Convertible Bean Bag Bed

Fun and versatile, the Convertible Bean-Bag Chair is one that you can use for a number of different applications. Inside of the exterior layer of this bean bag is a mattress waiting for you to relax upon. This mattress can easily be pulled out and is large enough to accommodate a few adults either lying down and lounging or sitting up to enjoy a movie. It is made out of high quality materials and is simple to clean. All you have to do is take off the exterior of the bean bag chair off of the bean bag and throw it into the washing machine. The mattress itself is made out of premium, ultra soft and supportive foam that makes it accommodating for people both young and old who love to relax after a long day.

Convertible Bean-Bag Chair Converts From a Chair To a Mattress Bed

Convertible Bean-Bag Chair Turns Into a Queen Size Mattress Bed - Bean Bag Bed

Pros of the Convertible Bean-Bag Chair

– Choose the seat for the best occasion. If you’re watching television or sitting around with some friends, there is always a good option for you to choose. You can create a large seating area for your friends to lounge and watch a movie by spreading it out, or you can use it as an individual seating pod by keeping the chair all balled up.

– Add sleeping space for guests. The Convertible Bean-Bag Chair rolls out into a rather large bed-like pad, making it ideal for when the party is over and some people need to sleep for the night or when family with kids come to visit and the little ones need a fun place to sleep.

– Lightweight and easy to unfold. Getting the Convertible Bean-Bag Chair out of its housing and lying flat on the floor takes no time at all and is quite simple. All that you have to do is unzip the bag and pull the material out. Put the little housing to the side and flatten out the bean bag and you are all set!

Cons of the Convertible Bean-Bag Chair

– Putting it back together. It takes a bit of effort in order to put the Convertible Bean-Bag Chair back into its ball form. You have to fold it in diagonally and then sort of bounce it into the bag. It takes more than one person in order to do this, but it is worth all of the comfort that it affords, so it might not be such a bad thing after all.

Gift Ideas for the Convertible Bean-Bag Chair

The Convertible Bean-Bag Chair makes an excellent gift for those who love to lounge and relax. It is perfect for putting in the family room for watching movies after a long day. This is also an ideal gift for someone who has kids and wants to get them a real bean bag chair that is not going to fall apart after the first use. Because it is great for sleepovers, kids will especially appreciate this as a birthday gift and a fun present for their bedrooms.