The 10 Best Waterproof Sprays

Nothing can ruin fun outdoor activities like unexpected rains. A heavy rain can make you head home in the middle of the night with a broken heart. There is no way you can prevent such natural events, but you can get ready for such events before you set out on a camping adventure. Your trip should not be cut short or ruined by a storm because there is no sure way to predict the weather perfectly. While some campers know how to enjoy their outdoor time even during the wet season, others are yet to discover the secret. It’s easy; use waterproofing spray!

You can waterproof your gear and other clothes using a waterproof liquid. There is waterproof camping gear available to buy, but now, you can waterproof almost anything without worrying if it comes waterproof or not. You can even waterproof your favorite outdoor clothes. They’re what you love wearing and always keep you comfortable. Now, they’ll help keep you dry too.

Your old waterproof outdoor gear also needs to be re-waterproofed as it loses the repellent effectiveness over time. They become as good as new after you restore them with waterproofing spray.

The primary function of a waterproof spray is to enable a surface or fabric to repel water. You can read through the list below to see what suits your needs best. Opt for sprays that have more to offer. After all, they are all effective in enhancing repellence. So, the only thing that can make a spray unique is some of the other benefits they provide, such as reducing the effects of UV rays on your materials.

The manufacturers state the feature of the products clearly. But in most cases, as long as you use the waterproofing spray properly, you will get amazing results. Do not let minor shortcomings, such as strong scents deter you from the the best spray. Most of these odors disappear completely after it has dried on your materials.

If you are a beginner in waterproofing products, you might not know which are the best sprays to use. There are hundreds of brands out there and while most of them are good, you shouldn’t settle for less than excellent. Here, we have a list of the 10 best waterproof sprays to ease your process of identifying what suits your needs. When you buy only best, your waterproofing job will be more effective and will last longer between reapplications.

303 Fabric Guard303 Fabric Guard

The 303 Fabric Guard is perfect for water-related activities. So, if you love the sea, lake and other water adventures, you will find it very useful. Apart from waterproofing your product, the spray also prevents oil stains making it excellent for boat covers, bimini tops, cushions, and sail cloths. Be careful not to over saturate your materials, though, because it can accelerate fading due to the UV rays.

Using 303 Fabric Guard helps to restore water repellency and stain repellency to the make your products just like they were when you bought them. The protective coating is strong and has no scent. It does not make your fabric fade and it remains dry even on a rainy day.

This waterproof spray is ideal for different surfaces, including synthetic and natural fiber fabrics. It can also be used on life jackets, canvas, upholstery, cushions, and umbrellas. The spray is made to increase water resistance on a surface and enhance its stain resistance ability. The waterproof spray does not change the fabric’s texture flammability, shape, or color. This liquid leaves the surface or fabric with its natural form, including breathability and weight. But it protects water from penetrating the fabric. What more could you ask for?


Star Brite Waterproofing Spray with PTEFStar Brite Waterproofing Spray with PTEF

This waterproof spray comes handy in outdoor activities where you need to use furniture, boats, and tents. Anyone can apply it and its quality is top-notch. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer and you will be good to go. You can use it on old fabrics to restore their waterproof nature.

This outstanding formula is made by Star Brite and will bring back the lost glory of an old waterproof gear. Your fabrics will be protected from moisture and kept safe from harmful UV rays. If you are not a camping person, you can get it for your outdoor furniture at your home. Help your outdoor furniture maintain its beautiful shiny finish. It is also safe to use on your clothes without any health risks.

Star Brite has a potent scent, so you should always use it in an open area. Once it dries, the smell vanishes completely. It is friendly to the fabric and will not alter it in any way. Your product remains just as it was, and the only thing that is altered is the ability to resist moisture. Your clothes’ breathability remains the same and you will feel as comfortable as you used to before you coated it with the spray.

On the market, you will find that this waterproof spray comes in two versions: the 22-ounce and the 122-ounce. Buy the amount that suits your needs. It is a great product but not perfect; it does have some shortcomings. They include that it wears out fast on clothes and the valve isn’t as sturdy as we would like.


Nikwax TX Direct Spray-OnNikwax TX Direct Spray-On

TX is another amazing waterproof spray that can be used on garments and fabrics comfortably. This product from Nikwax leaves your clothes with a potent smell that lasts until it dries. It will dissipate as soon as your garments are dry, but you should only use it in a well ventilated room.

This award-winning spray will restore any synthetic garment that has lost its water repellency. For the best results, use it on breathable surfaces, such as materials made of Triple Point, Entrant, Gore-Tex and Ultrex. While some people claim that it softens surfaces, we didn’t find that to be the case. This liquid does not change your fabrics, but it does have a pungent smell when you use it for the first time on a garment. It smells like vinegar, but the odor will disappear when the material dries.

The Nikwax TX is a bit different from other sprays as it comes in one size of 16.9 ounces. You have no option other than to buy this one version or get several if you want to use it on many surfaces. It is easy to use and it’s almost impossible to wrong with this product. However, the spray’s nozzle might cause you to overspray and waste the product. Also, make sure it does not get on your skin as it is not easy to wash off.


Dry Guy Tent Fabrics & Outdoor Gear Waterproofing

Dry Guy is an effective and efficient waterproofing spray. It is made to provide protection against snow and water. In addition, your fabrics and garments are also protected from mold and unpleasant stains. If you love outdoor camping, this spray will increase the water resistance on your zippers, tent walls, sheets, and ground covers. You can also use it on clothing and gear made of canvas, nylon, polyester, and Gore-Tex.

The Dry Guy spray does have an odor and it softens your fabrics. You will also notice a color change on your clothes, but all these are nothing to worry about. Though it only comes with a single size of 16-ounces, it covers a surface of between 50 and 60 square feet.

It can be used on contemporary membrane textiles, and the breathability will not be affected. It is a tremendous spray for an affordable price. Also, this liquid is water-based and environment-friendly, making it a great choice for those who love the outdoors.


 Atsko Silicone Water-GuardAtsko Silicone Water-Guard

Atsko Silicone is one of the easiest sprays to use. It not only maximizes water repellency on different surfaces but also repels stains. However, it’s not forgiving if you happen to saturate your garment accidentally. It turns yellowish and is not a pleasant sight to behold. But if you can use it properly, this spray does the job of waterproofing perfectly. Campers can use it on sleeping bags, tents, and other gear. It’s not limited to those products, though, so if you need to, this spray can be applied on footwear.

The Atsko Silicone Water Guard waterproofing spray is cured fully after 72 hours after application. The odor goes away and your fabric maintains its original color unless you over-applied it in some areas.

The spray is available in a bottle of 10.5 ounces. That means you have to get several bottles for large tasks. The best thing about it is that it does not change the material of your product in any way. Most notable is that the weight remains the same and its breathability is not affected in any way.

It is excellent in water repellency with the added advantage of repelling stains. Nonetheless, it still has some flaws, including a lack of durability. You will also notice that when the bottle is almost empty, its stops spraying and instead starts spitting.


Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellantKiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellant

Kiwi Camp Dry is a water-repellent liquid that is very effective. It never disappoints and will keep your surfaces at home or at camp completely dry. The best surfaces to use this waterproof spray on include leather, breathable materials, and canvas. You can also use it for tents, patio furniture, boat covers, boots, hunting apparel, and tarps. Whether the surface was waterproof previously or not, this waterproof spray gives you excellent results.

The spray has a paint-like smell, but after it has dried, the smell isn’t as strong. It does not fade away a completely, but it should not be a big bother to you. You will love how it enhances water repellency without altering the breathability of your garments or other materials. This is specifically a great over advantage others as it can be used in a number of ways and always gives you excellent results. One of the big shortcomings of this spray is that when it reaches halfway empty, the Kiwi Camp Dry comes out in blotches instead of the normal mist.


Scotchgard Outdoor Water ShieldScotch Gard Outdoor Water Shield

Scotch Gard Outdoor Water Shield is a great water repellent spray, but has one major drawback. It leaves stains and streaks if you apply too much of the product. You only need a single application to make your surface completely protected against water. The ideal surfaces that work well with this spray are polyester, suede, polypropylene, cotton, and nylon. Others include boats, patio furniture, canvas tarps, and backpacks.

When applying, remember to take it outside or into a well-ventilated room because this is one spray that can affect you if you use it in an enclosed area. This spray has a strong smell and can easily stain and streak your surface due to over-application. Like most waterproofing sprays, it’s only available in a single size of 10.5 ounces.

Due to its high-quality nature, it does not alter your fabric in any way. As long as you apply it as recommended by the manufacturer, you will get excellent results. Be ready to deal with stains in case of an accident. It won’t damage your material, but won’t look as nice. Try your best to apply a single coat only and to spray evenly across the surface.


CRC MaryKate Fabric WaterprooferCRC MaryKate Fabric Waterproofer

CRC MayKate comes in handy when you want to buy in bulk. It’s a high-quality spray that comes in an impressive size of 128 ounces. It is a good, economical choice for frequent campers, boaters, or those with a lot of outdoor furniture.

With a premium water repellent liquid like this one, you are assured of water protection and prevention of mildew and rot formation on your fabrics and surfaces. You can use it on new clothes and waterproof clothes that need some rejuvenation. Most clothes are safe and will not change due to the spray. This includes synthetic fabrics and cotton. If you are a mariner or camping person, use it on your boat covers, grade fabrics, foot wear, and tents.

While you might you might notice a slight change of color in your fabric, let it not be a big issue. It does not cause any harm and your items will still function well but with the addition of high water repellency.

Unlike most waterproof sprays, this one comes in a large size. The gallon size is not for small-scale users. It’s the perfect buy for anyone looking to waterproof a large amount of material.


Texsport Polyurethane Waterproof Seam SealerTexsport Polyurethane Waterproof Seam Sealer

The Texsport Polyurethane waterproof spray is colorless but might dull the color of your materials. It’s an effective waterproof spray. As a reliable sealer, it protects your fabrics and other items against outdoor rainy weather.

It seals the seam perfectly thanks to its great strength. It is efficient in enhancing water repellence and helps to repel dirt and reduce the effects of UV rays on your material. It is your one-stop package despite being just a simple spray. It has been proven to be safe and does not change the texture of any synthetic fabrics. You can actually count on it to reduce fading.

After this spray has dried, it can leave some stains on your fabric though. You will love its odorless nature but don’t be surprised by the fact that it can leave streaks or stains on your materials due to over-application. It has a strong smell that fades always as the spray dries.

When buying this spray, you only have the one option of a 12-ounce bottle. Use it as recommended and you will avoid dealing with residues left after application. It is the spray to use if you want to protect your materials from fading due to UV rays.


Grangers Performance Repel Water-Proofing Spray for OuterwearGrangers Performance Repel Water-Proofing Spray for Outerwear

Granger’s Performance Repel high-quality. It holds and sticks extremely well. However, the coating does not get activated until heat is used. You can use a dryer to complete the application process.

You might be wondering where to apply the spray. It can be used on all clothing and different fabrics. This includes fabrics that other sprays don’t recommend using them on, such as fleece, eVent, and soft shell. When buying this spray, you’ll only find it in 9.23 ounces. It’s too little to allow you to make multiple applications or use on a larger surface. However, you can always buy several. This magic spray is very effective and will not disappoint you. It leaves the fabric better protected without causing any alterations in its quality. It becomes water-resistant and will not get wet, no matter how long you expose it to water.

For new fabrics or those that need another coat to re-waterproof them, the Grangers Performance is the solution to buy. The end results are worth the bother of buying several bottles.

Some of the drawbacks of this waterproof spray include difficulty in spreading the spray and limited instructions on how to use it. Use it on a test surface to practice and get the best results.