The 10 Best Motorcycle Locks

You’ve invested a lot in your new motorcycle, so it would only make sense for you to purchase a sturdy motorcycle lock, right? The best motorcycle lock is one that will make it hard for a thief to get away with your precious bike. It can significantly reduce the chances of your bike being stolen whether you are at home or on the road.

To say that a motorcycle lock is an essential bike accessory would be an obvious statement. In the United States, motorcycle theft cases increased by 6% from 2014 to 2015. California has the highest number of reported motorcycle theft, but no matter where you live, a nice new bike can make an appealing target.

One point to remember before you read about the 10 best motorcycle locks: these vital accessories won’t give you a 100% assurance that your motorcycle won’t be stolen. Even the best motorcycle locks cannot prevent the most determined thieves from picking up your bike and carrying it off. But it pays to invest in a motorcycle lock as it can make it harder for thieves to execute their plans.

So, are you ready to know the 10 best motorcycle locks today? Continue reading to find out more, and if you need more details, check out our quick buying guide at the end.

MYSBIKER Disc Brake LockMYSBIKER Disc Brake Lock

Made from alloy aluminum, this anti-theft motorcycle alarm disc lock is waterproof and so remains useful even during the rainy days. It features a 110-decibel alarm and a 6-foot long disc lock reminder cable. By securing the disc brake, it virtually immobilizes the motorcycle.

To use, simply slide the cable around a lever and slide the other end inside the lock’s mouth. Then, align the pin on the lock with a lock on the rotor and push the lock in place.

A key feature of this disc brake lock is the alarm, which automatically activates upon sensing vibration or shock. So, in case someone touches your motorcycle, you will automatically know because you will likely hear the 110-decibel alarm. There is also a lock reminder attached to the brake or clutch lever so that you will know when to remove the lock.

This disc brake lock is strong and durable, as it is made from forged stainless steel. It is further secured by a 14 mm double-locking and carbide-reinforced locking pin. And because it is waterproof, you can use the lock even during the rainy season.

The lock makes use of six small batteries. The manufacturer also throws in six extra batteries in the package. There are also three copies of the lock key included in the package to distribute to other riders or keep safe in case you lose one.

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BigPantha Motorcycle LockBigPantha Motorcycle Lock

This motorcycle lock can secure the grip, throttle, or brake of your motorcycle. It is fast and simple to use, which bodes well for busy motorcycle owners like you.

This motorcycle lock can be secure in less than five seconds. You can close the claw so that the first grip will clasp the throttle and the second grip, the front brake lever. Or you can use it to lock the left hand of the bike by clasping the handlebar and the clutch. You then lock the device shut by using the included key. This handlebar grip lock works on motorcycles with grips of up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

You won’t need a reminder cable at all with this motorcycle lock as it fits on the handlebar. You will have to take it off before speeding off with your bike.

This handlebar grip lock is built to last. It is also easy to carry around, weighing only 1 pound and meaning that you can put it in your pocket or shoulder bag. It also comes with a grip lock holster.

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Kryptonite Evolution Series 4Kryptonite Evolution Series 4

This motorcycle lock is made from 14 mm hardened steel shackle that can withstand most cutter attacks. It features a double deadbolt locking mechanism for superior holding power. The shackle is wide enough to fit most discs on bikes. There might be even enough space for you to add a chain.

This cable/chain lock is designed to be slid through the rotor of a motorcycle. Lightweight at around 1.5 pounds, it is small and thus easy to carry around. You can easily store this under the seat of your ride.

It comes with three keys, one of which has a high-intensity bulb for convenient use at night. This lock is easy to put on and take off. The lock mechanism is also easily accessible, which makes putting it on and taking it off a breeze.

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Master Lock 8303DPSMaster Lock 8303DPS

This is a disc brake lock that has been getting a lot of positive reviews online. It is a universal lock that can secure any motorcycle as long as there are holes in the brake rotor. It is easy to use as you only have to push a button to lock your motorcycle in place.

The lock comes with a removal reminder, a brightly colored 6-foot cord that you can attach to the handlebars so that you will not mistakenly start the motorcycle and attempt to speed off with it. Made of zinc steel that resists rust, the lock has a robust cylinder and shackle that can withstand picking and cutting. There are three keys included in the package.

This lock is compact, lightweight, and easy to store. It measures 5.6 x 1.4 x 6 inches and weighs less than 16 ounces. It is small enough to be put under the seat or in a backpack.


Tektalk LED Bike LockTektalk LED Bike Lock

A top-rated motorcycle lock, this model is made from braided steel cables that are cut-resistant and durable. The cables are protected by vinyl coating to prevent it from scratching your motorcycle. The lock cylinder is solidly built as well.

Unlocking it requires inputting a four-digit combination which offers thousands of possibilities. It would take a while for thieves to guess your nominated number combination correctly. You can also reset the number combination from time to time to reduce risks of thieves correctly guessing the combination.

This illuminated cable lock features a bright LED light that comes in handy at night. With it, you should be able to see the numbers of the lock even when it is dark. It is a convenient feature that eliminates the need to use your cellphone when unlocking or locking a motorcycle.

The locking cable has a length of 3 feet. It can also be used in securing other items, such as skateboards, grills, hand trucks, gates, and fences.

Compact in size, this lock can be transported easily in a backpack or bag.


Yohoolyo Disc Lock AlarmYohoolyo Disc Lock Alarm

This motorcycle lock is easy to use. You simply have to slide it in the disc brake and press it to lock. There are two keys included that you can use to unlock it.

It has an integrated alarm that makes it a practical choice if you always park your motorbike outside. The alarm makes three long beeps with a noise level of up to 110-decibels when someone touches your motorcycle. The noise is loud enough for you to hear it from afar. When a thief tries to tamper with it, the alarm will continue and at longer intervals. The alarm is also designed to scare off potential thieves.

Its locking pin measures 7 mm and can be adjusted up to 360 degrees. It can be disassembled in any position. It fits most motorcycles and scooters from top brands. There is also a reminder cable included in the package. It measures 5 feet long.

The lock itself is small and lightweight. It measures 7 x 5 x 1.6 inches and weighs around 8 ounces. Again, this is the type of motorcycle lock that should fit easily under the motorcycle seat or inside a backpack.

It is strong and sturdy as it is made from aluminum alloy. There are also built-in batteries in the alarm, plus the package comes with six extra pieces of batteries.

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Master Lock 8291DPSMaster Lock 8291DPS

This 3-foot long chain lock is highly rated because of its durability. It is cut and pick-resistant. The chain is made of steel and is square-link to resist cutting. There is also a nylon cover protecting the equipment, plus a disc key that makes the lock pick-resistant.

The length of the chain lock is enough to catch the rear wheel, frame, and standard street anchor. Three keys are included. A key code is stamped on each key. You can have those codes registered with Master Lock so that in case you lose all three keys, getting a replacement will be a breeze. The keyhole of the lock is also covered to prevent water and other elements from damaging it.

This chain lock is built solidly but is flexible enough to be wrapped around the bar under the bike seat. It is also lightweight at around 1 pound. Overall, this is a well-made, easy-to-use, and practical solution for keeping your motorcycle secure.

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UShake Bicycles U LockUShake Bicycles U Lock

Don’t let the name of the product fool you as this is also appropriate for use in motorcycles. It is a heavy-duty, easy-to-use, and keys-free lock that can secure your motorcycle and scooter. It is made of 14 mm hard zinc alloy that can resist leverage and cutter attacks. There is also a PVC coating about 4 mm thick that protects the lock from scratching.

This is a lock that you may want to consider if you are worried about forgetting your keys. You can set a combination of up to five numbers in this lock, further minimizing the slim chances that thieves will be able to guess it correctly.

The lock features smooth turning dials so that you can easily set or input the correct number combination. There is a nice, audible click every time you turn a number to guide you in inputting the number combination. It is also possible to change the number combinations with this lock.


SIGTUNA Chain LocksSIGTUNA Chain Locks

Here’s a top-rated motorcycle lock with a budget-friendly price. This lock is made of 9 mm chain link constructed from manganese steel. It can resist most cutting attacks with its high tensile strength.

The chain lock is not the only impressive feature of this product. It also has a 360 locking bolt mechanism that offers superior protection against attacks. The lock has a protective sleeve made of nylon to protect your motorcycle paintwork. Three keys are included, while the keyhole cover is designed to protect the locking mechanism against dirt and corrosion. The three keys included in the package give you peace of mind knowing that you have two backups just in case you lose the main key.

The chain is 3 feet long and fits most motorcycle frames to poles and fences. The length is also enough to cover two sets of tires. While it is long, the chain is compact enough to be stored underneath the motorcycle seat.

Additionally, the manufacturer backs up this lock with a three-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. This is certainly one of the best motorcycle locks today.


Acekit Veison Brake Disc LockAcekit Veison Brake Disc Lock

Rounding out our list is this durable and easy to operate brake disc lock from Veison, which has more than three decades experience in designing and manufacturing locks. It is sturdy, lightweight, and can be operated with one hand. It also features an innovative lock core to enhance its resistance against prying and cutting attacks. This brake disc lock is compatible with most motorcycles.

This brake lock is easy to use. Simply slide it in the disc brake and press it to lock. There are three keys that you can keep and use for unlocking it. The brake lock also comes with a reminder cable so you that won’t forget to remove it first before trying to speed off with your ride. Moreover, it is hard to forget that the lock is on because of its bright green color.

It has an enhanced lock core that enhances its strength and security. Suffice it to say, it would be very hard for thieves to tamper with this lock using traditional cutting tools. The lock itself is waterproof and should be able to withstand the elements year-round.


Different Kinds of Motorcycle Locks

Motorcycle locks come in different forms, such as:

  • Ground anchor – this could be the best anti-theft device that you could get for your motorcycle. As the name suggests, it chains the motorcycle to the ground making it harder if not impossible for the bad guys to steal your ride. The lock may be mounted on the ground or a wall.
  • Brake disc lock – also known as a chain lock, it clamps onto the disc brake and virtually immobilizes the motorcycle. There is usually a reminder cable that comes with it so that the user will not forget that the motorcycle is locked.
  • Handlebar grip lock – fitting into the handlebars of the motorcycle, this type of lock is easy to take off and put on. It grips the clutch so that the motorcycle cannot be put into gear and set into motion.
  • U shackle lock— this type of motorcycle lock is lightweight, compact, and easy to store. It has a flat base that you need to roll into the front tire. A large steel shackle is then bolted to the base to secure the motorcycle. As a result, the motorcycle cannot be pushed or driven away

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Motorcycle Lock

When choosing a motorcycle lock, consider the following factors:

  • Material.This is undeniably the top consideration when shopping for a motorcycle lock. Look for a motorcycle lock that is made of hardened steel or metal alloy. It also helps if the motorcycle lock has an alarm to scare off the thieves.
  • Locking mechanism. Motorcycle locks have different locking mechanisms. Some are secured to the wheels, while others are secured to static items like poles. Some render bikes immobile by securing the handlebars.
  • Ease of use. A motorcycle lock may be able to secure your ride, but if it takes a while to put on and take off, then it can be a major nuisance. Consider getting a lock with an LED light, as this can make it easier for you to lock and unlock at night.
  • Resistance. Motorcycles are exposed to the elements when parked outdoors. So, motorcycle locks made of low-grade materials may not be able to withstand much abuse from the weather. It is best to buy a motorcycle lock made of high-quality, waterproof, and rust-resistant materials.
  • Reminder cable. If you are planning to get a brake disc lock, be sure that it comes with a reminder cable, which typically attaches to the handlebars. This will remind you to remove the lock before trying to speed off.