Veark CK01 Chef Knife

The Veark CK01 Chef Knife isn’t just any knife. It’s a knife that could very well be considered the most important tool in the kitchen. For that reason, you’ll quickly note the knife is designed to be used and not admired for its looks. One of the most outstanding features is the ergonomic design and the way your thumb slides right into a working position with little or no thought at all.

Instead of a normal build, with a tang that disappears into an intricately designed handle, the tang itself is the handle. This gives you unprecedented power and control for precision cuts, every single time. It also gives the perfect point of balance where it is most needed, and most easily worked with for the chef.

Every Veark CK01 is an exclusive creation. No two knives look the same. Manufactured in Solingen, Germany, through drop forge processing, each one has a personality all its own. Skilled craftsmen start with a piece of stainless steel weighing seven ounces and offer you the final product with a base to tip length of 32cm, or 12.6 inches.

Those with experience in knives know that the harder the knife, the better edge you’ll be able to get. With a hardness of 58 Rockwell, this is a knife that stays sharper longer, so it’s always ready for your next project. With a balanced design, raw beauty, and a working edge, the Veark CK01 will quickly become your favorite chef knife.