Stylish Slides for Men to Wear This Summer

There’s nothing like a good slide. Versatile, comfortable, and eternally in-style, these multi-use pieces of footwear can be sporty, casual, or both. They’re almost always inexpensive, to boot.

Live in a hot, humid corner of the globe? Grab a pair of casual slides and hit the boardwalk.

Searching for a way to pamper your feet post-workout? We’ve got slides in this guide that will make your feet feel like they are sinking into a cloud.

Want something minimalist to get from the beach to the car? We’ve got you covered. So dig into our guide to the best men’s slides in 2020 — we can guarantee you’ll find something that catches your eye. Finish up your summer en vogue.

BIRKENSTOCK Unisex Arizona Leather SandalBirkenstocks Unisex Arizona Leather Sandal (BEST CHOICE)

Our choice for the best in men’s slides is this classic pair of Birkenstock’s. The leather on this selection will only gain character as it ages, and the synthetic sole will be hard-wearing and long-lasting. Indeed, some folks wear the same pair of Birkenstocks for a lifetime — the brand is known for quality footwear.

This pair of Birkenstocks features two adjustable straps with buckle closures — a classic styling that goes with anything. Dress these up with jeans for a date, or dress them down with shorts or trunks for a day at the beach; it’s up to you. Just watch out that your friends don’t steal them while you aren’t looking.

Birkenstocks are available in regular and narrow widths.

Key Features:

  • leather uppers
  • synthetic sole
  • strap and buckle closures
  • available in multiple widths


adidas Men's Adilette Shower SlidesAdidas Men’s Adilette Shower Slides

Our second choice is a classic, sporty pair of Adidas slides. Adidas is a well-known sports brand famous for its soccer gear, and this pair of slides is a pure pleasure to slide your feet into after a long session of the beautiful game.

The shaped footbed and lightly textured surface will pamper the feet, while the single-strap design hugs the mid-foot for a secure fit.

But the best part of these slides is the range of available colors. Take your pick from the rainbow. We’d suggest the Arsenal colors unless you are a Manchester United fan.

For more casual and comfortable footwear, browse our list of the top slip-on shoes.

Key Features:

  • rubber sole
  • synthetic single-piece strap
  • shaped and textured footbed
  • available in multiple colors
  • from a brand with a deep sports pedigree


Under Armour Men's Ignite VI Slide SandalUnder Armour Men’s Ignite VI Slide Sandal

We wouldn’t suggest serious physical activity while wearing slides — but if you had to be active, this is the pair you’d want to be wearing. Under Armour’s entry features a rubber sole and synthetic strap, just like many of the slides we examine here. But the real difference is in their comfort level; the strap is adjustable and has padding on the underside for maximum coyness against the top of your foot.

The ergonomically shaped footbed features two layers of Performance 4D foam for all-day comfort, and an EVA out-sole has decent traction for what is essentially a lounge shoe.

If you are in the market for the most comfortable footwear out there, be sure to check out our selection of the best shoes for walking and standing all day.

Key Features:

  • rubber sole
  • synthetic, padded adjustable strap
  • ergonomic footbed with two layers of padding
  • decent traction


OOFOS - Unisex OOahh - Post Exercise Active Sport Recovery Slide Sandal​OOFOS – Unisex OOahh – Post Exercise Active Sport Recovery Slide Sandal​

The fourth selection on our list arrives from OOFOS, a brand aimed directly at athletes seeking maximum post-workout recovery. To that end, These slides include a luxurious amount of cushioning in the synthetic sole, a feature designed to absorb 37% more impact force than traditional footwear. A lightly textured footbed surface stimulates the nerve endings of your feet.

A shaped footbed supposedly provides relief to tired feet, ankles, knees, and backs, while the synthetic one-piece strap keeps things simple and secure.

These men’s slides sandals are machine washable, which should make your partner happy. They only come in whole sizes, so OOFOS recommends sizing down if you wear a men’s half size.

Key Features:

  • synthetic sole
  • synthetic one-piece strap
  • shaped footbed with textured surface and OOfoam Recovery Technology
  • machine-washable


Nike Men's Benassi Just Do It Athletic SandalNike Men’s Benassi Just Do It Athletic Sandal

You knew Nike was going to be on this list somewhere, right? These men’s slides are elegant in their simple lines but still manage to be feature-rich in a way that few brands other than Nike can pull off.

First of all, you’ve got a jersey lining on the inside of the single-piece synthetic leather strap. Can you say cozy? The style is sporty, with a minimally shaped footbed and micro-dots for foot stimulation. The Phylon-foam mid-sole and out-sole are comfortable without being extreme. You are probably still going to get a little ground feedback from these slides.

Our favorite feature is the flex groove that helps the slide move more naturally with your foot. No scuffing along the pavement in these babies. But be aware that the traction is minimal here. Use caution in slippery locker rooms.

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Key Features:

  • synthetic sole
  • synthetic one-piece strap with jersey lining
  • minimally-shaped footbed with microdots
  • flex grooves for natural motion
  • phylon-foam injected midsole


Under Armour Men's Playmaker Fix Slide SneakerUnder Armour Men’s Playmaker Fix Slide Sneaker

Under Armour’s second model on our list is a little less feature-rich, but a lot more stylish. The single-piece strap has a foam bottom for comfort and tiny holes for ventilation. The footbed features EVA foam with grooves and raised nubs for foot stimulation, and a little bit of traction on the bottom keeps you from sliding accidentally into the pool.

But it’s extra clean lines and modern styling that stand out here. The white-and-black palette is hard to beat, but the red and white model is pretty eye-catching as well.

Our guide on the best camp shoes features some high-quality footwear for outdoor enthusiasts. Check them out.

Key Features:

  • synthetic sole
  • synthetic one-piece strap with ventilation and foam cushioning
  • textured footbed
  • clean, modern styling


Champion Men's IPOChampion Men’s IPO

These men’s slides from Champion manage to be both minimalist and garish at the same time. You get a pretty basic single-strap PVC upper and a minimally shaped footbed with steep sides. A little shaping towards the toes is the only nod towards ergonomics, and the footbed surface is relatively untextured.

The sole is 100%  PU material, which cleans up easily with a quick wipe-down. The default Amazon choice is bright red with the Champion logo blazoned across the whole surface, but we prefer the more understated white or black models in this instance. If you are looking for an affordable slide with a minimalist aesthetic, this could be the choice for you.

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Key Features:

  • synthetic sole
  • synthetic single-piece strap
  • untextured, minimally shaped footbed
  • multiple colorways


Dockers Men's Sunland Slide SandalDockers Men’s Sunland Slide Sandal

These men’s slides from Dockers are a little less sporty than the models we’ve been examining. The upper is a stitched single-piece synthetic with distressed leather styling. The shaped footbed features a memory-foam insole for a premium comfort experience, and a rubber sole keeps these slides long-lasting and grippy on wet surfaces.

These slides come in whole sizes only and a very generous fit at that. So if you like a tighter slide, you should probably size down.

We like a shoe where the stitching is part of the style — it just feels classy to us. These slides pair best with khaki shorts or jeans and a regular t-shirt.

Key Features:

  • distressed synthetic uppers
  • grippy rubber sole
  • visible stitching incorporated into the styling
  • memory foam insole and shaped footbed
  • generous fit
  • whole sizes only


FOCO mens NFL Stripe Legacy Velcro Sport Slide - MensFOCO Men’s NFL Stripe Legacy Velcro Sport Slide

For natives of the Windy City, or anyone who’s knocked back mid-western-style lager while dryly quipping, “DAH Bears.”

Aside from the Bears logo, the standout feature on these slides is the generously wide adjustable strap. The footbed is minimally shaped but does have a micro-dot textured surface for foot stimulation. The uppers are 100% PU, and the lowers are 100% EVA. The thickness is pretty minimal here, especially when compared to some other selections on our list.

As a result, some might find these men’s slides a little less comfortable, while others might appreciate the enhanced ground-feedback.

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Key Features:

  • synthetic PU uppers
  • synthetic EVA sole
  • minimally shaped, micro-dot textured footbed
  • fairly well-textured out-sole for grip
  • Chicago Bears logo


IZOD Men's Memory Foam Sandal, Velcro Adjustable Sport SlideIZOD Men’s Memory Foam Sandal, Velcro Adjustable Sport Slide

Here’s another example of an ultra-cushioned slide designed for maximum comfort. This model from IZOD features an adjustable strap and classic black two-tone styling, but the main draw is the delectably cushioned memory foam footbed. The strap comes cushioned as well!

These slides straddle the line between casual and sporty — you can go either way with these. The IZOD logo is present but not distracting, and the white stitching makes for an understated contrast with the rich, black synthetic material of the slide. On top of all that, these men’s slides are pretty affordable, just like some of these budget running shoes.

Key Features:

  • synthetic upper
  • synthetic sole
  • paddled, adjustable single-strap design
  • deeply cushioned memory-foam footbed
  • casual two-tone styling


Nautica Men's Athletic Slide Comfort SandalNautica Men’s Athletic Slide Comfort Sandal

Another minimal option more notable for its single-color styling than its features, this men’s slide from Nautica nevertheless manages to be both functional and comfortable.

A synthetic upper and lower pair with a simply-shaped footbed and single-strap design for a minimalist aesthetic. The footbed is relatively un-textured, and the sole isn’t all that grippy, so these might be better fashion-pieces than athletic recovery shoes. Almost all the color options are striking and handsome, so if you are looking to make a statement with your slides, you could do worse than this option.

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Key Features:

  • synthetic upper
  • synthetic sole
  • single-strap design
  • minimalist, unshaped, untextured footbed.
  • several designs available


New Balance Men's 100 V1 Slide SandalNew Balance Men’s 100 V1 Slide Sandal

These slides from New Balance are notable for their no-stitch design. The synthetic uppers are all one molded piece, including the strap. The footbed has minimal shaping but does include horizontal grooves for a little foot-nerve stimulation. The rubber soles also have some horizontal traction — just enough to keep you from slipping in the locker room, but nothing we’d feel comfortable using to stand on slippery river-side rocks.

No stitching means fewer things to fail, and we imagine these slides will last for a while. Solid coloring with a large, white New Balance logo puts these slides in the sporty category, so they would go great with your gym shorts.

Key Features:

  • synthetic uppers
  • rubber sole
  • no-stitch construction
  • lightly molded footbed with horizontal grooves
  • minimal traction


Lacoste Men's Croco Slide SandalLacoste Men’s Croco Slide Sandal

Lacoste’s iconic alligator logo is front and center on these stylish slides, making them another good candidate in the casual/sporty crossover category. Primary color choices and bold stripes abound, but the muted palette of these sandals will pair nicely these with jeans, sweatpants or casual shorts.

The sole and upper are both synthetic, and the single strap design keeps things minimalist. You get a little molding on the footbed, but minimal traction on the sole, further re-enforcing our bet that these slides will most appeal to the user looking for a casual slip-on over a locker-room slide.

Key Features:

  • synthetic upper
  • synthetic sole
  • casual, understated styling
  • minimally molded footbed
  • minimal traction on the sole


Reef Men's Sandals | One SlideReef Men’s Sandals | One Slide

Eco-friendly is the name of the game for Reef’s One Slide Men’s Sandals. These fully synthetic men’s slides are machine washable and water-proof, but the best part is Reef’s decision to use biodegradable Eco-One plastic in the construction.

A little padding on the perforated single-strap and a lightly molded footbed offer some comfort, but this sole isn’t as beefy as some other slides in this guide. Buy accordingly.

We think the two-tone design is striking, though. Constructed for a day at the beach, you could nevertheless pair these slides with a polo shirt to take your partner out to dinner.

Key Features:

  • synthetic uppers
  • synthetic sole
  • single-piece perforated padded strap
  • lightly molded, untextured footbed
  • biodegradable plastic construction
  • sporty/casual crossover styling

FUNKYMONKEY Men's Slide Sandals Adjustable Slip on SlippersFUNKYMONKEY Men’s Slide Sandals Adjustable Slip On Slippers

We’ll finish up our guide with a pair of unabashedly sporty slides with some unique features.

The two-tone styling stands out right away, but the fully perforated sole and footbed really take the cake. These holes allow for quick-drying and superior odor and temperature control.

The adjustable strap has a little synthetic lining for comfort, and the beefy EVA sole has enough cushioning for all-day comfort. These are also some of the most affordable slides in our guide. So if you give them a try, and if you don’t like them, you are only out twenty dollars!

Key Features:

  • synthetic upper
  • synthetic EVA sole with perforations for temperature control and quick-drying
  • adjustable padded strap
  • textured footbed
  • two-tone design
  • lightly grippy out-sole

Buying Guide


All the slides in our guide come in two basic design categories. First, we have sporty. Sporty slides typically showcase a fully-synthetic construction and minimalist features. They also often have striking, bold design choices and color palettes. Sporty slides almost always have single straps, though sometimes these straps are adjustable.

Casual slides are generally made of leather (or faux-leather) and have a more muted palette. With all-day wear in mind, causal slides often sport thicker soles and heavily-molded footbeds for maximum comfort.

Some slides can easily flit back and forth between the two categories and contain features that would be at home in either group. Other features to look out for are footbed texturing, extra padding, and ventilation perforations.


Just like regular shoes, the way a slide fits will vary wildly from brand to brand. Some brands have half sizes, others only whole sizes. Some models have adjustable straps, and others have non-adjustable straps. Some slides have narrow-fit options, while others have a standard fit.

You can often find fitting information on brand websites or the slide’s Amazon page. Pay close attention; occasionally, a brand will suggest sizing down or up depending on your needs.


As we mentioned above, casual slides tend to be constructed of leather or faux-leather, while sporty slides are usually either fully synthetic or a synthetic/rubber combination.

Leather ages beautifully but is susceptible to damage from the sun, sand, salt, and water — all things you might come into contact with while wearing slides. That’s why you should keep your casual slides in your closet when hitting the beach.

A sporty slide’s synthetic construction, on the other hand, is perfect for water-sports or post-athletic recovery. A quick wipe-down with a damp cloth is often enough to return synthetic material to an almost-new condition.


A slide’s comfort depends on several factors, including but not limited to: footbed material and shape, insole material and shape, amount of footbed and insole padding, padding around the strap, footbed texture or lack thereof, general strap design, and temperature control features.

What you find comfortable is a matter of personal preference, so pay attention to how these design choices combine in each slide in our guide.

Adjustable or Fixed Straps

Fixed straps are simple and often have a more sleek, streamlined look. On the other hand, adjustable straps can get you a tighter fit if you want less of a “flip-flop” feeling in your slides. Only a few of the slides in our guide are adjustable. Most of the time, adjustable slides use velcro, though we do have one pair that utilizes an adjustable buckle closure system.


The type of tread on the bottom of a slide is a crucial consideration — particularly if you are planning on using your slide around pools, in a locker room, or anywhere else that might be slippery. You’ll notice a wide variety of tread types in our guide. In general, the more sporty a slide is, the better tread it has. But this isn’t always the case. Judge each slide according to its own merit!

Slides FAQ

Are Slides Back in Fashion?

According to our research: yes. Slides are certainly better than flip flops, though we do recommend choosing your wearing occasions carefully. Some slides are ideal for casual events like easy-going dates or strolling in the park, while other slides trend towards athletes or athletic-adjacent activities.

That said, the sporty look is certainly “in” right now. There are plenty of slides that can toe the fashionable/athletic footwear line.

Can I Wear Slides in the City?

Sure, why not? Slides aren’t ideal for long periods of walking, though — we’d want something with, at minimum, a heel-strap to walk more than a few blocks. But you won’t stand out wearing a decent pair of sporty slides from the gym to your car down the street. Just watch out for puddles.

How Do I Combine Slides With My Outfit?

If you favor a sporty style, we have plenty of sharp-looking sport-oriented slides in this guide. Look for solid colors that match a range of outfits, or bold stripes that make a statement with one or two signature pieces.

Casual slides are often neutral colors and can generally go with anything. A caveat: Don’t wear casual slides to the beach or pool. You’ll want to avoid that dad vibe if you can help it.

Should I Size Up When Purchasing Slides?

Short answer: not automatically. Each brand sizes differently, so do your research and give careful consideration to your desired use before hitting the buy button. You may want a generous fit if you have tender or swollen feet after exercise, or if you just like the way a roomy fit feels.

On the other hand, if you are going to be fairly active in your slides, you should opt for a tighter fit.

Are Slides Better Than Flip Flops?

Slides are, currently, more in fashion than flip-flops. Slides also stay on your foot a little better than flip flops, which typically use a much more minimal thong-style strapping system to keep on your feet. But we aren’t prepared to say that slides are intrinsically better than flip flops, to each their own.