Shuffled, Not Stirred: 007 Premium Playing Cards

Few characters in film and television become the household name of a generation, and even fewer are well-known and cherished by multiple generations. The tales of James Bond have enthralled us all since 1963, and the newest and twenty-fifth edition to the saga, No Time to Die, is set to premiere April 2nd, 2021, and is already attracting quite a buzz. As always, collector items are starting to emerge, including board games and playing cards. Theory11 brings us 007 Premium Playing Cards, a deck of playing cards with impeccable attention to detail that arrives shaken, not stirred.

007 card detail - King of Diamonds

007 Playing Cards: It’s All in the Details

While James Bond might like to do some things the old-fashioned way, these cards are anything but old-fashioned. Throughout the deck are details arching back to recognizable items in the Bond saga. The pen grenade from GoldenEye, Bond’s classic pistol, the ski pole gun from the Spy Who Loved Me, and more are to be found in the intricate details that litter these cards and make them so exceptional.

As you drive through the deck, you’ll find custom artwork woven into the classic card designs. A king of diamonds with a handgun, a jack of spades holding a pocket knife, and an ace of spades branded with the 007 logo are just some of the unique Bond-themed designs in this deck. Each card has a gold back, complete with an intricate design, the Bond family crest, and the motto “Orbis Non-Sufficit,” which translates to “the world is not enough”.

The box that encases these decadent cards features two layers of gold foil, embossed 3D accents, and the James Bond family crest on the backside.

007 premium playing cards

What might cards at this level of luxury cost you? The price might surprise you, but this deck is yours for just under $10 on the Theory11 website where it rakes in 5-star reviews daily. Head on over to snag a set and get stoked for the upcoming film. Your favorite card games will get a significant visual upgrade when you play with the 007 Premium Playing Cards from Theory11.


007 premium playing cards

007 premium playing cards

007 card detail - box