Nissan ARIYA – An Uncompromising Electric Vehicle

Nissan Ariya: An Uncompromising Electric Vehicle

Nissan is on the path to outdo themselves in 2021 with the latest electric addition to their arsenal. Integrating existing technology with fresh ideas revolving around accessibility, comfort, and safety, Nissan presents Ariya.

Ariya Secrets

Ariya is unassuming until it comes to life. The LED headlights and taillights are inconspicuous until Ariya senses the sunlight dwindling, then they shine through the black grille, taking shape along the lines of the car. When you take your rightful place in the driver’s seat, again, the interior is unassuming — almost blank — until Ariya awakens. The bare-looking dash is soon alive with dual 12.3-inch customizable displays, ambient lighting surrounds passengers, and a heads-up display appears on your windshield.

Nissan ARIYADriving Made Easier

Nissan didn’t cut corners with Ariya’s comfort and safety features, from Zero-Gravity seats to hands-free voice-controlled displays, they covered their bases. Nissan’s Zero-Gravity seats promote correct spinal posturing by supporting natural pressure points from hips to shoulders. This natural pose creates less stress on the body, decreasing fatigue while at the wheel.

The assisted drive features, Propilot Assist 2.0 and Propilot Park, allow you to take a break from the wheel, so you arrive at your destination in a relaxed state. The car senses blind spots and displays alerts on the dash. The parking assist can take over if you’re nervous about fitting into a tight spot or want to show off Ariya to your passengers. The heads-up-display gives you need-to-know information on your windshield, like directions; you can navigate your way through a new city without glancing at your phone.

With the NissanConnect app, you can connect your phone with your car, taking hands-free to a new height. You can track the charge of Ariya on your phone, connect your calendar, and warm your Ariya up without stepping outside. What’s more, Amazon Alexa is built-in to the vehicle, ready to fulfill your verbal requests. Ariya also has an intelligent route planner feature that will formulate routes with charging stations along the course and then project them on the heads-up-display.

It seems that Nissan thought of a fix for any worry that could arise while driving.

Nissan ARIYAPower Details

The car is available with two different power trains, 2WD or e-4orce AWD, and two battery options, standard or long-range. You won’t have to pass on electric vehicles anymore if you’re a weekend warrior with Ariya e-4orce long-range edition, or miss out because you’re a mountain dweller and face snowy months. Ariya employs all-climate traction control with the e-4orce technology, sending power to the wheels needing it most. With front wheels pulling as the back wheels push, the Nissan Ariya can take you anywhere.

Dual motors power Ariya. Like most electric vehicles, Ariya is quiet and has rapid acceleration. The 389 horsepower and Nissan’s e-pedal make Ariya an enjoyable ride. The e-pedal is a one-pedal drive when you decompress the accelerator, you accelerate, but when the throttle is no longer engaged, the e-pedal automatically engages the brake without engaging the brake pedal. But don’t worry, the analog brake pedal is still there when you need it.

Nissan ARIYAFeast on Ariya’s Glory

The Nissan Ariya is on schedule to hit the market in 2021. With no MSRP available yet, you can sign up for continued updates and details of Ariya on the Nissan webpage. Nissan released its first electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF, in 2010 and then a second generation of the LEAF in 2017. The Nissan Ariya includes much of the same technology as the LEAF, but Ariya’s serene and smooth interior outshines the LEAF.

Nissan has outdone itself with its attention to detail and the ability to execute an idea while keeping drivers in mind. You won’t have to compromise any of your favorite features for an electric vehicle. Nissan has included all the latest innovative technology and trends.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Nissan Ariya in 2021.

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