Herman Miller Aeron Chair

ontent]It has been proven that those who work desk jobs often have poor posture. Bad posture can negatively affect your health in several different ways, not only making you uncomfortable while you work but uncomfortable while you are at play, as well. Having the right office chair can make or break the way that you pose your spine, and with the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, you can be sure that you are using the correct posture needed to maintain optimum comfort and health.

With more than 20 years of research on the science behind what happens to a person’s body when they sit, this chair has been crafted to help fix your posture in a way that has been tried and proven. It features eight latitudinal zones of different degrees of tension that give you the cushion and support that your spine needs. With its suspension seat and backrest, this ergonomic chair even helps to move heat through its form to ensure that your skin’s temperature is not affected while you work.

Because sitting in a single position minimizes your muscle’s natural pumping actions that bring nutrients to the spine, the chair incorporates a tilt function that moves effortlessly with your body’s natural motions to help deliver those nutrients the way your muscles are supposed to. It comes with several different reclining postures that keep you comfortable, no matter how long you are sitting. Never before has it been easier to fix your posture while sitting than with the Herman Miller Aeron Chair.


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