, this activity required you to carry your things and walk miles away from the road. With today’s advancements, you can now bring all your camping gear with ease by using an off-road camper trailer. So, what should you look for in an off-road camper trailer?

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying an off-road camper trailer. One of the most important aspects is the trailer’s ability to drive through all kinds of terrain. In this case, you need to pick a product with features, such as high ground clearance, all-terrain tires, and electric brakes. Plus, the trailer should be towable by your vehicle.

Aside from those features, another important factor you need to consider is the trailer’s storage capacity. So, you need to pick a product that has enough room for your camping gear. In addition, the trailer should also have enough space for you to sleep. Other features, such as a built-in kitchen, water system, charging ports, and lighting are also a plus, especially if you’re looking for optimum comfort. Of course, you also need to opt for a sturdy and durable trailer.

With all these factors in mind, here is our list of the top 12 off-road camper trailers to help you narrow your search.

Moby1 XC Cross CountryMoby1 XC Cross Country

The Moby1 XC may not be the biggest or the most affordable product on this list, but it is one of the best camper trailers, especially in terms of capability and size. In fact, its longer wheelbase model can store a queen-sized bed on the roof. This trailer can also be equipped with a rooftop tent to accommodate families. Furthermore, it also has a galley with cabinets for storage and enough space for preparing your meals.

In terms of durability, the fasteners of this camper trailer are made with stainless steel, and the is powder coated. In addition, the outer skin is also made with anodized aluminum, which can resist corrosion. So, this camper trailer can last long.

Aside from those features, this camper trailer also has all-terrain tires that can drive anywhere. Plus, this compact trailer only weighs about 1,500 pounds, so your vehicle won’t have a problem towing it. The best part is that this camp trailer has a quick set-up and take-down time.


Turtleback Trailers ExpeditionTurtleback Trailers Expedition

The Turtleback Trailers Expedition is designed with functionality in mind; so, all the amenities you need are already included in this trailer. The first thing most people notice in this camp trailer is its kitchen, which is huge. But, that’s not all. This trailer also has enough space for all your gear – up to 55 cubic feet of storage area. It also has a tank that can contain up to 42 gallons of water. Plus, you can always have warm water, thanks to its Atwood heater. For your power supply, this trailer has a battery that has enough power for your camping needs.

In addition to those features, the Turtleback Trailers Expedition can also be equipped with a rooftop tent. Moreover, it also has wheels that can tackle difficult terrains. Lastly, this camper trailer is also made with premium materials, so you are guaranteed that this product will not only withstand rough and rocky roads but will last for years as well.


Manley ORV ExploreManley ORV Explore

The Manley ORV Explore trailer has a rugged look because of its military-inspired design. It also offers features that can meet your camping needs.

First, this camper trailer has all-terrain tires; so, you can take this trailer anywhere, including woodlands and rocky roads. Another great feature of this product is its rooftop tent, which you can easily set-up. It also has an LED lighting that ensures visibility during your nighttime excursions. Other notable features are a removable aluminum lid covering, rubber bet mat, and a trailer rack

Aside from those features, this trailer also has a storage area of about 40 cubic feet, so you’ll have enough room for your camping essentials. The best part is that this camper trailer only weighs 775 pounds; so, your vehicle can easily tow it anywhere.

Overall, the Manley ORV Explore is the perfect product if you’re looking for a budget-friendly trailer that can provide for your basic needs.


Air OpusAir Opus

At first glance, the Air Opus may seem like an ordinary trailer, but it contains a lot of great features that will entice you to buy it. First, this has a built-in large dome-like tent with Air Pole Technology. As such, you don’t need to assemble the tent. All you need to do is flick the switch, and the tent will pop up. Because of this feature, setting up and taking down the tent is also simple and easy.

In addition to that, this trailer also has a stainless-steel kitchen with sink, a four-burner cooktop, utensil drawers, lighting, and a food prep bench. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about water and power supply because this trailer has a tank and battery. You can also bring this trailer to any campsite, thanks to its wheels that can handle rough terrains. Lastly, this trailer also has a sturdy construction that ensures durability.


SylvanSport Adventure GOSylvanSport Adventure GO

The SylvanSport Adventure GO has a cool and sporty design that is perfect for your outdoor adventure. But what about its performance? This camper trailer is made with a sturdy aluminum frame. As such, its racks can hold your heavy adventure toys, including bikes and kayaks. It also has a lockable compartment that can store your gear and extra supplies.

In addition, this camper trailer also has a comfortable and spacious tent with a bed, large windows, and a standing headroom of 6 feet 4 inches. Once you’re done with your outdoor activities, you can take a relaxing hot shower, thanks to its solar heated system.

Transporting this camper trailer is also easy. One reason is due to its weight (840 pounds), which allows small cars with a trailer hitch to tow it. This trailer also has floatation tires and 13-inch ground clearance; so, it is capable of driving across moderate terrains.


High Camp Teardrop TrailerHigh Camp Teardrop Trailer

The High Camp Teardrop is a lightweight trailer that has a sturdy and sleek design. The interior features wood paneling while the exterior is built with aluminum. Plus, it has a powder coated chassis that ensures durability. In addition, this trailer can be towed behind a 6-cylinder vehicle.

For its other features, this camper trailer is equipped with a queen-sized mattress with a lot of headroom. At the back, you’ll find slide-out hardware where you can access a three-burner cooktop and a stainless-steel Coleman cooler. The cooktop has a wooden cover, which you can also use as a counter. In the galley, there are two cabinets that you can use to store your food, pans, pots, and dishes. Lastly, this camper trailer also has heat and air conditioning that can make you feel comfortable no matter the weather outside.


Schutt Industries Xventure XV-3 TrailerSchutt Industries Xventure XV-3 Trailer

The Xventure XV-3 trailer is designed to handle even extreme road conditions. Aside from its all-terrain wheels, it also has all-aluminum weldless construction, manual parking brakes, electric brakes, and a 3-axis hutch. In addition, this trailer is compact and lightweight, so towing it won’t be a problem.

Unlike most trailers, the Xventure XV-3 separates the sleeping facilities from the gear compartment. So, its lower cargo deck can offer you enough space for all your camping gear. At night, the adjustable upper deck can be your sleeping area. You can even put a full-size mattress on the rig for a comfortable sleep. But, there’s more. This camper trailer also has a slide-out kitchen, water heater, and propane stove. Lastly, its lighting enables you to see your camping area at night.

With all these great features, it is not surprising that the Xventure XV-3 is one of the most popular camper trailers on this list. The best part is that you can purchase it for a very reasonable price.


Timber Leaf Classic TeardropTimber Leaf Classic Teardrop

The Timber Leaf Classic Teardrop is designed with both style and performance in mind. It offers great features that will make your camping trip enjoyable and comfortable. First, it has a galley cabinet, which can store your food, dishes, and pans. With this trailer, you can also cook with ease, thanks to its cooktop shelf. Plus, you’ll have plenty of water for your camping needs because this trailer has a 12-gallon water tank that is tucked neatly under the cabin. For sleeping, this camper trailer has a queen-size bed.

Aside from those features, this trailer can also drive across any kinds of terrains due to its 33-inch all-terrain tires, 4-inch lift, and axle-less suspension. Moreover, it also has a lightweight construction. So, it can be easily towed by most passenger vehicles. Lastly, this trailer is made with anodized aluminum, which makes this product sleek, lightweight, and durable.


Blue Ridge Expedition BRX1Blue Ridge Expedition BRX1

The Blue Ridge Expedition BRX1 is one of the best camper trailers for your rugged adventures. This is especially true if you’re looking for style, quality, and durability.

The exterior of the BRX1 features a powder-coated steel frame and a large expedition gearbox. It can handle even the toughest terrain, thanks to its 18-inch wheels, electric brakes, axle-less suspensions, max-coupler hitch, and 20-inch ground clearance.

The interior of this camper trailer has LED lighting, charging ports, custom cabinetry, and a queen-size memory-foam bed. The Platinum model also includes heat and air conditioner.

In its well-designed galley, you’ll find a bar sink, charging ports, latching cabinets, stainless counter, and a slide-out tray for your refrigerator and stove. The Platinum model also includes a hot shower and water package.

With all these great features, the BRX1 will not only make your outdoor adventure enjoyable but comfortable as well.


Taxa Outdoors Cricket CamperTaxa Outdoors Cricket Camper

The Taxa Outdoors Cricket Camper has a unique design a lot of great features. One, in particular, is its spacious room, which can accommodate two adults and two kids. Another great feature of this camper trailer is its lightweight construction, which allows it to be towed by 4-cylinder vehicles. Plus, it has all-terrain tires so it can drive across any kinds of lands.

Aside from those features, this camper trailer also has a queen-size mattress. Underneath it is a spacious area where you can store your clothes and camping gear. Its swing windows and pop-up roof will not only provide enough ventilation but great views as well. Moreover, this camper trailer also has a built-in kitchen with six cubbies, a covered sink, and a large counter. Plus, it also has a dining table so you won’t eat on your laps. Lastly, this trailer also has electricity and plumbing system, allowing you to camp comfortably.


Jayco BajaJayco Baja

The Jayco Baja has several features that make it an excellent off-road camper trailer. For example, it has 15-inch all-terrain tires and high ground clearance. But, that’s not all. Its frame and axle are also built for heavy-duty tasks.

Another notable feature of this camper trailer is its spacious front deck where you can place your large toys, such as an ATV. This camper trailer can also provide comfort even if you’re in the middle of nowhere. Basically, with this trailer, you can enjoy a hot shower. When you’re tired, you can sleep in its king-size bed. It also has a refrigerator where you can store your food. Other notable features include a 17-gallon water tank, an acrylic sink, a cassette toilet, and a 2-burner stove.


TC Teardrops Custom Built TrailersTC Teardrops Custom Built Trailers

Some camper trailers may lack amenities that you consider as one of your basic needs while others may have extra features that you don’t really need. As a solution, the TC Teardrops allows you to customize your own camper trailer, which may depend on your budget and preferences.

The TC Teardrops company offers four different trailer models or sizes. Aside from that, all its trailers come with roomy cabins and a handcrafted kitchen. Moreover, these trailers are designed to handle difficult off-road terrains. The best part is that all TC Teardrop Trailers are lightweight, so you can tow them anywhere.