The 20 Best Camp Shoes for Men

Be a literal “happy camper” by keeping your feet happy with a pair of the best camp shoes. Sure, packing that excess weight may be against your better judgment, but there are indisputable benefits to having a camp shoe on hand or – rather, on foot – that may just make it worthwhile.

You need to consider a few things when looking for that perfect camp footwear. First, there’s the weight issue. Then, you need to identify when you’ll use this particular pair. You can then go through their pros and cons. You’ll end up with a camp shoe that’s functional, light, and convenient.

There are a number of options available and each one brings with it a unique set of features to consider. Some are open toe, such as rugged sandals and flip flops, which are perfect for downtime while in camp. They’re great for resting swollen feet too. Then there are water shoes. These dry very fast, are flexible, light, and have a good grip. Then, there are boots that add an extra level of sturdy waterproof protection that’s great for trudging on muddy terrain. You can also go for insulated boots for when the climate is downright frigid, or you can go for the very comfy and versatile rubber clogs that are so easy to slip on or off.

Check out the 20 Best Camp Shoes for Men below.

Astral Filipe Water SandalAstral Filipe Water Sandal

Astral is a company that prides itself as having a small environmental footprint. Since its founding in 2002, the main thrust of the company was not only to create high-performance products for outdoor athletes but also to lessen their environmental impact. Astral has since successfully eliminated PVC foam from their production processes.

The Filipe Water Sandal uses Astral’s very own G Rubber technology which gives this revolutionary flip-flop its extreme grip even on slippery, wet rock. The Astral Filipe Water Sandal comes with a removable ankle strap that secures it firmly to your foot making it great for crossing streams, rivers, or other bodies of water during your hike.


Chaco Z/2 Athletic SandalsChaco Z/2 Athletic Sandals

The Chaco brand was born as “Gecko” back in 1989. That’s why the lizard with sticky feet is dominantly featured in its logo. It’s appropriate, since its main products are sandals that are for use in perilous and slippery terrain. They soon rebranded as Chaco and are still recognized as one of the better companies producing outdoor footwear.

The main feature for the Z/2 line is the big toe loop. The Z2 Chacos, are pragmatic in their design. There are the adjustable straps, the soft midsole, and the non-marking rubber outer sole that’s designed to maintain traction even on wet surfaces. They’re great for hiking, river crossings, rafting, and just all-around chilling in camp.


Reef Men’s Leather FanningReef Men’s Leather Fanning

The Reef brand is a specialized company that produces top-of-the-line sandals and footwear for the beach. It was created in 1984 by two Argentinian brothers who moved to Southern California. Between the vast coastlines of Argentina and Southern California, it’s no surprise that they specialized in beach sandals.

Even though the Reef Leather Fanning was originally designed for beachwear, it migrates perfectly to the camp environment. While it doesn’t have an ankle strap that secures to your foot, it does have a bottle cap opener in its sole. How does cracking open a few bottles after a grueling hike sound?


KEEN Uneek Flat SandalKEEN Uneek Flat Sandal

Founded in 2003, the Keen brand was built around sailing, water sports and the great outdoors. The brand has a strong social sense of responsibility in that it has donated $1 million dollars for disaster relief efforts, has active partnerships with environmental mountaineering groups, as well as helps war veterans.

The Uneek line of Flat Sandal is appropriately named. When first you see it, it evokes the very essence of uniqueness. Albeit it’s a play on words, but that is what it is. It’s made out primarily of cords that are knit or tied together to form the structure of a shoe. The brand’s boating roots show since it’s highly functional, comfortable, and stylish in or out of water.


Chaco Z/1 Unaweep SandalChaco Z/1 Unaweep Sandal

The Gecko has another great addition to this list of best camp shoes. This time it’s the Z/1 Unaweep. Much like the earlier entry of Chaco on this list, the Z/2 Athletic Sandal, the Unaweep features a Z shaped strap for securing the sandal onto your foot.

The main difference is that the Z/1 design doesn’t have that extra loop that goes around your big toe. It really boils down to personal preference. You may like it without the loop since the Z/1 evokes a more freeing sensation because the Chaco Unaweep really is a very open shoe.


The North Face Base Camp Flip FlopThe North Face Base Camp Flip Flop

The next contender on this list is from a company that everyone and their mother know. The North Face is a pillar in the mountaineering world. The brand is trusted enough that many climbers stake their lives in its products as they attempt to summit Everest.

The North Face’s entry on this list of best camp shoes for men is one of the simplest. It’s a no-nonsense flip-flop with an EVA egg-crate shaped midsole for added comfort. At face value, it’s a comfy flip-flop. What sets it apart is that it’s made from the same TNF material that the brand uses in their most heavy-duty products.


KEEN Clearwater CNX SandalKEEN Clearwater CNX Sandal

The socially conscious boating and water sports brand based in Portland, Oregon has another offering for your consideration. Just by looking at the Clearwater CNX Sandal, you know that it’s great for trails. In fact, at first glance, the form factor of the Clearwater CNX Sandal is similar to that of a low cut hiking or trail running shoe.

What this KEEN sandal really is, is a very sturdy closed-toe sandal that you can use as your main hiking boot and not merely as a reserve. Confidently go on long trails and cross streams and rivers with this high-performance outdoor sandal.


Unshoes – Pah Tempe SandalUnshoes – Pah Tempe Sandal

The Unshoes philosophy is all about simulating the barefoot mechanics of walking. This has pushed Unshoes to focus on creating strong, lightweight sandals that can be used for daily wear as well as for hiking and camping. The brand has been creating great products since 2010, and with the minimalistic Pah Tempe Sandal, it’s a win.

No one would argue that the Pah Tempe Sandal is highly packable. It’s only made out of a flexible, flat sole, and strap, after all. Have this with you at all times when hiking or camping. It’s awesome as a spare, and it works great as a convenient camp shoe that’s easy to slip on and off.


Vivobarefoot Ultra 3 Water Sports ShoeVivobarefoot Ultra 3 Water Sports Shoe

The Vivobarefoot brand is a tribute to the best biomechanical machine on the planet –our foot. All of the footwear that this hyper-focused company features zero drop from heel to toe and most have a relatively thin yet still protective outer sole.

The Ultra 3 Water Sports Shoe is one such shoe with a zero heel to toe drop. Because the shoe is flat, it won’t put your foot in an unnatural position. This creates a more natural stride with every step. The benefits of using this for running, hiking, or walking can’t be overstated, but suffice it to say that using zero drop footwear makes your body function more naturally in terms of biomechanics. Couple this with its very flexible, waterproof shoe upper full of holes, and you’ve got yourself one of the best camp shoes for men.


The Original MuckBoots Unisex Edgewater Camp ShoeThe Original MuckBoots Unisex Edgewater Camp Shoe

The Original Muck Boot Company had a simple problem to solve – muck. It was just plain, honest-to-goodness muck (that wet muddy dirt) that became the foundation for this successful company. Based in Rhode Island, the company is continuing to grow strong and is now regarded as one of the best brands for camp shoes for men.

The Original MuckBoots Unisex Edgewater Camp Shoe primarily uses rubber as a main material. This accounts for its waterproof quality. The outsole is designed to provide stable grip even in muddy and wet terrain. With its stretch topline, this sturdy shoe is made remarkably easy to slip on and off. With this shoe on, you’ll be able to brave not only muck but also the cold weather since they’ll keep your feet warm even in sub-freezing climates.


Sockwa G4 Barefoot ShoesSockwa G4 Barefoot Shoes

The unique and functional look that creates the foundation of every footwear from Sockwa is the result of necessity. The Sockwa brand was created in the sandy beaches of Southern California. It was in 2008 that the idea of creating a sock fit for use in beach soccer games came about. Soon, the original beach sock was further developed into what it is now.

It is just what it sounds like. It is a comfortable shoe that’s built around the principle function and form of a sock. This time with the Sockwa G4 Barefoot Shoe the upper is much more sophisticated and is now made of lycra, neoprene, and nylon. It’s warm and breathable. The sole is made of TPU and is designed to grip even wet surfaces. This makes it a great camp shoe to have in your pack.


VIFUUR Water ShoesVIFUUR Water Shoes

VIFUUR is a Chinese brand that’s at the forefront of aqua shoes manufacturing. The shoe products that this innovative brand produces are perfect for water sports, beach wear, yoga, and of course, camping.

The VIFUUR Water Shoes are so soft and flexible that you can roll them up and twist them around without destroying the shape. The rubber outsole is made to provide high performance grip even when wet. This strong addition to the list of best camp shoes is superbly versatile. Because they’re also very light, you can just throw a pair in your pack for use in camp or for when crossing rivers.


Aleader Mesh Slip-on Water ShoeAleader Mesh Slip-on Water Shoe

Aleader is yet another brand from California that produces terrific, high performance water shoes. The brand was established in 2013 but has since garnered a loyal following of outdoor culture enthusiasts because of their radically functional and beautiful footwear.

The Aleader Mesh Slip-on Water Shoe is a beast. The design is just insane and everything is functional. Think of it as a perfect marrying of what is good in a water shoe and a trail shoe. The upper is made of strong mesh material that gives support as well as lets water pass through. The outsole itself has strategically placed holes that drain water. You won’t go wrong with a pair of these on your feet when camping.


Vibram 5 Fingers V-Run Running ShoeVibram 5 Fingers V-Run Running Shoe

This Italian brand has been around since 1937 but it was only in the 2000s that Vibram became known internationally as the pioneer of the barefoot running revolution. Their most iconic product, and the one on this list of awesome camp shoes, is the Vibram 5 Fingers. (Everyone knows they’re “toes.” but maybe “fingers” just sounds cooler.)

The Vibram 5 Fingers is the most recognizable barefoot running shoe. In this iteration, the V-run shoe upper is comprised of a combination of polyester Lycra and polyester microfiber. Each toe is enclosed separately giving you more of a feeling of being barefoot. This also makes your feet function more naturally while walking or running even on wet rocks as you cross a river. There is no doubt that this unique feature alone makes for a great camp shoe.


Crocs Classic ClogCrocs Classic Clog

Crocs is one of the more successful companies on this list – at least in terms of global brand awareness. Created in 2002 as a boating shoe brand, its flagship shoe has since become synonymous with comfort.

The Classic Clog from Crocs is a well-known shoe for casual daily use as well as for professions that require high level of comfort in their footwear, such as in nursing or waiting on tables. It’s made 100% out of Croslite, their very own proprietary EVA foam. The toe box is relatively spacious and boxy, which gives your feet ample space to accommodate the slight swelling you’ll experience after a day of hiking. This translates into a very comfortable camp shoe you can slip on and off easily.


Baffin Base Camp SlipperBaffin Base Camp Slipper

Baffin is Canada’s entry on this list– and one thing the Canadians know is the cold. Being a Canadian brand gives a lot of credibility for the insulated slippers that they produce. This offering is no different.

Baffin makes Canada proud with the Base Camp Slipper. Looking at this puffy bootie, you immediately know that your feet are going to remain warm and toasty even when camping in extreme cold. Well, it was tested in Canada, after all, so any other place would just be a cake walk in a warm and comfortable slipper.


Oboz CampsterOboz Campster

The Oboz brand name comes from its place of origin – Bozeman, Montana. The “O” stands for Outside attesting to the brand founders’ love for the outdoors. The brand was spearheaded by veterans already successful in the footwear industry in 2007.

The Campster has “camp” in its name, so right there, you already know that it’s going to be good. It’s also a sturdy and good-looking sandal that has a shoe upper made entirely of straps. It also comes with an EVA outsole for high levels of traction even in wet terrain.


Bogs Bozeman Tall Men’s Insulated Waterproof BootsBogs Bozeman Tall Men’s Insulated Waterproof Boots

The Bogs brand comes straight out of Oregon, a state known for its scenic great outdoors. Because of this, Bogs is able to create highly functional footwear that provide comfort, protection, and support when needed the most.

The Bozeman Tall is a great offering from Bogs. It’s a high cut insulated waterproof boot that you can take with you to camp as a camp shoe, or you could even use it for the trail. It’s waterproof and tough. You can use it on the harshest terrain, and your feet are still going to be comfy and protected.


Tretorn Gus Waterproof BootTretorn Gus Waterproof Boot

Tretorn is a popular footwear brand from Sweden. Having started in 1891, Tretorn is one of the world’s older footwear brands. It’s a pioneer in both manufacturing methods, materials used, as well as employee welfare. Today, Tretorn maintains its position as a leader in footwear manufacturing.

Tretorn’s entry on this list is a slip-on waterproof boot that’s both highly functional and highly fashionable. It provides protection from rough terrain, prevents your feet from getting wet, and is easily slipped on. These are all the makings of a great camping shoe.


The North Face Thermoball Traction Mule IIThe North Face Thermoball Traction Mule II

The final entry on this list is another beautifully designed offering from The North Face – The Thermoball Traction Mule II. True to form, this slipper is insulated for use in extremely cold weather. It’s filled with synthetic insulation that mimics 600 fill goose down.

It’s ultra-lightweight, packable and water resistant. Add this to your pack to keep you and your feet happy when camping out in the cold.