Pentatonic Airtool Chair

The Pentatonic Airtool Chair is a sustainable chair designed to provide you with the utmost of comfort and support, no matter what it is that you are doing. On the base of the Pentatonic Airtool Chair is a Flyfix seat shell that is made to feel and look just like a rich, soft and ultra luxurious wool that will keep you snug and comfortable. This wool is made entirely from plastic that has been harvested to help save the Earth using reclaimed plastic from landfills. 3D heat forming goes into the creation of the water-resistant and breathable chair, turning the seat into an amazingly ergonomic chair that is simple to wipe clean. It even goes as far as to purify the air that passes through it, able to filter out carbon from the air immediately surrounding it.

The Pentatonic Airtool Chair features a base constructed using the same gas-assisted manufacturing techniques that have been employed by those in the business of manufacturing modern cars. These components are hollowed out, making them lightweight and strong while being made with as little material as possible. Simple to install, each of the parts of the chair are tools themselves, making it easy to just snap them into place. These chairs can be assembled in a number of different ways in order to provide you with the choice of different sitting angles and heights. Fully modular, this multi-tool type of chair can even be turned into a table.


pentatonic air tool boldly designed chair re-engineered from consumer waste recycling