Human Touch Zero-Gravity Chair

With the Human Touch”PC-8500″ Full leather recliner, you can relax in style in any room of the house. This chair features all of the classic style you love about recliners but with a modern silhouette and a more comfortable position. It features a PROZero Mode, a range of motion that will allow you to both recline the back of the chair and lift up the legs as well to elevate yourself in such a way that makes it feel like you are weightless. It requires no effort to do so thanks to its built-in controller that moves the entire chair into the position you prefer.

Winning a Design Excellence award, the lauded Human Touch Perfect Chair “PC-8500” also features two personal memory settings that will allow you to choose your favorite positions and program them into the chair so that you are always ready to relax at a moment’s notice. On both sides of the ultra plush recliner are memory foam armrests intended to help you stay comfortable in any position. At the top of the PC-8500, there is a headrest that provides the right amount of support for your head and neck, so that you are able to relax comfortably for hours on end in any position you choose.


Human Touch Zero-Gravity Chair brown 2Human Touch Zero-Gravity Chair brown 3