Robbe & Berking Martelé Bar Set

Your house will definitely become the place to be after the Robbe & Berking Martelé Bar Set makes itself at home in your living room. There will be no need to leave the house to attend bars with overpriced drinks. All that is required for a good night with friends is found in a single box.

The Robbe & Berking Martelé Bar Set is a 62 piece kit that contains every type of handcrafter cutlery, drinkware and accessories from champagne flutes to a nutcrackers. It also comes with a cocktail shaker, ice tongs, long drink beakers, vodka beaters, gin tumblers and much more.

The outside of the case is set out to be a leather and wooden vintage suitcase; while the inside includes several drawers, compartements and drinkware storage that has been handcrafted out of wood. In total, ten bottles of liquor can sit upright, and twelve bottles of wine can be stacked comfortably and safely inside this trunk.

The bar set projects an incredible elegant and sophisticated style. If you’re worried about the quality of your wine or liquor while it’s being stored in the set, the hand-finished silver absorbs ensures that drinks stay chilled; providing the utmost performance.

The Robbe & Berking Martelé Bar Set could be owned by anyone; the drinks that can be prepared with this kit are limitless; satisfying the tastes and preferences of any man.


Robbe & Berking Martelé Bar Set