WW Hayche Loveseat Bench

The ‘Windsor and Wire’ (WW) Hayche Loveseat Bench is a contemporary furniture piece which combines functional modern-day living with classical style and design. Originating in Portugal, the solid European Oak material of the main body gives way to a Natural Oak Finish on the seat and rounded legs. In a move away from colonial-inspired designs, the powder-coated metal wire-shafts splay outwards and extended upwards from below the seat.  They meet the wooden backrest and give the loveseat a sculptural feel – carefully designed with all angles considered – right down to the last screw.

The successful marriage of old meets new and traditional meets sophisticated materials is a credit to designer Alejandro Villarreal, creating a sense that this is less a piece of furniture than it is a piece of artwork. The WW Hayche Loveseat Bench is guaranteed to look the part as a centerpiece in your home, and is available to pre-order from the Hayche website now.


WW Hayche Loveseat Bench WW Hayche Loveseat Bench WW Hayche Loveseat Bench