The 14 Best Luxury Camper Trailers

A luxury camper trailer comes in handy when you want to spend time away from home. Since it’s designed to be towed by a car, it gives you the privilege of pitching tent wherever you want. Unlike camping in a tent, staying in a camper trailer is much more comfortable. This is because the trailer is usually equipped with beds, coaches, a bathroom, and kitchen. In fact, it makes you feel at home when you are miles away from your usual dwelling place. That’s why it’s sold at a premium price. The other advantage is that you can always detach the trailer from the main vehicle and drive to other places around the area while your camper stays put at your chosen site.

To help you narrow your search, here is our list of the 14 best luxury camp trailers on the market.


The SeaLander weighs just 1069 pounds, meaning it can be towed by any vehicle. The weight is attributed to the materials that are used to make the body. Speaking of which, the body is constructed from a plastic material that has been blended with fiberglass.

The trailer is fitted with two tinted windows that are meant to give you the privacy you deserve. Since the trailer comes with a folding roof, you can bask in the sun without having to go outdoors. The chassis of the trailer is galvanized to protect it against rusting.

And although the trailer can only accommodate two people overnight, there are two benches that can fit 6 people for a leisurely evening. The trailer has plenty of storage space on the inside that you can use for keeping your valuables. Besides that, the stand of the hitch is designed to double as reinforcement for the grill.

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Taxa Outdoors MantisTaxa Outdoors Mantis

With the Taxa Outdoors Mantis, you don’t have to wait until you return home to continue enjoying life. This is because the camp trailer is designed to allow you to live a normal life regardless of where you go. For a start, the trailer is equipped with a built-in 12-volt electrical system. With such a system, you will be able to power almost all of your electrical appliances and devices. You will no longer worry about your phone battery running out of charge.

You will also enjoy taking hot baths thanks to the featured water heating system. Even when the weather is freezing cold, you will still enjoy camping because the trailer comes with a furnace for warming the interior. There is also an air conditioner for countering hot weather. In addition to that, this home on wheels features a kitchen that is equipped with a sink and a double burner stove. You can, therefore, prepare meals at your own convenience.

Most importantly, the trailer can accommodate 4 people. And if you like gazing at the stars at night, you can use the pop-down roof. Also, the windows are tinted to prevent strangers from interfering with your privacy.


Safari Condo Alto F2114Safari Condo Alto F2114

The Safari Condo Alto F2112 is fitted with tinted windows to allow you to monitor what’s happening outside the trailer without attracting any attention. The camper trailer is light enough to be towed by any car. This is because its body is made from aluminum. Due to its construction, the trailer won’t rust in the rain.

The featured three-way fridge guarantees that you will be able to enjoy having cold drinks, and your food supplies will remain fresh throughout your stay. Cooking meals has been made easy by the inclusion of a twin-burner stove. Besides that, there is a built-in smoke detector that alerts you when something is not right.

There are twin beds that can convert into one big bed. Your sanitation needs have been addressed by featuring an enclosed shower and a flushing toilet. There is also a four-seater dining space that allows you and your loved ones to enjoy meals together.


SylvanSport VAST Camper TrailerSylvanSport VAST Camper Trailer

The SylvanSport Vast camper trailer is a stylish and modern mobile home. The trailer is fitted with a gas-powered tailgate to make sure you load and unload your belongings without breaking your back. The windows and doors are tinted and insulated for privacy purposes and also for ensuring that cold doesn’t penetrate into the mobile house.

The trailer is equipped with a slide-out kitchen so that you can prepare meals at your own pace. There is also a lounge space that’s ideal for meal times. When you want to sleep, you simply transform the lounge into a bedroom by lowering the twin beds that are tucked into the ceiling. And when you want to freshen up by taking a shower, just tuck the beds back into the ceiling, and you will be able to access the bathroom and the toilet. The trailer has ample space for storing bikes, kayaks, and water tanks, among other things.


Timberline Homegrown TrailerTimberline Homegrown Trailer

When you look at the design of Timberline Homegrown trailer, you can tell that the maker of the mobile home was inspired by tear drops. Besides that, the camper trailer features an elegant wood panel exterior. The trailer has been fitted with two axels to prevent it from swaying while on transit to the campsite. The interior of the trailer is 11 feet tall to allow you to move without knocking your head. Also, this mobile home has a bed capacity of five, meaning that you can take your family or a group of friends with you.

The windows and doors of the trailer have been insulated with thick wool to ensure that you don’t freeze during winter. And that’s not all. The camp trailer is fitted with solar panels that generate green energy for lighting, heating, and powering devices without polluting the environment. The solar panels are paired with a 6.0-kilowatt battery. You can, therefore, be sure that you will carry on with life just like you do in your home.

The kitchen is roomy for two people to cook meals at the same time. There is also an enclosed shower that allows you to bathe in maximum privacy. Moreover, the 23-gallon water purification system guarantees that you will not compromise on your health while camping by drinking stagnant water.


Airstream Flying CloudAirstream Flying Cloud

The Airstream Flying Cloud camper trailer offers you 16 options of floor plans. The trailer is actually designed to be long in length so that it can accommodate as much gear and campers as possible. With this trailer, you will not have to look for a hotel to stay in when going on a road trip.

The trailer comes with Quietstream Climate Control, which is an air conditioning system that helps in keeping high temperatures at bay. The fact that you will be in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean you will be isolated from the rest of the world. With LG LED HD TVs, your nights and days in the wilderness will no longer be boring. You can actually continue watching your favorite TV shows and movies. There are also USB and 110-volt charging ports that let you recharge your devices.

The trailer also comes with a rearview monitor so that you can connect with the outside while inside the camper. Unlike other trailers that have theirs at the front, this model has a rear hatch. The rear hatch is complemented by an electronic braking system for safety purposes. The trailer is also energy efficient because it uses power generated by its 120W solar panel for lighting the LEDs. To round it all out, you can cook as much as you need to using the four-burner stove.


Lume LT540 TravelLume LT540 Travel

The body of the Lume LT540 Travel trailer is made from aluminum. The interior of the trailer is adorned with leather and upholstered with wool to make it more comfortable. The windows have been tinted to enable you to observe your environment discreetly, and the camp trailer is equipped with a full bathroom for convenience purposes.

And you should be able to eat well when camping in this trailer because it has two gas burners that enable you to fix meals fast. You can also enjoy a finger-licking barbeque by connecting your grilling stove to the gas points. Besides that, there is a 40-liter refrigerator for preserving your food supplies and drinks. In addition to that, you don’t have to solely rely on the car battery. This is because the trailer comes with a 100-watt solar panel that generates enough power for charging mobile phones and lighting the camper.

The trailer also features an open roof sunbrella that’s covered with a mosquito net. You can, therefore, gaze at the stars without giving mosquito an opportunity to suck your blood.


ERIBA Touring 820 Camping TrailerERIBA Touring 820 Camping Trailer

At a weight of 4,365 pounds, the ERIBA Touring 820 camp trailer can be towed by any vehicle. The trailer also requires minimum maintenance because its frame is made from stainless steel. The rest of the body is made from silver, guaranteeing that it will last for decades. And if you thought smart home systems could only be used in brick and mortar houses, you need to think again. This ERIBA has a smart home system that can be managed through an app, meaning you can manage your home while fishing at the river or climbing mountains. When you’re finished, you can dine or wine on the 180-degree panorama lounge while seated on round furniture or get some sleep on the V-shaped beds.


Airstream International SerenityAirstream International Serenity

The Airstream International Serenity camper trailer comes with multiple windows that are tinted to allow you to catch up with the outdoors without compromising on your privacy. Mounting the trailer on your vehicle has been simplified by the inclusion of a rear hitch. Besides that, the Quietstream Climate Control system ensures that you will get high-quality sleep at night by canceling the noise from the outside. And even if you will be in the woods, you will still be able to cook meals, clean the dishes. and keep your supplies fresh, thanks to the inclusion of refrigerator, fusion stove, convection stove, microwave, and a faucet that’s complemented with a stainless steel kitchen sink.


Bruder EXP-6Bruder EXP-6

For a start, the Bruder EXP 6 camp trailer is built to last. The trailer has twin axels that have been paired with suspension coils so that you can enjoy a shock-free ride to your camping destination. Since the trailer has double axels, if one of the tires is punctured, you can still use the remaining wheels to tow the home to your destination. You can actually use the trailer on any terrain.

On top of that, the camp trailer features a strong body that has been sealed to protect the occupants from cold weather. The windows have also been tinted with a reflective material to give the camper the privacy he deserves. You can, therefore, change your clothes or take showers without worrying that you will be seen by the other people. Moreover, you can manage the activities of the camper trailer using a touchscreen feature. The trailer also comes with a slide out kitchen that gives you the convenience of preparing meals comfortably.


Bowlus Road Chief on the RoadBowlus Road Chief on the Road

The wheels of the Bowlus Road Chief on the Road are strategically on the center of the body to help in maintaining balance when the camper trailer is being towed. The exterior of the trailer features a beautiful aluminum monocoque that enhances the durability of the mobile home. When the weather gets extremely hot during summer, the built-in air conditioner swings into action to protect you from the scorching heat.

The dining area also doubles as the bedroom. If you have company, the dining area will transform into twin beds. Otherwise, you can use it as a single bed.

The trailer is certainly designed to withstand all weather conditions. There is a cool heating system that warms the floor at night and also warms the interior during winter to protect you from the freezing cold. And you won’t have a reason for sleeping on an empty stomach because the trailer comes with a freezer, fridge, and a two-burner cooking stove. There are windows on each side of the camper so that you can enjoy the view from any angle.


Bowlus Road Chief Endless HighwaysBowlus Road Chief Endless Highways

When other motorists see you towing the Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highways, they will be tempted to pull over and take a look at this great masterpiece. The body of the trailer is made from stainless steel. You can, therefore, be sure that it will not rust when you leave it outside the garage for months. Besides that, the trailer can accommodate four people.

The bathroom of the camp trailer features raised teak flooring and an Italian marine showerhead. There is an air conditioner for cooling the room temperatures during the summer, and the trailer allows you to extend your stay in the wild for as long as you want because you can carry all the clothes you need without worrying about storage space because there are two wardrobe closets in the trailer. For those who are conscious about their looks, there is a full-length mirror inside the trailer.

Also, your foodstuffs will not go bad because there is a freezer and a fridge. In addition to that, there is a two-burner stove that comes in handy when it’s time to cook a meal.


Luxe EliteLuxe Elite

The Luxe Elite Camper trailer has three air conditioners that help in eliminating heat during hot weather. There are also two furnaces that are reserved for heating the trailer when the weather gets extremely cold. The windows are insulated to prevent heat from escaping when the furnace is turned on.

You can prepare any size of a meal using either the oven or the stove that comes with the trailer. And when your clothes get dirty, simply put them in the washer and dryer respectively. Besides that, the trailer features a TV and a dining area that can accommodate at least 4 people. There is a full bathroom for your grooming needs, and the floor of the trailer is made from wooden vinyl material that lasts long with no risk of water or rust damage.


Forest River Rockwood Tent Camper TrailerForest River Rockwood Tent Camper Trailer

Since the Forest River Rockwood camper trailer is lightweight, you don’t need to use an SUV to tow it to wherever you are going. The trailer has very reliable suspension due to its double axel feature. Although the windows are not tinted, they come with fabric curtains that you can pull when you want to have some privacy. The trailer features two beds that can also be merged into one big bed. In addition to that, the trailer features a full bathroom and a kitchen that extend to the outside. Moreover, the trailer has ample space for dining and relaxing.


What to Look for in a Luxury Camper Trailer

Camper trailers come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. These variations can confuse you if it’s your first time looking into camper trailers. For a start, your choice should be guided by your budget. There are a wide variety of prices in this segment, and the price of these mobile homes is usually determined by the size and features.

It’s important you consider the size of a camper trailer. If you will be traveling with just a few people, a smaller trailer is all you need. However, if you are planning to travel with a bigger family, it’s advisable you narrow down to king-size trailers as they have more accommodation capacity. The advantage of picking a bigger trailer is that it will come with features that guarantee your comfort while camping, including a full bathroom, couches, and a cooking area complete with a fridge and cabinets.

You should also consider your vehicle’s towing capacity. If you own a small car, you will have to stick to smaller camper trailers because the bigger ones require you to use something with more power, such as a pickup truck or an SUV.