Norlan Glass Rauk Heavy Tumbler

Made of 24% leaded crystal, the Rauk Heavy Tumbler shows impeccable design as well as inventive production. The name comes from an Old Scottish form that mean “Rock” and it was developed so as to allow your drink to be served over a sphere of ice.

For socialites who prefer nothing more than a nice cocktail, this tumbler offers a little something most glasses do not. From the inner center, a numbers of chevrons peak towards the top, offer a gripping point for muddied drink ingredients. It’s an innovation that is only truly appreciated by discerning drinkers.

This ornamental crystal piece is created, both outside and in, by machine pressing molten hot crystal into a mold that is made up of five complex pieces. The ensuing result is nothing short of a masterpiece of art. Geometric edges and facets play at blending into other surfaces that are curved, offering a moment of beauty to the eyes, while not neglecting the sense of touch either.

For a piece of artwork that is as functional and timeless as it is gorgeous, it’s easy to see why this sought after tumbler is as popular as it is. Enjoy your favorite bourbon properly.


Norlan Glass Rauk Heavy Tumbler Norlan Glass Rauk Heavy Tumbler Norlan Glass Rauk Heavy Tumbler