CheerPod – a Digital Command Center in Your Pocket

Multi-purpose devices are skyrocketing in popularity. Their versatility often has them ahead of similar devices that only fulfill a single role. Some of these gadgets are truly innovative and have made an impact in our homes and workplaces.

Next up in the list of tech tools ready to revamp your workday is CheerPod. This device is a touchpad, mouse, and a presentation laser pointer all in a sleek and lightweight device — truly versatile. You can use it while working remotely, in the workplace, or while delivering your next presentation. You can even use CheerPod as a remote for your smart TV. From work to home, this device can go with you anywhere. CheerPod is portable and easy to carry. Weighing in at 33 grams and measuring 2.6 inches, it comfortably fits your hand, pocket, or bag. This device’s design keeps ergonomics and comfort in mind.

CheerPod is made out of aluminum alloy, making it durable, too. CheerPod easily connects to all your devices via Bluetooth, so there is no need for an extra receiver that takes up valuable USB port space. This feature makes it compatible with a vast range of devices like Macs, PCs, tablets, phones, and even smart TVs. The battery will last approximately 20 days. Once it is time to recharge, CheerPod needs just one hour to charge before being ready for action again.cheerpod

CheerPod operates in two modes. The Ground Mode is for utilizing CheerPod as a mouse, and Air Mode is for using it as a remote or laser pointer. This device recognizes more gestures and controls than other touchpads. These gestures change depending on which mode you are in and which device you have paired with the CheerPod. The gestures closely mimic the same movements you might make when interacting with each device already, making the switch to using CheerPod seamless.

The low latency — just 7 milliseconds and reduced lag can improve presentation cadence and workflow. The operating range is 10 meters, so you have the freedom to move about during your presentation. CheerPod will still respond quickly and with accuracy.

CheerPod is a fantastic choice for any workplace or home. Its versatility is unmatched, and this device can drastically improve your workflow and presentations. At an affordable MSRP of $49, CheerPod makes an excellent addition to your device collection or serves as a replacement for your wireless mouse, remote, and laser pointer.