Teak Dreamer’s chair

Made out of durable, top quality Burmese teak, the Teak Dreamer’s Chair is an ideal chair for relaxing both indoors and outdoors due to its weather-resistant nature. Because the wood is so dense, it can remain outdoors for years to come. The teak has been finished with a teak oil that provides an excellent foundation upon which you can continue applying oils throughout the years to keep it looking its best. It has been upholstered in Sunbrella upholstery, one of the highest-quality outdoor upholsteries in the world. This fabric is just as durable as the wood and can outlast sun, rain, spills and any otherwise damaging occurrence. Nothing will ever cause the fabric to fade or weather, providing you with a beautiful cushion for decades to come.

With its mid-century modern-inspired shape, the Teak Dreamer’s Chair is perfect for adding to any modern or traditional home all the same. There are brass rods that support the backrest of the chair, and the armrests offer you a subtle, stylish hand-carved indentation that urges you to relax your arms comfortably within them. You can snap the back cushion right onto the backrests to ensure that it will not slide out of place, no matter how you move around in the chair. The Teak Dreamer’s Chair measures 31 inches in length by 28 inches in width by 29 inches in height, making it perfect for placement in any space in or outside of your home.


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