The 20 Best Wall Clocks

Shopping for a brand-new wall clock but don’t have the time (pun shamelessly intended) to sift through dozens of products online?

We got you covered.

Here are the 20 best wall clocks that you can get right now. Our list is composed of different types of wall clocks, from minimalist clocks and modern clocks to atomic digital clocks and pendulum clocks.

Hito Silent Wall ClockHito Silent Wall Clock

Everything becomes amplified during nighttime. Footsteps become more pronounced. Rustling leaves outside become louder. And ticking wall clocks suddenly become creepy. But you can remove the latter from the equation by getting the Hito Silent Wall Clock.

Drawing power from a single AA battery, this non-ticking wall clock is framed in aluminum with a sturdy glass cover. Besides the time, it can also tell you the temperature – in both Celsius and Fahrenheit – and the water vapor in the air, courtesy of the built-in thermometer and hygrometer. It’s available in black, blue, green, and white.


Mark Feldstein Original Singing Bird ClockMark Feldstein Original Singing Bird Clock

Living in big cities or heavily urbanized areas isn’t the most ideal for nature lovers. Because seeing nothing but tall buildings and hearing cars honk at each other all day is the exact opposite of being surrounded by trees and sounds associated with nature. One way to keep in touch with nature is by having a wall clock that plays bird songs.

Introducing the Original Singing Bird Clock from Mark Feldstein, a green matte-framed wall clock that plays songs from 12 of the most recognized songbirds in North America for each hour. Seriously, this thing is totally legit, with the songs directly recorded from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology in New York.


Marathon Atomic Wall ClockMarathon Atomic Wall Clock

For the most accurate time, look no further than atomic clocks. And for one of the best in the business in that department, check out the Marathon Atomic Wall Clock, a digital wall clock that comes with a 4-inch high display. It’s available in different frames, including a wood frame that’s more stylish than all the other frames available.

Self-setting and self-adjusting, this atomic wall clock tells you the time (in 12-hour or 24-hour), the room temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit), and the date and day. Easy to install on the wall right out of the box, this atomic wall clock can be configured for eight different time zones, including PST, CST, and EST, with a Daylight Savings Time option.


Braun Classic Wall ClockBraun Classic Wall Clock

Sometimes, a simple and straightforward design is the most eye-catching. Take this analog quartz clock from Braun, a German company founded in 1921, for example. Apart from the small brand name, the face of the Braun Classic Wall Clock is completely free from fancy decorations and markings.

Featuring a matte black frame and dial, this handsome modern wall clock is precise and reliable, which is hardly surprising for a German product. The battery is also included in the package, allowing you to set up the clock immediately after taking it out of the box.


La Crosse Technology Atomic Wall ClockLa Crosse Technology Atomic Wall Clock

Extremely busy people are all about efficiency. Such as being able to check the time, date, day, temperature, and moon phase just by looking at a single piece of machine. For a wall clock that offers exactly just that, pick up this digital wall clock from La Crosse Technology.

Powered by four AA batteries, the La Crosse Technology Atomic Wall Clock displays the time (can be in 12-hour or 24-hour) on the top section and everything else on the bottom section. But the really cool thing about this digital clock is that it can also tell you the temperature OUTSIDE the house, not just inside.


Hito Large Atomic Desk/Wall ClockHito Large Atomic Desk/Wall Clock

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and being forced to walk toward the light switch in order to check the time displayed on the wall clock. Sounds exhausting, we know. Erase that laborious task from the picture by rolling with the Hito Large Atomic Desk/Wall Clock.

Self-setting and easily configurable, this digital clock has the ability to automatically light up whenever it senses that the room is in total darkness. The light comes in amber color, making the clock both easy to see and friendly to the eyes. Apart from the time and date, this digital also tells the indoor temperature and humidity.


Avalon Oversized Digital ClockAvalon Oversized Digital Clock

Wall clocks run on batteries. And at some point, battery replacement is necessary to keep them running. However, the Avalon Oversized Digital Clock is unlike most other products available on the market. It’s powered by an AC adapter, which means that, as long as it’s not broken, you will never have to spend a single penny on a new set of clock batteries again.

For those who frequently change addresses, don’t worry about having to reconfigure the clock over and over again. It’s equipped with a backup memory battery that keeps track of the date and time whenever it’s turned off.


Vincenzo World Map Wall ClockVincenzo World Map Wall Clock

People who travel all the time often decorate their homes with things related to their adventures. This includes exotic coffee table covers and carefully curated framed pictures displayed prominently in the living room. But you know what really tells everyone that you’re a wanderlust? Having the Vincenzo World Map Wall Clock.

It’s a non-ticking quartz clock that has a detailed world map printed on the dial. And by “printed,” we mean the design isn’t just a sticker slapped on the dial. Reliable, lightweight, and, most importantly, made in the US, this wall clock comes in different sizes, with the largest being 48 inches.


Seiko Classic Wall ClockSeiko Classic Wall Clock

Founded in 1881, Seiko is one of the most trusted brands in the business. The Japanese company is known for producing wall clocks that offer both style and functionality. But for the old school look, we recommend the Seiko Classic Wall Clock.

Featuring Strong dark dial markers and hands for more visibility, this quartz wall clock comes with a straightforward design with minimal decorations on the all-white dial. It runs on a single AA battery.


Design Toscano Gears of Time Sculptural Wall ClockDesign Toscano Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

For big fans of the unusual, the Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock from Design Toscano, an American private business, is a must-have item. It’s designed by Alberto Batani, with each item individually hand-painted by the company artisans.

Steampunk-inspired and AA battery-powered, this fancy quartz clock includes multiple gears as well as an actual globe in the design. The product is clay sculpted and cast in a designer resin. Featuring large Roman numerals, this wall clock is obviously on the heavy side, weighing 6.4 pounds. So be extremely careful when setting it up on the wall.


Maple’s Clock Moving Gear Wall ClockMaple’s Clock Moving Gear Wall Clock

If the Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock is a bit too much for you, perhaps the significantly toned-down look of the Maple’s Clock Moving Gear Wall Clock will appeal more to you. It has the same visible gears concept. But instead of clay, the gears, which actually move, are made of plastic.

Featuring large Roman numerals on the wood ring dial, this quartz clock has a 12-inch diameter and weighs just 2.8 pounds, less than half of the fancy wall clock from Design Toscano. It runs on two D-sized batteries and comes with a limited 1-year warranty.


Umbra Ribbonwood Wall ClockUmbra Ribbonwood Wall Clock

If you care about style more than anything else, the Umbra Ribbonwood Wall Clock is the perfect item for you. Designed by Michelle Ivankovic for Umbra, a Canadian manufacturer of housewares, this elegant wall clock is made of beechwood and is built to last for years.

It’s accurate, quiet, and, best of all, comes with an affordable price tag, which you probably didn’t expect from a fancy wall clock. Sophisticated yet functional, the Umbra Ribbonwood Wall Clock makes for a great birthday or Christmas gift for friends who dig furniture that doesn’t come off as ordinary.


Newgate Mini Cookhouse Wall ClockNewgate Mini Cookhouse Wall Clock

For a wall clock that looks like it was made for the kitchen, check out the Mini Cookhouse Wall Clock from Newgate Clocks, a British private company founded in 1991. It’s housed in a bright, red-colored metal frame and includes a white dial with bold numbers.

Measuring 9 inches tall, this retro-looking wall clock is secured by a sturdy glass and is powered by a single AA battery, which doesn’t come in the package. If you’re a fan of wall clocks that harken back to the old days, the Newgate Mini Cookhouse Wall Clock is definitely for you.


Normann Copenhagen Watch Me Wall ClockNormann Copenhagen Watch Me Wall Clock

Produced by Normann Copenhagen, the Watch Me Wall Clock is one of the most eye-catching minimalist wall clocks available on the market. It’s composed of eight differently colored rectangles, which make up the dial. It’s devoid of any markings on the face – no numbers, no brand name.

Made of powder-coated aluminum, this minimalist wall clock is both stylish and functional at the same time. Its striking visual appearance definitely screams “look at me” to anyone in the living room. But due to the lack of markers, you’ll have to rely on estimates when keeping track of the time.


Lemnos Plywood Wall ClockLemnos Plywood Wall Clock

The Lemnos Plywood Wall Clock is the exact opposite of the Watch Me Wall Clock. It’s simple and doesn’t beg for attention. Crafted from high-quality plywood, this wall clock includes a clean dial, with tiny markers and bold numbers.

Designed by Moritoyoshi, the Lemnos Plywood Wall Clock matches with any furniture. In terms of performance, it’s accurate, reliable, and, most critically, comes with a silent sweeping movement, making it the perfect wall clock for those who are extra-sensitive to sounds during nighttime.


Seiko Pendulum Schoolhouse ClockSeiko Pendulum Schoolhouse Clock

If you have always had problems keeping track of time, maybe you need a wall clock that gives you a heads-up every time an hour passes. Everyone, meet the Pendulum Schoolhouse Clock from Seiko. It’s a schoolhouse clock made of solid oak, a common material for such clocks.

It has a quarter-hour and hourly chime, which can be easily turned off before you go to bed for a more peaceful sleep. The octagon-shaped dial comes with a white face while the Roman numerals come in a large size, allowing for maximum visibility.


Lemnos Hibiya No Tokei Wall ClockLemnos Hibiya No Tokei Wall Clock

Designed by the late Riki Watanabe, the Lemnos Hibiya No Tokei Wall Clock is a product with an interesting background. It was based on the famous clock of the Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company that sits at the corner of Hibiya crossing in Japan.

Silent and well-crafted, this minimalist wall clock includes a white dial with black square-shaped markers in place of the usual numbers. The markers are large and easy to see, allowing you to accurately check the time even from a distance. Powered by a single AA battery, the Lemnos Hibiya No Tokei Wall Clock is on the expensive side of the fence, with each unit going for over $100.


MLF George Nelson Sunburst ClockMLF George Nelson Sunburst Clock

Designed by George Nelson, the Sunburst Clock from Modern Luxury Furniture is hands down the most eye-catching wall clock on this list. Seriously, just look at that thing. It doesn’t even look like a clock at first glance. It’s only after you see the hour and minute hands that you’ll realize it’s actually a clock.

Composed of an aluminum quartz holder and 12 painted wooden arms, the Sunburst Clock is powered by a single AA battery and is extremely easy to set up on the wall. In case this particular design is still too modest for you, feel free to check out the other clocks in the Nelson series, which includes the Steering Wheel Clock and the Spindle Clock.


Howard Miller Everett Wall ClockHoward Miller Everett Wall Clock

If you find the Seiko Pendulum Schoolhouse Clock too limited in the chimes department, pick up the Howard Miller Everett Wall Clock instead. It offers a full Westminster or Ave Maria chime at the 1-hour, 15-minute, 30-minute, and 45-minute marks. Alternatively, you can go for a Westminster or Bim Bam chime at just the 1-hour mark.

A picture of class and elegance, this quartz wall clock features intricate designs all around, with reeded columns on both sides. It’s powered by two C-sized batteries and includes a large dial printed with Roman numerals.


Qlocktwo ClassicQlocktwo Classic

Tired of seeing numbers and/or moving clock hands? Pick up the Qlocktwo Classic and experience a different way of checking the time. Unlike all the other wall clocks on this list, the Qlocktwo Classic tells you the time in words.

The face of the clock is composed of what seems like a random collection of letters. The clock lets you know of the time by lighting up the letters that would form the words needed to tell you the time. It’s available in different languages and in different colors, giving you the opportunity to get the design that fits perfectly with your other furniture.