The 20 Best Indoor Bike Racks

Many people still decide to leave their bike on the street, a choice that should be done only in emergencies. A much safer alternative is to take it inside, but who even has enough space for their mechanical friend?

Let us introduce you to one convenient option: bike racks. With an indoor bike rack, you can easily store a pair of bikes in an otherwise crowded garage. If you decide to store your bicycle in your apartment rather than your garage, you will be pleased to hear that this list also contains models that are home-friendly. We’ve included many different models, but they are all the same in one aspect: they are built to last. You will not encounter anything we would not buy for ourselves.

These are the best indoor bike racks you can buy. And with such a variety, we are sure you will find at least one that suits your needs.

Delta Michelangelo Canaletto Two Four Bike Gravity StandDelta Michelangelo Canaletto Two Four Bike Gravity Stand

We will start this list with a bike gravity stand made by Delta Cycle. This is a simple model to use, as there are no attachments, and drilling is not required; just lean it against the wall. The arms are infinitely adjustable, allowing you to fit any bike you desire.

The stand is finished with premium silver coating, which makes it more durable. Rubber bumpers are included to protect the wall. And to make sure bike stays fixed in place, there are also rubber arm sleeves. The dimensions of this gravity stand are 83 x 19.75 x 16 inches, and the maximum weight it can hold is 80 pounds (35 kg). If you need a bigger model, there is also 4-bike stand available.

This is an amazing stand that combines simplicity with ease of use very successfully. We highly recommend it.


Feedback Sports RAKKFeedback Sports RAKK

Next, we have a great bike stand made by Feedback Sports. The RAKK has a minimalistic design that is not detrimental to the user. Quite the contrary. The rack features a spring-loaded arm that can easily hold the front or rear wheel without any risk of scratching it. It is able to hold between 20 and 29-inch wheels and up to 2.4-inch wide bike tires.

The base measures 13.5 x 16 inches and weighs only 6 pounds, making it very portable. When folded, the height of the stand is only 3.2 inches. The RAKK is available in black, silver, and white finishes. With its affordable price and high-quality base, it is not hard to see why this model is so popular. It is ideal for homes or offices.


Racor - Ceiling-Mounted Bike LiftRacor – Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift

Another solid model comes from Racor. This bike rack features a pulley system that reduces its weight by 8 times the normal amount. This is an excellent method if you don’t have much extra space or just want your bike to fit beautifully in your room. A bicycle will be completely safe resting in its high-quality locking mechanism. And when you want to ride your bike, the mechanism unlocks easily. No ladders are needed.

Racor’s bike rack can hold 50 pounds of weight. Some assembly is required, though, as it installs into a ceiling. Its durability is ensured with solid steel construction. The rack dimensions are 10.25 x 5.12 x 3.5 inches. All of the components have a black finish.

All in all, if you are looking to store your bike indoors, and, at the same time, don’t have that much space, this model is a godsend.


Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Bike Wall HangerIbera Horizontal Bicycle Bike Wall Hanger

The designers at Ibera created this is a hook-like bike holder that mounts in a wall at a 45° angle. To keep your bike leveled, you can adjust the angle further. The weight limit on this model is 40 pounds, which should be enough for any street or off-road bike.

The Wall Hanger is made out of aluminum, which makes it incredibly durable and safe to use. The arm hangers are padded with ABS to keep your bike totally secured, and the Velcro straps hold the wheels in place. This model is designed to fit almost any bike imaginable. At a price of a mere $30, this is another model that will provide you with premium quality at an affordable price.


Racor -B-1R Solo Vertical Bike RackRacor -B-1R Solo Vertical Bike Rack

Another smartly designed vertical bike rack comes from Racor. This model features a hook and plate design that is safe for bike tires. It is made out of durable steel coated with epoxy, which can hold up to 50 pounds. This is an extremely practical rack that lets you free up your much-needed floor space. It can be easily mounted on any studded wall.

For safety, it features a security loop, and molded rubber guards are there to protect the rim from being damaged. This rack is extremely lightweight, weighing only 1 pound. You can also choose between 1-rack and 2-rack models. With this model, Racor offers a high-quality bike rack at a price of a mere $20, which is an absolute steal for the quality and convenience it provides.


Hornit CLUG Bike ClipHornit CLUG Bike Clip

Here we have what is, quite possibly, the world’s smallest bike rack, designed for when you want to keep things very simple. Hornit’s CLUG is a bike rack that will not let you (nor the bike) down. Depending on the type of bike you ride, you can choose between 3  sizes: Roadie (23-32mm), Hybrid (33-42mm), and Mountain Bike (44-55mm). The rack can be mounted easily on any type of wall, and the bike can be put on vertically or horizontally.

Although it features a minimalistic look, the rack is very durable. Installation is easy as well and goes as follows. First, find a proper section of the wall where you can install your Clug. Next, use the alignment guide on the box to precisely mark the hole spacing. Now, you will need to align the Clug with the center of your wheel, at the point where the tire touches a wall. After this, just drill the holes, and screw it up on the wall.

It’s also important to note that if you place a bike vertically, one wheel has to be on the ground. Overall, this is a solid little rack that will offer balance but can’t support your bike fully.


Bike Nook Bicycle StandBike Nook Bicycle Stand

We will continue this list with bicycle stand made by Nook. The stand employs an upright design, which saves a lot of space and is very easy to use. The rubber guards prevent the bike from accumulating scratches. This model can also be adjusted to various heights and is suitable for bikes with 18-inch wheels and above. The vertical orientation of the stand will save you 3.5 feet of space. All in all, the Nook stand will satisfy you with its quality and ease of use.


Dirza Bike RackDirza Bike Rack

Another bestseller comes from Dirza. They offer a bike rack that is very practical, as there is no assembly required whatsoever. It features a fixed hook on which you can hang and detach your bicycle in a matter of seconds. The hook includes a safety feature that prevents unwanted release and is made out of rubber to prevent scratching. The rack’s strength is proved with a maximum hanging weight of 65 pounds. That is more than enough for any type of bike. The hanger is also made to fit most sizes of bikes, as it can accommodate tires ranging from 1.75 to 2.5 inches.

At a price of $12, this rack is among the least expensive on the list. It is a uniquely designed budget hanger that will save you lots of space.


Racor - PLB-2R Gravity Bike RackRacor – PLB-2R Gravity Bike Rack

This premium 2-bike rack is another model that comes from Racor. It is lightweight and easily movable, which is always a plus. This high-quality rack is made out of vinyl coated steel, which makes it incredibly durable. The holding arms are independently adjustable to be able to fit many different types of bikes. It also features skid-free rubber guards that guarantee the safety and stability of the bikes.

Assembling the rack is incredibly easy, as it doesn’t require any tools. The assembled dimensions are 79 x 26 x 19 inches. You can also choose a 4-bike for around $150. The 2-bike rack can hold up to 100 pounds, which is more than enough. If you have more bikes you need to store inside your home, this rack is ideal for your needs.


Stalwart 75-ST6016Stalwart 75-ST6016

Why complicate when you can make something simple? That seems to be the philosophy of the designers at Stalwart. This is a sturdy bike hanger that will save you plenty of space. It is made out of premium durable steel and features soft EVA foam on the hooks, which will protect your bike from scratching on the metal.

The hanger is suitable for all types of bikes, ranging from mountain to street models. It is easy to install, and all the hardware is included. The dimensions of this hanger are 13.25 x 11.6 x 4 inches, and the weight capacity is 50 pounds. It’s important to note that this model must be mounted onto a wood stud, or else you can cause yourself some damage. This is a good model and one we gladly recommend.


Cor Surf Bike RackCor Surf Bike Rack

Next, we have a beautiful, foldable, wooden bike rack made by Cor Surf. This one blends easily with other room elements, which is an excellent plus. When its folded out, you’ll have both a rack and a little shelf, where you can put your bike helmet. The weight limit on this model is 45 pounds, and it is not suitable for full-suspension mountain bikes. It is very easy to use, though; just install 4 screws, and you are ready to go. The rack is made out of eco-friendly bamboo.

This is an ideal present for your fellow bike enthusiasts; just make sure their bike is light enough.


Play-Haus Design Indoor Bike RackPlay-Haus Design Indoor Bike Rack

Another interesting model comes from Play-Haus Design. Every rack is handcrafted in Cleveland and made out of solid wood and welded steel. This minimalistic hanger rack comes in 2 sizes: 1.5 and 2 inches, so it is important to measure your bike’s tire diameter correctly, or it may not fit. The hanger needs to be attached to a wall stud in order to hold the weight of your bicycle. The bike can be hung horizontally or vertically, and the frame is held 9 inches from the wall.

Also, you can choose the following types of wood: ash, cosmetic, walnut, red oak, and elm. All in all, this may not be a glamorous-looking rack, but it will surely fulfill its purpose.


Reliancer 2 Rack Foldable Vertical Bike RackReliancer 2 Rack Foldable Vertical Bike Rack

If you are a visual person and are looking for something stylish, this rack may be ideal for you. This is a 2-bike foldable rack that surprised us with its practicality. For safety, the rack features secure 4-point fixing. Wide rubber contact points are included to protect both your wall from marks and your wheels from scratches. The model is also foldable, which helps save space, and it will look amazing in your garage or apartment.

The dimensions are 3.5 x 1.25 x 14.2 inches. It is very easy to install, as a manual is included. The maximum hanging weight of this rack is 40 pounds, but heavier bikes can rest one wheel on the ground. This rack is also available in 4 color combinations: white/black, blue/black, orange/white, and red/black. Simply put, the Reliancer rack will definitely catch the eye of all fellow bikers.


Delta Cycle Leonardo Da VinciDelta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci

Simple but effective is the motto of the people at Delta Cycle, and it surely did not fail them here. The Leonardo Da Vinci rack can be installed simply, and a bike can be hanged in a matter of seconds. The modern design will make the hanger blend into the room or garage with ease. To keep your wall clean, there is a wall-tray included, and the rubber sleeves are there to protect your bike from scratches. The rack is able to accommodate any wheel size, and the maximum load is 40 pounds.

The Leonardo Da Vinci is available in black and white color choices. To conclude, this model is simply genius.


Steadyrack Classic Bike RackSteadyrack Classic Bike Rack

Another interesting model comes from the designers at Steadyrack. This is a more robust, high-end model. It can fit mountain, street, and hybrid bikes with tire diameters ranging from 20 to 29 inches  and up to 2.4 inches in width). With a maximum load of 77 pounds (35 kg), it can hold any bike on the market easily. The durability of the rack is ensured with steel construction and UV treated plastic. The rack also features 160-degree side-to-side swivel action for easy placement. You can also set the bike on the rack without lifting it from the ground.

With its family-friendly design, this Steadyrack models offers a solid storage solution you won’t want to miss.


JOSENI Bike RackJOSENI Bike Rack

One more simple bike rack comes from JOSENI. For a price of less than $20, you’ll get 2 high-quality hangers. For safety and support, it features solid steel construction, and the hook has a unique design that prevents accidental release. The hook is also covered with thick rubber in order to prevent scratching the rim.

The maximum hanging weight is 65 pounds, which is more than enough for most bikes. There is also a 1-rack option available ($10). The dimensions of this model are 10.2 x 3 x 5.3 inches. This is truly a solid option if you are on a budget.


LifeStore Adjustable Bike RackLifeStore Adjustable Bike Rack

No, this is not a coat hanger. Coastal Provision offers a great foldable rack that can be adjusted to hold any bike frame. It features solid steel construction, and as such, is extremely durable. The bike hooks are coated with premium soft rubber, which protects the frame and provides additional stability. It is easy to install and should be put into a wood stud. This model supports up to 40 pounds of weight, and so is suitable for lightweight bicycles. It’s most Ideal for commuter bikes.


2024 RAD Cycle Aluminum Bike Stand2024 RAD Cycle Aluminum Bike Stand

Next, we have one more premium model coming from RAD Cycle Products. This is a unique rack because it secures to the ceiling. It can hold 2 bicycles, making it ideal for shops or garages as well as homes.

Its height is 7 feet, but it can be stretched to 11. The top plate is there to protect the ceiling, and it also adds stability to bikes. The rack is made out of durable aluminum and has a maximum capacity of 200 pounds! The dimensions of this rack are 11 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches. Bikes are supported with vinyl coated arms, which also protect the paint from damage. This is, by far, the most robust rack on the list.


HOMEE Bike HangerHOMEE Bike Hanger

HOMME makes the list with a classic-looking rack. It has a maximum hanging weight of 66 pounds, and on it, you can fit a wide variety of bicycles. It also features a foldable design, which is great if you do not have much space. Installation is very easy, and the rack can be mounted on almost any wall.

The dimensions of the rack are 15.75 x 10.6 x 8.7 inches. The rack is made out of durable steel and is ideal for garages or your apartment. This model may be at the bottom of our list, but it still ticks all the boxes of a solid bike hanger.


Voilamart Bike Wall Mount HangerVoilamart Bike Wall Mount Hanger

Last, but not least, we have the mount hanger from Voilamart. For a price of $25, you will get 2 solid racks. They are made out of solid steel and can handle up to 66 pounds of weight easily. Thanks to the foldable design, it will save you a lot of space. It also features a rubber coating that will guarantee that your bike will not scratch.

Aside from being easy to install, the rack weighs only 6 pounds, which makes it very portable. It is ideal for a wide variety of bikes, such as street bikes, children’s bikes, and mountain bikes. It has fairly standard dimensions of 15.75 x10.63 x7.87 inches. Overall, this may not be the best rack on the list, but it will definitely suit its purpose.