Urbet Ego – Let Your Ego Take You Further

The “sooner the better” most say about tackling your carbon footprint. But in the realm of transportation, some electric vehicles are out of financial reach. Urbet bridges that gap with their Urbet Ego electric scooter. You don’t have to sacrifice looks or money for this lifestyle change. The Urbet Ego is an electric scooter intending to make urban travel more accessible and stylish while remaining conscious of the environment.

urbet ego

At first glance, the scooter looks like a futuristic fish with the wheels and seat of a bicycle. No doubt a unique design, it stands out against others. The ‘eye’ of the fish is a speaker meant to increase the scooter’s safety for you and pedestrians; it mimics the throttle sounds of an urban motorcycle to keep others aware of your presence. The dual swing arm suspension peaks out through cut-outs in the frame. It’s a single-seat scooter, and if you look down while mounted, you’ll see a small screen marking the charge left in the scooter.


A hub-wound motor and 72V/42aH lithium-ion battery powers the electric scooter. The battery will charge from empty to full in seven hours. The battery is removable; you can ride your Ego during your morning commute, charge the battery during your workday, and make your way home with the confidence of a fully charged battery.

This scooter is for urban travel; the speed and range reflect it’s purpose. The scooter can hit speeds up to 90km/h or approximately 56mph and run for 120km or about 75 miles. And it only weighs 159lbs.

urbet ego

Electric Benefits

The benefits of gasoline scooters are enough to ditch four wheels for two, but this electric scooter’s advantages shine brighter. Gasoline will no longer be an expense along with regular maintenance checks, saving you money for your wants rather than your needs. The Ego offers no-emissions, reducing your carbon footprint and any guilty feelings about your commute. Not only does it reduce environmental pollution but also noise pollution. And depending on what country you live in, a tax break could accompany this purchase for driving a ‘clean’ vehicle.


Urbet is a Spanish brand owned by Smart Electric Transport SL, a company specialized in electric scooters and developing transport in urban cities. They offer a plethora of models varying in price range if the Urbet Ego doesn’t suit your style. Currently only shipping across Europe, but other sources claim Urbet will ship worldwide.

MSRP is 2,727 Euros or $3,219 if you’re in the U.S. If you’re a European resident, chose the option at check to have Urbet register the Ego for you. When you receive it, you can jump on your new Ego without hesitation. The purchase includes a two-year warranty, and original spare parts are always available. This funky electric scooter is worth looking at, even if you’re not the market for a change in transportation.


urbet ego