The 10 Best Electric Mountain Bikes

We don’t underestimate the appeal of a regular mountain bike, but its electrical counterpart does come with some rather undeniable benefits. Above all, it enables you to tackle terrains you never could have before as you ride through gravel, sand, and snow without any hassle. To top it all, electrical mountain bikes are also an environmentally friendly solution to other powered forms of transportation.

Creators design modern electric mountain bikes to achieve impressive heights in all details. From powerful motors to never before seen tire durability, you won’t regret a cent if you opt for one of these bikes.

Addmotor Motan M-850 Electric Mountain BikeAddmotor Motan M-850 Electric Mountain Bike

Get prepared to be the center of attention because with the Addmotor Motan M-850, none of your rides will pass unnoticed. But the fat 4-inch wide tires aren’t here only for the style; they will also allow you to take your bike further than you ever did before. Cities, trails, hills, beach, or even snow: none of these terrains are something the Motan M-850 can’t handle.

The aluminum alloy frame is durable and sturdy, and it won’t bend half an inch even in the harshest of conditions. The motor is quite impressive as well, being 750W of full power. The max speed of this bike is a solid 25 MPH, and you can use the battery for up to 55 miles.

Some additional features worth mentioning are the LCD monitor that indicates speed and mileage and the super convenient USB port that you can use to charge your devices while on a ride.


Lankeleisi XT750 PLUS 1000 Electric Mountain BikeLankeleisi XT750 PLUS 1000 Electric Mountain Bike

This large fat-tire mountain bike proves that Lankeleisi doesn’t kid around when it comes to power. It is pulled by a 1000W Brushless Hub Motor that was specially designed for this model. So, it isn’t surprising that you can quickly reach 30 MPH with no trouble. You can also check if you broke your speed record on the LCD display, and it will also indicate the distance you’ve passed. And we bet that mileage number will be high because you likely won’t be able to get enough of this beauty.

Go for the pure electric and pedal assist modes when aiming for speed, and choose the pure manpower mode if you want to get a sweat from your ride. This bike is on the heavier side, being 63LBS, but it’s easy to disassemble. After 55 miles of pure bliss, you’ll have to recharge the lithium battery, and then, in a few hours, you can go for your next ride.


Magnum MI5 Electric Mountain BikeMagnum MI5 Electric Mountain Bike

A bike which was until recently only famed in Europe finally found its deserved attention in the US: This doesn’t surprise us as the Magnum MI5 beats the competition when it comes to performance and style combo. The bike’s sleek design isn’t only pretty; it was also built for stability and balanced weight distribution. They added in a suspension fork, mostly seen only in more expensive bikes so that you’ll get the comfort of a pro level bike for half the price.

The Samsung battery is seamlessly integrated and will last you up to 40 miles. Magnum always makes sure that they surprise their customers with extra little somethings, and this time it’s a 6000mAh Solar Power Bank that will allow you to charge your phone while on the move. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?


DJ Electric Mountain BikeDJ Electric Mountain Bike

Be in the spotlight like a DJ on his set with the outstanding performance of the DJ Mountain Bike. Rated with five stars on, well, just about every bike review site, this bike has a well-deserved place on this list. It features a simple design that hides away its power, which is a result of the 500W 48V motor.

Perfectly adapted for both city and off-road terrains, this bike was sent to the US by the famous brand from Canada. Canadians are known to be friendly towards everyone and so is this bike, as beginners will quickly learn to handle it. However, that doesn’t mean advanced riders won’t enjoy it as they will likely appreciate the Top Gun Suspension fork system as well as the highly efficient Samsung lithium battery.

And when it comes to long rides, DJ Bikes has you covered as their exceptionally comfortable saddle will give you all the cushioning you need.


ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Mountain BikeECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

If you’re into fat tires and multipurpose bikes, here’s another option for you. The Ecotric electric mountain bike runs on the powerful 500W Rear Hub Motor Battery. The aluminum frame will endure all conditions, and you can take this baby for a spin even on snowy days.

You can reach 20 MPH and adapt your speed with the Pro Freewheel 7 Speeds. Ecotric made sure you’ll also be comfortable with the ergonomic design of the seat and the handle. Additional features include the anti-slip wear-resistant tires and 36V Lithium Cell batteries sealed in a removable pack.


Safecastle Breeze Electric Mountain BikeSafecastle Breeze Electric Mountain Bike

Safecastle spent more than a year developing this bike, and we assure you it was time well invested. Thanks to the incredibly durable construction, this bike can endure all conditions, including rain, snow, dirt, gravel, and even ice. And you don’t have to worry about slipping because the fat tires explicitly designed for this model provide exceptional traction even on the roughest terrains.

The Safecastle company has 15 years of experience in bike design and production, and this can be seen in their outstanding attention to detail. The battery will last you 40 miles in Pedal Assist mode and 20 miles in Electric Only mode. You can recharge it surprisingly quickly; within 4 hours, you can get back on the road. The bike comes with a USB charger, leather grips, anti-theft features, and a convenient toolkit.


Egobike Fat Tire Electric Mountain BikeEgobike Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

At first, this electric bike captured our eye with its curvy design and sleek matte finish. But when we investigated further, we discovered its stylish appearance isn’t even its best trait.

The Shimano 7 gear shifting system was designed exclusively for Egobike, and it runs smoothly and accurately in all conditions. The Rear Hub Motor Battery carries 750W of power, and it comes with a removable 46V lithium cell for efficient charging. The ergonomic design is responsible for its great comfort while the 4-inch fat tires will give you all the safety and stability you need.


Rich Bit TP012 Electric Mountain BikeRich Bit TP012 Electric Mountain Bike

The Rich Bit 7P012 is nothing but exceptional. From the powerful 1000W motor to the particularly low charging time of only 2 hours, this bike is everything an electrically powered mountain biker could ask for. And the Rich Bit team is obviously certain of the bike’s quality as they offer a five-year warranty on the frame.

The bike also features a strong LED spotlight, a horn, and a charger and holder for your phone. It will arrive with additional fat cruiser tire mudguards, a foot air pump, a mounting tool, and a toolkit. All things considered, it doesn’t surprise us that this bike is a top choice by cyclists all over the globe.


Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain BikeCyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

As the most popular model from the Cyclamatic brand, the Power Plus CX1 provides the feel of a premium bike while still being a budget option. If you’re really into gears, then you’ll be more than satisfied because this bike features an uncommon 21-gear system.

The highly efficient lithium-ion battery will give you that extra boost for up to 30 miles and recharges within 4 hours. Weighing only 47 pounds, this bike is also the lightest option on this list, which is an additional benefit for those who travel with their bikes frequently.


Cyrusher XF660 Electric Mountain BikeCyrusher XF660 Electric Mountain Bike

This article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning at least one model from Cryrusher. As the gold standard of electric mountain bikes, Cryrusher didn’t disappoint with their latest addition to their long line of impressive products.

The 500W motor will take you to 25MPH while the mechanical dual disk brakes will ensure your safety. For additional stopping power, the alloy disk brakes were added, and it all wouldn’t be complete without the fat 4-inch tires. Other features include a handy front light and horn for safe night rides and a fully adjustable and comfortable seat.