The 12 Best Spinner Luggage

It doesn’t matter if your frequent trips are due to business or pleasure; once you are traveling often enough, a good suitcase will save you dozens of hours enduring shoulder pain and sore rotator cuffs. Spinner luggage cases are the latest available innovation, and they were created precisely to prevent this.

At first glance, they are only a slightly modified version of the carry-ons we have been seeing for over a decade. A closer look, however, will reveal a set of 4 wheels, all capable of rotating a full 360 degrees. These allow you to walk alongside your luggage rather than to drag it behind you. In turn, this can radically alter your ability to move around quickly without literally stepping over somebody else’s toes or delaying the taxi line.

Naturally, not all luggage pieces are made the same. For a frequent traveler, it’s important to ensure that their luggage is capable of enduring the rigors of frequent tossing and dusting. Some degree of weather-resistance or hidden perks never go amiss either. Here we’ve reviewed the 12 best spinner luggage models available right now. They combine good prices with high quality and durable materials.

Herschel Supply Co. Trade SpinnerHerschel Supply Co. Trade Spinner

Herschel is a specialist in producing functional fashion and travel gear that adds a touch of style to an indisputable material quality. This is only part of what makes their products special – although a lot of credit is still due to their superb branding and public image. This is, after all, a brand that screams that you are off to have fun. Naturally, their Trade Spinner suitcase is a great way to place you in the ideal mood for a stylish escapade.

The molded polycarbonate exterior has gentle ribs, which do more than just look pretty. They actually reinforce the outside shell, providing it with more flexibility and resistance to pressure. In addition, they help it slide just a little bit easier when coming down a conveyor belt.

The interior is lined with smooth polyester. The inner belt will keep all the contents in your main compartment in the right place, and the extra zippered pocket on the top lid will protect any important documents or delicate items you are carrying. Finally, the TSA-approved combination lock will keep everything safe.


Samsonite 24-Inch Centric HardsideSamsonite 24-Inch Centric Hardside

Samsonite is one of the most popular luggage manufacturers around the world. Their reputation and success are well-deserved; they have been providing durable and beautiful luggage and travel accessories for decades. This hardshell luggage is fully made from light polycarbonate, and the raised edges and geometric shapes provide it with a unique look.

With a capacity of over 50 liters but a weight of only 9 pounds, this suitcase offers enough capacity to carry you through a long trip without exceeding your free luggage allowance. The zipper-secured main lid is further improved by the presence of a TSA-friendly lock. They also have the ability to expand, providing you with up to three extra inches of width. The handles are rubberized and padded, which will reduce the strain your fingers while pulling. This suitcase is available in nine different colors, including gray, Caribbean blue, eggplant, burnt orange, and bronze.


Briggs & Riley Cabin SpinnerBriggs & Riley Cabin Spinner

Any trip that goes above five days is probably going to need you to take both a carry-on piece of luggage in addition to your standard suitcase – and even to find the best way to optimize the use of both. Add a layover or two during your cross-continent trip, and suddenly, your shoulders will feel exactly why a good carry on can make all the difference.

This Cabin Spinner is a great way to pack an extra pair of shoes or trousers easily and discreetly. The outer lining is made from ballistic fiber lining, which will resist dirt, moisture, and scratches alike. The handles are made from aluminum and offer 2 stop heights. They are also covered in a soft webbing that will keep them comfortable. Inside, the flat surface will prevent your clothes from wrinkling, and the elastic side pockets will keep your accessories tidy.


LUCAS Treadlite 24-Inch SpinnerLUCAS Treadlite 24-Inch Spinner

Unassuming, reliable, and awarded with ample experience and professionalism, LUCAS luggage brings forth many of the same qualities that literature lovers commonly associate with the old Mr. Lucas from Pride and Prejudice. Naturally, the suitcase itself is also worthy of pride. The scratch-resistant ridged surface is resilient and elegant. The bright metallic colors available (steel blue, fire red, carbon gray, and purple) all make it look futuristic and chic. In addition, it has just the little bit of personality that makes this piece of large checked luggage easy to spot from a conveyor belt without ever accidentally coming across as flashy or tacky.

With a capacity to carry up to 60L of items, the ABS composite that protects the LUCAS Treadlite is light and easy to carry around. The entire package barely weighs 8 pounds, which can turn tip the scales to your favor when it’s time to check-in. The 4 wheels are slightly raised and padded, which helps cushion the luggage’s contents from any accidental bumps on the road.


Merax Hardside Spinner LugaggeMerax Hardside Spinner Lugagge

Good value and high-quality construction are the name of the game for Merax, and the revamped version of their highest-selling spinner suitcase shows exactly why.

The ultra-strong impact and pressure resistance of previous models is not improved with a fully TSA-approved combination lock, which will allow security checks to be quick and minimize the risk of anyone simply breaking the lock. All the old flags of Merax quality are still there, starting with a 44-liter capacity for only 8 pounds worth of suitcase, which is an excellent ratio for today’s market.

A set of zippered inner pockets will keep your belongings organized inside. Outside, the thorough testing policy used by this brand will be in charge. All batches are tested for force and high and low temperatures alike. The P.E.T coating also offers built-in U.V. radiation protection and will preserve the suitcase’s colors for longer. This model is available in metallic black, blue, silver, and purple.

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GoPlus Hardside Travel PackGoPlus Hardside Travel Pack

Solo travel may allow for eccentricities and the occasional substitute product in the name of economy or speed. Family trips, on the other hand, demand a much more thorough attention to detail; you are not only handling more people, but some of them (the little ones) are also relying on you to keep them well-supplied and safe throughout the adventure. As far as packing is concerned, this will mean you may need to devote some extra space for your emergency supplies while trying to figure out the best way to ensure everything is instantly recognizable and that nothing (or no one) gets left behind.

This Travel Pack for GoPlus offers a superb solution for small-family travel. It includes three matching luggage pieces (a 20-inch carry-on, a 24-inch inch medium suitcase, and a superbly roomy 28-inch suitcase). They are all provided with a resilient polycarbonate hard case, and the two larger ones also offer side-zipper expansion. Inside, you will find a washable lining and flat surfaces on all sides, which will help you Marie-Kondo your way into carrying everything you need. They all come equipped with elastic belts, a zippered mesh inside pocket, and a detachable coincase.

Maneuverability will remain assured thanks to the telescoping handle and fully rotating wheels. In addition, the larger suitcases all come with balanced standing feet, which will protect them from touching the ground even when fully loaded. They all have a 3-digit combination lock, and are available in 10 different colors, which run the gamut between smooth black to lime green, eggplant, and steel blue.

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TravelPro Platinum Elite InternationalTravelPro Platinum Elite International

TravelPro’s original claim to fame was the invention of the rollaboard. However, they have continued producing marvelous works of travel-oriented engineering. Their products bring an extra layer of expertise to one of the most utilitarian niches out there, and somehow, they still manage to make their luggage pieces looking dandy.

The softshell ballistic nylon of the cover is flexible, yet sturdy. It will resist more than just a few scratches and even filter out a few minor spills without trapping any funky smells or grease (which could eventually find their way onto your clothes). The marvels don’t stop on the outside, however. A TSA-friendly toiletry bag attached to the inner pocket will keep all your delicate items in place. The handles are made from high-performance smooth aluminum. They are also easy to adjust, and the inner pressure locks will let you adjust it in one smooth movement without risking any awkward movements.

The wheel set is also remarkably well made. The sealed ball-bearing wheels roll smoothly and rotate with remarkable stability. They are also equipped with a discreet lock-in-place mechanism that is activated with a small tilt to the side, and then, you won’t have to worry about your things sliding off a ramp. Finally, the crowning jewel of this suitcase is the attached power bank included at the base, which will prove a blessing for long trips.


Bric’s Capri 30-inch Ultralight Large SpinnerBric’s Capri 30-inch Ultralight Large Spinner

Bric’s Store is a luxury travel gear manufacturer that prides itself in offering its customers much more than simply a pretty label. In the case of the Capri Ultralight, they have chosen to divert all the technical attention to providing the largest possible capacity for as little weight as possible, but they have still ensured the final product is beautiful and elegant.

A full capacity of 30 liters is remarkably hard to find with less than 12 pounds worth of suitcase. The double-decker interior makes keeping such a heavy load organized into a breeze. In addition, the internal dividers have hidden perks of their own, such as a business card slot, washable linings, and color-coordinated prints. On the outside, the Hinomoto wheels glide smoothly and quickly, which ensures that the luggage will remain easy to steer and glide despite its size. The handles are ergonomic and reinforced with rubber grips.

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Caribbean Joe Castaway 4-Piece SetCaribbean Joe Castaway 4-Piece Set

The name says everything that the creators wanted you to know about their brand. This relatively new startup began as a specialized retailer for those who were looking for tropical escapades. The 4-piece spinner luggage set is the ideal packing option for a family on a cruise. It includes three suitcases (the smallest one is fully cabin-compliant) and an additional laptop bag or briefcase.

All pieces are made from 1680D polyester fiber, which has been especially optimized to withstand the moist-and-hot rigors of tropical travel. All handles have a telescopic push-button system, which will make them easy to adjust and lug around. The wheels slide smoothly and are coated in a resilient rubber that will make cleaning them a breeze, even if they get muddy. Inside, in addition to the standard elastic belt and side mesh pocket, you will find elastic show pockets and a TSA-compliant toiletries bag.


American Tourister Zoom 21 Carry-OnAmerican Tourister Zoom 21 Carry-On

The well-deserved reputation of all-American travel supplier American Tourister stands in to guarantee that this is the last carry-on you will need for years to come. Ideal for anyone who needs to keep things light for a short trip or has chosen a discount airline and needs to stay on budget, this carry on offers more space for less weight. The ballistic nylon construction is much lighter than the traditional ABS shell, plus it offers the ability to expand from the sides.

The spinner wheel set is also superb. Gunmetal hubs increase durability sharply and keep them from losing their shape even if fully loaded. The rubber casing, on the other hand, will keep them gliding smoothly even if you have to traverse harsh or uneven terrain. The handles are all coated in neoprene, which increases grip without adding much weight. The interior is equipped with a removable TSA-approved toiletries pouch. This suitcase is available in black, purple, and teal blue.

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Ookonn Leather-Trimmed Round SuitcaseOokonn Leather-Trimmed Round Suitcase

It doesn’t matter if your trips are all meant to trigger Instagram envy or are simply commanded by your boss. Each trip to the airport should be an opportunity to showcase your uniqueness. This is something that Ookonn understands and embraces as both a practical concern and an artistic goal. As a design philosophy, it has worked wonders for them. Vogue and Monocle alike have touted this up-and-coming Hongkonese manufacturer as the “luggage designer to invest in.”

Their leather-trimmed round collection wastes no time in proving exactly what makes them special. Beyond the unusual and futuristic shape of the suitcase itself, this product hides a handful of details that will make your next trip easier. First, the internal compression system will help you fit in that extra bit of clothes in an apparently tight space. It also comes with an internal mesh divider and a removable laundry bag. The whole combo is light and easy to move around or to steer thanks to its set of Hinomoto wheels. It’s available in six different colors, and there’s a removable handle version that you can customize further.

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Rockland Luggage 20-Inch PolycarbonateRockland Luggage 20-Inch Polycarbonate

Safe and sturdy polycarbonate provide a great basis for something truly unique. As any valued travel gear manufacturer, Rockland has gone above and beyond when designing these suitcases. The mandala-inspired symmetrical designs used are fun, quirky, and immediately evoke the relaxation that should await you on your trip.

Don’t let the neo-hippy esthetic confuse you, however; this is no cheap or casual luggage. Quite to the contrary, it is a high-quality piece meant to be tossed around while keeping its prim and proper shape. The high-grade polycarbonate case is remarkably light, and everything inside will stay relatively safe from compression, but you will still be able to pack a couple of extra pounds without having to deal with one of the dreaded overweight fees.

Inside, an interior mesh, two internal pockets and a separate zippered pouch will ensure that everything finds its place. The wheels all rotate smoothly, like a well-oiled engine, and the handle offers five different pre-set heights to adapt to your shoulders.