The Radinn Electric Jetboard

What if there was a way to combine the silky glide of surfing with the speed and exhilaration of outdoor motorsports? Enter Radinn’s line of electric surfboards for summer

These sleek machines have a lot going for them. Firstly, they are electrically powered by a water jet engine, which means you can achieve maximum stoke with no fumes or flow-shattering engine noise. Secondly, wireless updates and smartphone connectivity ensure that user experience will improve as time goes on (think a Tesla, but way cooler). Third, Radinn’s system is modular, meaning it’s easy to configure a custom board for your intended use. 

The Radinn Electric Jetboard

Like a jet-ski, but for your feet. Photo: Radinn

Configurations and Modularity

Let’s dive into these configurable options. 

Your first choice is riding style. Radinn provides three styles: Explore, Freeride, or Carve. The Explore platform is designed with beginners in mind – it’s stable with some overbuilt durability features and the lowest base price. This is the board you want for low-stress cruising on flat water, or if you are new to standing up on the water. 

The Freeride is the all-around board aimed at users who want performance in a variety of water types. The Freeride’s design allows for easy use but has a high mastery ceiling, so you’ll be enjoying your investment for quite a while before you start eyeballing the next option up. While not quite as stable as the Explore, the Freeride is a little more agile and will reward your attempts to show off with more responsive handling. 

The Carve is the final model in the tier. Light and agile, the Carve is for riders who want to play hard and fast and have the skills to do so. The Carve is the most expensive base-price board, and you should probably work your way up to it unless you are already an advanced surfer. 

The Radinn Electric Jetboard

Just a few of the electric jetboard options from Radinn. Photo: Radinn.

Remember we mentioned that famous Scandinavian modularity? Here’s where it really comes in handy. Any jetpack can work inside of any board, and the hulls are designed for easy swapping. So you could easily start with the Explore and then work your way up through the Freeride to the Carve while only having to buy new hulls as opposed to entirely new boards. By the way, each board model comes in two trim styles. 

Currently, there are two jetpack styles (with a third coming soon). While top speed and acceleration vary slightly from board style to board style, a Standard jetpack will get you in the range of 25 mph in around ten seconds, while a Pro jetpack takes you up into the 30 mph range in a heart-thumping four-to-five seconds. The Radical jetpack is coming soon, and one has to imagine it will boost the available top speed and acceleration by another few degrees. 

The Radinn Electric Jetboard

Radinn’s configuration screen is simple and intuitive. Photo: Radinn

Your final choice involves battery life. Another way you could think of it is range or ride-time. Radinn’s Standard battery will get you 25 minutes of playtime, while the Long battery lasts for 35 minutes. The Extended battery takes you up to 45 minutes, which is long enough to (maybe) get tired of zooming around being awesome. 

Pricing, Shipping, and Warranty

Of course, a more powerful jetpack and a longer-lasting battery will cost you. For example, an Explore with the Standard jetpack and Standard battery will run you $6,550 (before taxes). A Pro jetpack with an Extended battery amps you all the way up to $10,600, which is costly enough to wonder if your daughter really needs her braces all that badly. A Carve with maxed out specs is a jaw-dropping $13,000.

The Radinn Electric Jetboard

At the checkout page, you have the chance to accessorize a little. Photo: Radinn

Still, these prices aren’t that dissimilar from middling-to-high-end mountain or road-bike prices, so a Radinn board shouldn’t be too out of reach for anyone who’s used to investing heavily in outdoor gear. Once you’ve dialed in your ideal configuration, you have the option to add on some extra batteries, a speed charger, and some carbon fiber handles. 

Once you’ve made your purchase, your board ships in three weeks and comes with a twelve-month warranty, which is nice considering all the money you just spent. But it’s hard to imagine a better way to spend your summer than zipping around on a Radinn board, especially if you are a surfer who finds yourself landlocked and fresh out of saltwater. 

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The Radinn Electric Jetboard