TasteTro Spice System

The days of keeping a spice rack in your kitchen have been long left in the past. With the TasteTro Spice System, your meals and dinner regimens will be fully upgraded and livened up to the fullest.

The TasteTro Spice System consists of 20 individual spice pods that can be dispensed on demand. Better yet, this machine includes the option of mixing the spices to create 50 different pre-programmed blends for your dishes. Thanks to this option, preparing dishes and recipes ike basil ginger chicken or a wide diversity of curry sauces.

The touchscreen will grant you with easy access and control of the machine, while the Bluetooth connection allows you add new recipes. The RIFD will let you know in advance when it’s time to order spice refills.

Depending on the TasteTro Spice System package you select, you can be benefited by a wide range of additional benefits. Besides the TasteTro Spice System itself and the 20 gourmet spice pods that are included in every package, you may enjoy up to 4 pods of new spices, 10 signature blends,  a full year of pods or up to 12 refills, and 10 recipe cards.

The TasteTro Spice System comes in three different colors: red, black or white. Its modern and sleek design will look flawless on your kitchen countertop.


TasteTro Spice SystemTasteTro Spice System