The 10 Best All-Terrain Tires

An adventure that takes you off the beaten path and into non-treaded territory can be exciting, daring and thrilling. If your vehicle sports a pair of sub-par tires, though – getting stuck and calling roadside assistance can be a complete killjoy. Often overlooked as an important aspect of adventure, a good set of all-terrain tires can be the difference between calling all the shots on your fun expedition and calling your mom for help.

All-terrain tires are just that; tires that fit all terrains. You want to find a good set that can take you from the highway to wet gravel to muddy grass without a hitch, and a seamless ride that doesn’t feel like your vehicle is straining is also a plus.

So if you are ready to get a little bit dirty (well, at least your car will. Don’t forget to clean your tires), check out the list below featuring ten of the best all-terrain tires to take along for the ride.

Goodyear Fierce Attitude Mud Terrain TireGoodyear Fierce Attitude Mud Terrain Tire

A quick look at its name should tell you enough about it. Sporting a fierce attitude, this tire is at home in the mud and will get you through any sticky situation. Featuring staggered shoulder blocks for enhanced grip in just about any off-roading condition, Goodyear’s Fierce Attitude is just as capable performing on the road as it is in the dirt. For a tough looking tire with rim protectors and top performance, look no further.


BF Goodrich Mud Terrain TireBF Goodrich Mud Terrain Tire

Featuring a three-layered construction that scoffs at any jagged rock or terrain that tries to pierce it, BF Goodrich’s mud terrains are perfect for any off-road trail. You can take these tires to any highway and they will perform with much less noise than you’d expect. The deep-pocketed grooves are excellent for mud clearing, and linear flex zones allow the tire to adapt to whatever terrain is below it. If you aren’t sure what to expect on the road ahead, grab a set of these guys to best prepare yourself.


Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Off Road TireCooper Discoverer STT Pro Off Road Tire

Perhaps the meanest and toughest looking tire on the list, the Discoverer is an extremely advanced and multifaceted tire. A silica treated compound adds extra protection to the 3-ply tire, making it outstandingly durable for any terrain you can throw at it. Advanced technology in the tread speaks to longevity and the ease of mind knowing it can get you out of any situation. This tire will feel just as home on the street as it is in the mud.


General Tire Grabber At 2 All-Terrain TireGeneral Tire Grabber At 2 All-Terrain Tire

For dry, wet, wintery conditions and a promise for competence on any terrain, General Tire’s Grabber does just that; adheres to any land below it. A chip and tear resistant tread mean a rocky patch won’t bust through, and the internal structure featuring steel belts offer tire strengthening and a quieter ride. Quality meets craftsmanship when it comes to the intricate self-cleaning tread, and neither snow nor mud will stop these tires from getting the job done.


Bridgestone Dueler All Terrain Revo 2Bridgestone Dueler All Terrain Revo 2

Made for sports utility vehicles, pick up trucks, jeeps, and crossovers, the Dueler is a fantastic year-round tire that can adapt to any terrain in any season. Shoulder blocks assist with on and off-road handling, making it an easy transition from pavement to grass. With Bridgestone’s own wet racing technology built into the Dueler, water evacuation happens quickly and the tire seeks traction from the ground to prevent hydroplaning. The extra strength and grip that this tire provides is also beneficial for towing.


Nitto Terra Grappler G2 All Terrain TiresNitto Terra Grappler G2 All Terrain Tires

For a lighter tire that still does all the dirty work, grab a set of Nitto Terra Grapplers. Full depth sipes equate to a deeper tread that doesn’t wear off that fast, shoulder lugs provide stable edges while functioning in off-road conditions. The various sizing of the tread grooves creates an adaptability to whatever terrain it explores. Despite the deep-grooved treads and thick skin, this tire is extremely quiet on the road and you won’t be combating tire noise with the radio while coasting down the highway.


Hankook DynaPro All Terrain Off Road TireHankook DynaPro All Terrain Off Road Tire

Puncture resistant and truly fit for any terrain you throw at it, the Hankook DynaPro tire series is a fan favorite. Made for trucks, vans and sports utility vehicles, this is the dream tire for hauling heavy loads such as trailers and rv’s, while still wearing the tread evenly on each tire. Their time to shine is during wet road conditions, where quick water evacuating technologies provide a safe ride. The deep grooved tread makes for a perfect off-roading experience.


Dick Cepek Fun Country On and Off Road All Terrain TiresDick Cepek Fun Country On and Off Road All Terrain Tires

Stradling the line between a mud terrain and an all-terrain tire, Fun Country gets the best of both worlds by providing a tough tire that still delivers a gentle ride on pavement. Notched shoulder lugs and Dick Cepek’s trademark DC Sidebiters allow for enhanced protection when on loose surfaces and a rugged appearance overall. These tires are known for being a beast in deep snow, as deep walled treads act like shovels to get you to where you are going. For tough tires that still get the day-to-day jobs done, opt for a set of Fun Country tires.


Yokohama Geolandar All Terrain TiresYokohama Geolandar All Terrain Tires

Delivering long mileage and less wear and tear, the Geolandar is built for durability and a long life. A silica-enhanced tread compound combines intermediate blocks and staggered center blocks to create a tire fit for both off-road terrains and the city life. A fantastic tread with aggressive sidewall protectors strengthens its delivery in mud, sand, dirt, and rocks. Overall, Yokohomas’s Geolandar will deliver a tire fit for any terrain and any adventure.


Michelin LTX All Terrain 2Michelin LTX All Terrain 2

Meeting the needs of both recreational and commercial mid-range vehicles, Michelin’s LTX All Terrains deliver everything you want from your standard regular season tire (low noise on the road, good fuel efficiency, even wear) and combines it with the durability you need for an off-road experience. Notched blocks in the tread pattern create quick and efficient trips through mud, wet grass and snow alike. Precision manufacturing and their Comfort Control Technology deliver a pleasant ride free from loud vibrations and road noise. One of the top performers when it comes to a hydroplane – free ride in rainy conditions, Michelin has always aimed to please with every tire design.