Bentley Bentayga Speed – Lead-Footed Luxury

The Bentley Bentayga made its debut in 2015 to mixed reviews among the industry pundit class, though it did sell enough models to keep it in the lineup since then. Aside from the classics like the Range Rover and the Mercedes G Wagon, the ultra-luxury SUV category is a fickle place. New entries in the category each year come and go, but Bentley knows they have a winner in the Bentayga, and from the looks of the 2021 model, we don’t disagree.

With fresh styling, several performance upgrades, and some incredible interior improvements, Bentley promises this Bentayga has something for everyone. Let’s kick the tires a bit and figure out if this 626 horsepower SUV is your next weekend whip.

new bentley bentayga speed

Power and Performance?

With a proven powertrain, Bentley didn’t have to do much to ensure that this SUV will put the power to the ground. The twin-turbo W-12 engine is a 6-liter, which produces a whopping 664 lb-ft of torque at a hair-raising 626 horsepower. This engine is good enough for a zero-to-60 in under 4 seconds (3.9 to be exact). Better yet, you’re looking at a top speed of 190 mph; that’s one fast grocery getter.

If those stats don’t whet your appetite, there are a few options of the Bentayga that will save you a bit of coin. The 443 HP hybrid option offers a turbocharged 3.0 liter V6 with an electric assist. Additionally, a 542 HP V8 is on the menu as well. That’s the thing about the Batayga; there’s a variation of this platform for every Driver. Except, maybe the gas-conscious.

Car and Driver report that the Batayga’s fuel economy is better than expected, but in no way bordering on eco friendly. The Hybrid model’s electric motor will pilot you up to 18 miles before the engine fires up, which is shorter than the average commute. The V-8 powered model reports a 14 MPG in the city and 23 on the highway. A combined mileage of 17 mpg isn’t too bad for an SUV. When you level-up to the W-12 model, you’re looking at a reported 12 and 17 MPG, city, and highway, respectively.

new bentley bentayga speed

Comfort and Character?

Open the door of this uber-posh city stopper, and you’re likely to get punched in the face with rich-smelling leather, views actual wood inlays (none of that Ikea business), and glass galore. Staying true to its commitment to luxury, Bentley ensured that the Batayga’s buyers are not without upgrade options.

The seating layout we love is the four bucket seat option. Buyers can also choose a three-seat option in the second row and a pop-up third row of seating, which would be enough for seven passengers. However, if your daily drive includes some junk in the trunk, you might want to skip that third row. Bentley’s specs on the cargo area appear generous and in line with its most competitive rivals like the Range Rover and Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

new bentley bentayga speed

Upfront, the dash and center dash have all of the modern technology you’ve come to expect from the super high-end vehicle market. In the center of the dashboard sits a 10.9-inch infotainment system that has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrated, so syncing your phone is a breeze. For what we can only imagine is a hefty upgrade fee, you can have two 10.2-inch displays integrated into the headrests, so the passengers in the back have something to watch while you haul them around town.

Lastly, the interior of the Bentayga comes together with a 12-speaker audio system that is sure to sound like a concert hall. If that isn’t enough woofer for you, there’s a 20-speaker premium audio option that’s sure to overpower the roar of a 626 horsepower engine.

Where do I Sign?

Not so fast, tiger, we’ve still got to drop the price on you. For a cool quarter of a million dollars ($245,000 to be exact), you’ve got yourself a new Bentley Bentayga W-12. If the options listed above don’t perfectly fit your ideal build, the dealer can surely accommodate your taste.

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new bentley bentayga speed