The 12 Best Propane Burners

Summer is already here, which means it is time to bring out the outdoor gear and enjoy an adventurous couple of months. If you are an outdoor or brewing enthusiast, then you know how important it is to have the best propane burner. It dictates how well you will cook, grill, or brew, and if you have the right one, doing all of the above is a very satisfying experience.

You can get a good burner anywhere, but online shopping is always simpler, and you have endless options from which to choose. What you need to know is how to identify an excellent burner for your needs. It is vital that you also know some of the most important specs that will determine how good the stove you buy is. Below, we’re pointing you some of the most important features you should pay attention to as well as the best propane burners for the full package.

Gas One B-3600HGas One B-3600H

The burner was specifically designed for home brewing, but it can be used for high-pressure outdoor cooking as well. This is the burner that you get when you want to prepare a big meal for a large group of hungry people.

It is a beast in what it does since it delivers no less than 200,000 BTUs of power, which is a lot more than your average burner that may give about 80,000 BTU. The design is quite clean; you may not understand how it provides so much, but its simplicity is an asset since it makes it quick to set up.

It is made from cast iron, which is painted to give it a more refined look. However, you should expect some chipping of the paint due to the high heat, but as long as you take good care of it, there shouldn’t be any issues. The legs are adjustable, so if you want it longer, it is fast and easy to make it so. The legs by default are 15 inches, but they extend up to 30 inches.

The B-3600H was made to last thanks to its extremely sturdy build. The body is made of steel, while the burner itself is cast iron. The body is large and robust enough to support a considerably large and heavy pot, so it will not give in the more you use it. Unlike its close brother, the single burner, this model comes with a steel braided hose that will last you forever. Other features include a high-pressure regulator. Altogether, this is a durable and well-designed burner for a steal of a price.


Edelmetall Brü BurnerEdelmetall Brü Burner

If you don’t want to go all out, but you still want a great stove, then this Edelmetall Brü burner is what you need. It is made using copper and stainless steel, so it is a pretty good-looking burner. It doesn’t have adjustable legs, but it comes with an optional stand to bring it up to height.

The burner is sturdy and can adequately accommodate a large pot since it was specially designed for brewing. One of the reasons why this burner is excellent for both outdoor cooking and brewing is because it has an adjustable diameter. It can extend up to 19 inches and as small as you want. This allows you to place any size of pot or grill on it, and it will work just fine.

It gives 72,000 BTUs of power, which is more than you could need for whatever you are cooking. It guarantees to get you from zero to full power in negligible time. It has a precision needle valve that allows you to make any adjustments that you need while preventing boil-overs.

Everything about the Brü burner screams high-quality, but you should be aware of a few issues. While the manufacturers promise that the frame is made from genuine copper, you may experience some peeling. It is most likely from the high heat and shouldn’t be a big problem. Other than that, you can expect an excellent burner for anything you want it to do. It gives a clean blue flame and doesn’t consume too much gas.


Blichmann Engineering HellfireBlichmann Engineering Hellfire

Just as its name suggests, this is one hell of a burner and perfect for all your brewing and primary outdoor cooking. When it was released, it was the first brewing burner, but even after so much time, it is still one of the best propane burners you can get.

The Hellfire will give you 140,000 BTUs, which is a lot, so it is best if you get it for heavy-duty cooking and brewing. It has a very sturdy stainless steel design with an excellent tuning knob to allow you to control the heat. It doesn’t come with adjustable legs since it is a floor burner, so it is only about nine inches tall.

It has a power-saving feature that gives you 50% power and 80,000 BTUs, which is still really high. You can heat a large pot on the burner, and you shouldn’t have any issues.

The heating frame is adjustable, and while it is created with a diameter of 15 inches, which can support a large pot, you can extend it by about another four inches. It has high customer satisfaction, so if you want to invest in an awesome burner, this might be it.

The model is designed for outdoor use for safety reasons, so it is best that you don’t use it indoors. It comes with a clip-on heat shield, which makes it easier to cook outdoors. You can also install removable leg stands if you would like it higher, but these are not provided in the purchase.


Northern Brewer Dark Star 2.0 Propane BurnerNorthern Brewer Dark Star 2.0 Propane Burner

This is a much smaller, less sturdy burner that is suitable for camping, outdoor cooking, and brewing up to 15 gallons. It gives 65,000 BTUs of power, which allows you to boil about five gallons in 20 minutes. It is a lightweight unit compared to the first ones on this list, so it is better if you are looking for something less serious.

It is made using stainless steel to protect it against rust and has a generally sturdy build, so although it is lightweight, it is made to support a heavy pot. The pot support is large enough at 16 inches, but it is made in a way that it can accommodate a smaller pot. The base is circular just like the top, which is held by some support stands. It measures about 13 inches high, but due to the round bottom, you can comfortably stand it on a table. However, due to the circular design, ensuring that it is steady on uneven ground may be difficult.

Included in the package is a durable hose and propane regulator as well as a six-inch windscreen since it is made for outdoor cooking. It is easy to set up with almost zero effort, but if you have any issues, it comes with a detailed manual for that. It is important to note that while it is very well-made, you should expect the paint to peel off as you use it, but since it is stainless steel, you shouldn’t have any issues with rust.


Bayou Classic SP10 Single BurnerBayou Classic SP10 Single Burner

This is the perfect mid-sized single burner that won’t occupy too much space in your trunk and does what you need it to do. It is a high-quality high-pressure cooker that was made for all your outdoor cooking needs.

The build is excellent quality as you would expect from all the Bayou burners. It is made from heavy gauge steel and has one continuous heavy-duty frame, which makes it almost indestructible. The connection areas are made using brass, so it will last you ages without any issues.

Unlike many models, this burner is painted using a unique, high-heat paint, so it doesn’t peel as fast. The stove comes with a stainless steel braided 48-inch hose and a regulator that is flexible and durable. A regulator is also included in the package. It has a three-legged stand that measures about nine inches, but it is not extendable. The three-legged design makes it ultra-steady so that tipping is almost impossible.

Other than the sturdy build, it is an overall powerful burner that gives an excellent 60,000 BTUs that will heat your pot in just a few minutes. The stove is easily adjustable, so you don’t have to take all the 60,000 BTUs of heat. It has a built-in flame screen that protects the flame adequately unless there is extreme wind.

The actual burner is centrally placed, so cleaning is made easier since all the parts are accessible, and in case of any spillage, the food won’t get on the stove. It comes with a regulator and a stainless steel, braided, high- quality hose.


Concord 16-Inch Banjo Single BurnerConcord 16-Inch Banjo Single Burner

This single burner was made for someone looking for a heavy-duty stove for a lot of heavy outdoor cooking or brewing. It has one of the most robust builds and will last you years as nothing can bring it down.

It is the perfect partner if you love camping or heavy cooking in your yard. The joints are extremely clean and sturdy, so it can support a huge and heavy pot. The design is really simple, so setting it up will take you a minute, and cleaning is even faster. The burner itself is sturdy and has a rugged feel, but it is well-done to ensure that you get a beautiful blue flame. It has a heat shield that is well set up for protecting the fire against strong winds.

Since it is a heavy duty burner, it gives you up to 200,000 BTUs of power, which is adequate if cooking for a group of people. It can support up to 400 pounds on the 16-inch stand, so if you are a serious brewer, this should suit your needs. The legs are detachable and extend up to 29 inches, which is a good height even without extensions.

The burner stand is coated with what is described as all-weather paint, but you should still expect some peeling, so you may want to do some pre-burning to get that out of the way. It is made for outdoor cooking only and is not advisable to use it indoors.

It comes with a 20psi regulator and a long hose, which is, unfortunately, made from rubber, so it is not the most durable. However, you can always find a no-leak replacement.


Basecamp Single BurnerBasecamp Single Burner

This is an excellent burner that is heavy-duty but comes with a much lower price tag than you would imagine. It has a simplistic design since it is meant to be rugged, but it can be the perfect partner for all your camping and other outdoor adventures.

It is made from heavy cast iron so that it can support any weight you put on it. The joints are very sturdy, so you can use it even on uneven ground, and it is unlikely to cause a spillover. The actual burner is also well-made from cast iron and is guaranteed to give you a clean blue flame. It, however, doesn’t have a windscreen, so you may want to have one of your own to protect the fire.

The cooking surface is nothing special, just a simple 10-inch square frame, so it can support relatively large pots. The BTU isn’t specified, but it lights up just like your average burner, so it is perfect for cooking and not so much on the brewing part. It stands at only six inches off the ground, so if you don’t want to go so low, you may want to use it as a tabletop burner.

Unfortunately, the unit doesn’t ship with a hose and regulator, which explains the price. However, you can get an excellent adjustable regulator and hose online, which is a good thing because then, you can go for a durable steel-braided hose.


Gas ONE 200,000 BTU Square Heavy- Duty Single BurnerGas ONE 200,000 BTU Square Heavy- Duty Single Burner

Gas One has some of the best propane burners, and this model is no different. It is an adequately thick stainless steel, sturdy burner with a black coating. This ensures that it has excellent heat resistance, so it is unlikely that you will burn yourself from touching the surface.

The actual burner is made of cast iron, and it is enormous to supply the incredible 200,000 BTUs. It has a 16-inch square cooking surface that enables it to support huge pots. The stand is strong and durable, so it can adequately carry the pots without bending. It is only about 12 inches high, which is excellent in ensuring that there are no accidents.

The design is pretty simple, and you can set it up in just a few minutes. Also, cleaning is a breeze. It is made in such a manner that in case of spillages, you can be surer that it will fall on the floor and not the burner. Unlike most models, the regulator on this unit is built-in, which makes it convenient to adjust, and it is leak-proof.

Boiling a 7-pound pot should take 10 minutes or fewer thanks to that awesome power. The flame is protected by a windscreen, but, unfortunately, it is so small that you will need back up. Also, the hose you get with this unit is made of rubber which isn’t durable, so if you plan on using this unit a lot, you will need to get a more durable one.


Camp Chef Maximum Output Single Cooker StoveCamp Chef Maximum Output Single Cooker Stove

Camp Chef is another winner when it comes to outdoor cooking, so this maximum output single cooker is excellent. It is made for smaller groups of people since it can’t handle as much as many burners on this list, but it does its job entirely.

It has a very sturdy design, which makes it stable for most places, especially if it isn’t too rugged. It comes with detachable and adjustable legs to bring it up to height, but if you prefer it, you can use it as a tabletop model. The burner itself is made of aluminum, which enables it to heat quickly, while the outer frame is made from thick steel.

You get a powerful 60,000 BTUs with this unit, which is adequate for all manner of outdoor cooking. The best thing about Camp Chef stoves is that you can get any of the accessories to diversify your cooking. The heat control knob is easily adjustable to give you full control when preparing meals. For this model, you have access to their grill and broil boxes or a pizza stove if you would like some delicious pizza.

The cooking area is about 14 inches in size, which enables it to accommodate a large pot. It heats up pretty well, so its performance outdoors is excellent. The burner has a windscreen to protect the flame, and the screen has a couple of small holes to allow air circulation, so you get a beautiful clean flame.

Included in the package are a high-pressure regulator and a three-foot rubber hose that you can replace with a better quality one.


King Kooker CS14 Portable Propane BurnerKing Kooker CS14 Portable Propane Burner

The CS14 is excellent for all types of cooking without using up too much space in your trunk. It has a good design that allows you to cook without hassle, and cleaning is even more comfortable. While it has a straightforward design, it is an excellent burner as you are about to see.

It is made from durable steel and painted, which, just like any other burner, you should expect that it will peel. It has adjustable legs which although they are not removable; they are very steady thanks to the flat base. The burner is well constructed to give you a clean flame, and it is protected by a windscreen placed at the top. It does an excellent job of shielding the flame, but you may need something different for strong winds.

With the CS14, you should expect at least 54,000 BTUs of power. It is made for all types of outdoor cooking and grilling. If you are a brewer, you can use it for brewing but may need to have a smaller pot of no more than 10 gallons since it wasn’t specially made for that purpose.

The will heat your pot quite fast, so you need to regulate your heat to avoid burning. Just like most burners, it comes with a regulator and hose. The hose is quite flimsy, but finding a replacement is easy. An extra inclusion is a cooking thermometer, so you’ll have a better handle on regulating the heat of your food.


Bayou Classic SS84 Stainless Steel Brew StoveBayou Classic SS84 Stainless Steel Brew Stove

The SS84 is a simple, straight forward, lightweight burner that is excellent for outdoor cooking and camping. It is rather small, so it uses up less space in your trunk, but it is the only burner that you will need when out and about.

It is made from cast aluminum and is not painted, which is a relief if you hate having to preborn your stove before using it. It is a rugged unit with no special features, but it does the job correctly. It also has a square cooking surface, so it is suitable for flat base pots and pans.

The burner can support up to 100 quarts of liquid, so it is a decent burner for small to medium brewing and cooking. The stove is well-constructed to give you a clean blue flame, and though it doesn’t have a built-in windscreen, a 360-degree model is provided in the package.

It stands at only 13 inches tall, which is excellent since it ensures that the burner is very stable. The cooking area measures 16 inches for large pots. It gives only 59,000 BTUs of power, which although it isn’t the highest, you will find it is enough for your average cooking.

It is an ideal stove for anyone who isn’t too interested in features but need a simple working burner. It also ships with a 10psi regulator and a stainless steel braided hose.


Eastman Outdoors Portable Kahuna BurnerEastman Outdoors Portable Kahuna Burner

If you are looking for a more specialized burner for your pots and woks, then the Kahuna burner is what you need. It has an excellent design that is perfect for holding pots, kettles, and woks that don’t have a flat base. So, if you like Chinese wok cooking, this is the burner for you.

It is quite small in size, which makes it perfect for when you are traveling. Despite its small size, it packs a lot of heat, giving 65,000 BTUs. It heats your pot quite fast, so cooking is done in less time, and you will use less propane in the process.

The legs are 18 inches long, but they are adjustable, so you can quickly get it to 26 inches, and they are also removable for portability. The cooking surface is also adjustable, and it can support small pots to large ones up to 18 inches. However, it is not very sturdy, so it is a bad idea to place anything too heavy on it.

One unique feature about the burner is that it has clean burning, which guarantees that it burns up to 75% cleaner than other stoves. It also uses less propane, so it is more economical. The burner comes with a standard regulator and a rubber hose.