BRABUS Shadow 900 Black Ops – Secretive Chic

If you are as serious about fishing as you are about cutting through the waves in style, we have found the boat for you. BRABUS is best known for its incredible luxury car builds, but they have decided to branch out a bit and make a boat fit for Bond. The BRABUS Shadow 900 Black Ops is a fishing boat that promises to deliver you to that perfect place so you can cast the first line in incredible style.

Go Fast

All you have to do is look at the Shadow to know it seriously hauls the mail. But a closer look at the details, and you’ll find that this thing is ready to get you to the fishing hole before the other guys have even loaded their fishing kayaks and boats. Two outboard engines deliver 900 horsepower (combined), which will ramp the Shadow up to a max speed of 60 knots (approximately 70 mph) in a hurry. The engines themselves received the BRABUS touch, which knocked considerable weight off of the power plants. They weigh a combined 705 pounds, 300 pounds less than competing models. This power-to-weight ratio constitutes 40% more torque per motor.brabus shadow 900 black ops

All that power would be useless without a form factor capable of cutting like a knife. BRABUS teamed up with world-class boat maker Axopar to build the Shadow’s performance elements. The dynamic duo created a v-shaped hull that easily cuts through the water, allowing those high-powered outboards to stretch their legs.

Go Far

The Shadow can ship with one of two boat deck configurations — Sun-Top or Spyder. There’s enough room for 10 people on board, and like most BRABUS models, some additional coin can get you limitless upgrades and functionality.

The model we like is the Sun-Top with the forward cabin addition that allows room for two to sleep comfortably. Oh, and throw a wet bar in while we’re at it.brabus shadow 900 black ops

These boats are handcrafted and meticulously designed. From the painting and polishing to installing all of the internal gadgets, nothing gets done with automation. Overkill? Maybe, but this level of precision requires pros with decades of experience in careful, quality craftsmanship.

Go Fish

While we are reasonably confident BRABUS will continue to build boats in the future, only 37 Shadow 900 Black Ops are available. If we’ve piqued your interest, all you have to do is free up about a half-million dollars for one. The opening price on a base model is $450,000, but if you want to get loose with the upgrades, make sure you have a little more change in your wallet.


brabus shadow 900 black ops