The 11 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

The motorcycle mystique is usually based around freedom, power, and flexibility. This is not usually a concept that includes a safe haven for your cellphone, however – and unfortunately, phones have grown too valuable to be risked every time we hit a bump in the road.

Surely, the safest place to stow away your lifeline would be a zipped pocket inside a thick, armored jacket. That would place any phone calls, music options, and GPS-guided detours or alerts away from your reach. And that’s without accounting for the harsh choices that will be forced upon you on a hot day!

If you are not willing to stop on the side of the road every time you need to recalculate the distance to the closest gas or ice cream station, then you need to invest in a good motorcycle phone mount. While most roadside shops have smartphone mounts for less than $10, a lot of them are actually designed for scooters or bikes – and will not protect $500 worth of electronics.

Think of a proper smartphone mount as an extra insurance policy, which will allow you push the boundaries you’re truly eager to smash, but that can’t be trusted to a cheap, untested piece of plastic.

Here are the 11 best Motorycle phone mounts.

ILM Heavy Premium Aluminum Motorcycle Phone MountILM Heavy Premium Aluminum Motorcycle Phone Mount

Main material: Aluminum and stainless steel

Compatibility: Phone screens up to 3.7 inches wide (includes most smartphones and phablets), handlebars between 3/1-inch and 1 3/8-inch

The sturdy construction of the ILM Heavy Premium mount is ideal for fans of sports motorcycles who are used to driving around gravel and uneven terrain. The main structure is made from aluminum, but joints and crews are all from stainless steel. This goes a long way at keeping the mount light without risking any brittleness.

Originally, ILM tested this model using Harley Davidson bikes and riders to better ensure the structure can resist changes in speed and incline without snapping. This model also allows seamless 360-degree rotation, and a couple of additional screws can be loosened or tightened as needed. It all depends on whether you want to be able to change the position quickly or prefer everything to stay in place.


Roam Co-Pilot PremiumRoam Co-Pilot Premium

Main material: Hard plastic and silicone

Compatibility: Phones up to 3.5 inches wide (which may leave some larger phablets out), handlebars between 7/8-inch to 1 ¼-inch thick

The Roam Co-Pilot chose to let go of the sturdiness of heavy metals in order to favor flexibility and shock absorption. This is a case ideal for off-roaders or even those who live in the least-manicured parts of the suburbs. The stretchy silicone holding the sides of the phone will let the bike bounce without allowing anything to get loose. In addition to flexible corners, this mount also added to extra points of grip at each side, which provides an extra layer of physical security that never goes amiss.

The overall construction is therefore light but durable. It should be highlighted, however, that even though this mount can serve one of the widest ranges of handlebar sizes, it doesn’t really accommodate clip-on style handlebars. Therefore, sport bike owners should either choose a different model or consider an extra adapter.


LEXIN Mtb03 Big Motorcycle CaseLEXIN Mtb03 Big Motorcycle Case

Main material: Composite

Compatibility: Phones up to 6.3 inches of diagonal length, and handlebars between 15 to 30 mm

At first, the Mtb03 appears to resemble a sports armband a little too closely, which is why many would overlook it if they were to encounter it at a brick-and-mortar store. However, the sleeve-construction is equipped with a powerful magnet that will keep it firmly on top of your bike or motorbike. This also makes it very easy to adapt for sports models, dirt bikes, and even snowmobiles.

The proprietary composite material offers full protection from weather and rain but still manages to keep a cool construction that will prevent overheating or steam buildup close to the screen. In addition, it is very easy to install and provides extra safety for city riders, who need non-flashy ways to protect their valuables.


Caw Car Metal Phone MountCaw Car Metal Phone Mount

Main material: Heavy duty metal, plastic, and silicone

Compatibility: Phones up to 3.5 inches wide, handlebars between 0.2-inch to 1.9-inch, specially designed for Harley motorbikes

This supremely rugged yet attractive phone mount offers the best of each possible material by combining them all. Most of it is made from “unbreakable metal,” which is a difficult-to-verify term, but so far, it has resisted all tests. It also has improved the weight and stability with a couple of cleverly-placed silicone bands and plastic clips. These will absorb most of the shock that could damage your phone while traversing rocky paths and slippery roads. Behind the clip, a resilient and smooth wheel will offer you a full-circle rotation, which will ensure you make the most of any light conditions without straining your neck.

Despite the initially higher price tag, this is the kind of phone mount meant to last you for several phones in a row. This is why the manufacturer offers a good replacement and warranty policy, although judging from the reviews, very few people have needed to use it.


RAM Mounts Universal X-grip CellRAM Mounts Universal X-grip Cell

Main material: Rust-proof composite

Compatibility: Phones between 1.8 and 3.25 inches

Elegant with a tinge of badass, the RAM X-grip universal Cell Mount offers durability and weather protection alike. Its unique design hides a set of springs behind the cradle that will improve stability on any road conditions, and keep everything firmly in place when changing gears too rapidly.

It is also highly customizable; RAM Mounts offers a series of proprietary arms and sockets meant to fit any dirt or sports motorbike available. Some of these may require an initial installation, but once the basics are well-secured, you will gain the opportunity to perform quick rotations and permanent accessibility.

If equipped with its device tether, it will also protect the screen from sun glare and water, allowing GPS-fueled explorers the opportunity to keep an eye on the road ahead without distracting themselves from the road they’re on.

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Bestrix Universal Phone MountBestrix Universal Phone Mount

Main material: Silicone

Compatibility: Any phones up to 5.7 inches in diagonal length

Not all motorcycle riders are hitting the countryside on a weekly basis, but city riders and commuters are sometimes even more eager to invest in a practical phone mount. If you want to prioritize maneuverability and ease of access rather than the ability to withstand a race, then this Bestrix model will offer all the basics you need at a very affordable price.

The minimalistic design skips on most of the heavy screws preferred by sports bikers, but keeps almost the entire phone screen, buttons, fingerprint reader, and even the audio jack; you will be able to adjust everything easily on any corner, without having to remove the phone from its mount.

In addition, this model switches easily between portrait and landscape modes. If you are exploring a new city and need to keep an eye on the navigator, you will be able to adjust it without risking your neck.


SCOSCHE PSM 11017 TerraclampSCOSCHE PSM 11017 Terraclamp

Main material: Stainless steel

Compatibility: Phones up to 3.7 inches wide and square or tubular handlebars between ¾ inches to 1/14 inches in diameter.

This is a deluxe high-performance option for those who never want to replace their phone mount again. Combining this degree of durability with a largely unobtrusive and minimalistic design was probably no easy feat, but fortunately for SCOSCHE, the investment turned out to be a success.

Rather than rely on silicon band and springs to absorb shock, the Terraclamp has opted for a much stronger neodymium magnet. This rare metal offers a tight grip for smartphones, tablets, and any GPS-powered device, but should not be used with any older hard-drive-based iPod.

Two different metal plates are available, depending on whether you need to maximize lightness or support. These plates can even be installed directly under the cellphone, inside any rubber case you may be fond of. If you need to be able to simply place your phone on a handlebar and be ready to go, then the Terraclamp offers the technology you need.

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IPOW Handlebar CradleIPOW Handlebar Cradle

Main material: Steel and ABS plastic

Compatibility: Any phone between 2.3 and 3.5 inches (which includes any iPhone between 5 and X and all S-series Samsung), tubular handlebars between 0.6-inch and 1.1-inch diameter

Unbreakable metal edges meet flexible plastic on the IPOW Handlebar Cradle, a tenderly-named phone mount that aims to provide a soothing resting place for your smartphone and the lifesaving information it contains. The main grip area is discreetly shaped like an arc, a smart move that ensures nothing will snap even when subjected to blunt perpendicular force. Two additional silicon bands improve the grip without interfering with the screen or the audio jack.

The ball joint, stem, and base mount are all made from metal, however; this is not only more resistant, but, let’s face it, it also looks better. The joint is also smooth and well-oiled enough to offer glitch-free, full circle rotations.


iOttie Active Edge Bar MountiOttie Active Edge Bar Mount

Main materials: Plastic composite

Compatibility: Devices between 2 ¼ inches and 3 inches wide or up to 6 inches long

Speed lovers tend to be on a rush even when their motorcycles are parked, and, naturally, do not want to waste any time securing their phone or battling with sleeves or cases either. The Active Edge by iOttie was designed with them in mind. Not only is it light and neat, but it also features two adjustable arms that can quickly adapt to a wide array of phone sizes and allow quick adjustments when you need them – while also preventing any drops when you don’t.

The three-point construction is unobtrusive and keeps the screen clear from any interference or shade but still manages to provide support on all the high-pressure points. It can also house devices with cases, which results in additional time savings.


Mongoora Bike Phone MountMongoora Bike Phone Mount

Main materials: Silicone and metal

Compatibility: Any phone up to 3.7 inches wide and handlebars with a diameter up to 1.3 inches

The Mongoora is bright, unapologetic, and flexible, which would have been enough to earn it a spot on any best-of list. However, it is also incredibly budget-friendly, as Mongoora has built a reputation on accessibility and reliability rather than branding. That takes twice the effort, but it passes at least three times as many rewards onto the customer.

The clip and ballpoint are made from good, solid steel. Plastic handlebars keep the weight and the costs at a reasonable threshold and act as a great main structure for a silicon net band that simultaneously secures and absorbs movement. Each package comes with three nets in black, red, and lime green, so whether you want it to match your outfit, your mood, or the bike itself, you should always be covered.


MOB Armor Switch MagneticMOB Armor Switch Magnetic

Main material: 5052 aluminum alloy

Compatibility: Phones up to 3.5 inches wide, any size of clip-on handlebars

High-quality and high-tech may seem like mere buzzwords, but if you are truly seeking to ensure your phone will survive an accident or an abrupt stop at the hands of a treacherous fellow driver (or a sly red light), then phone armor does not constitute and extravagance.

Made primarily from a high-grade, industrial aluminum alloy but hiding a soft rubber casing beneath and EVA foam, the MOB Armor Switch is exactly what you need to protect your contacts, calendar, navigation, and questionable texts while you try to dodge your way between urban traffic. The twist lock offers 360 degrees of rotation, with discreet locking points every 30 degrees. This simple improvement offers clockwork-worthy precision to your phone’s position and ensures steady views in both landscape and portrait mode.

To make this small marvel of tiny engineering even cooler, it’s available in seven different colors, which range from the classic shiny black, steel, and white to pastel blue and highly visible orange.


What is a good phone mount?

Any phone mount will keep your smartphone somewhere visible and within arm’s reach while you cruise through the roads. A good phone mount, on the other hand, will keep it in place while driving at high speeds and along bumpy side roads alike. Ideally, it should also keep most of the screen visible and maneuverable. Finally, although the mount’s purpose may be all about your phone, you also want something that will protect itself from bouncy trips, the weather, and wear and tear.

These characteristics can be provided across different models and materials. Some will also provide extra storage space for small valuables or protection from inclement weather. You will also want to double check both your motorbike and your phone specs: in addition to fitting around your handlebars, keep an eye for how and how much cellphone it can hold. Depending on the model, size specs may account for width or for the screen’s full diagonal length.