The 10 Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards

Gone are the days when keyboards were largely seen as a mundane computer peripheral. Hardcore gamers, coding freelancers, and digital designers belong to the target market of mechanical keyboards. However, even office workers and typists are appreciating the many benefits of using a mechanical keyboard, particularly how it makes typing fast, accurate, and less tiring.

If you’re unsure of which mechanical keyboard to get, continue reading to learn more about the top 10 quiet mechanical keyboards on the market today, followed by a quick buying guide of what to look for in the model you choose.

Cherry G80-3000Cherry G80-3000

One of the most popular mechanical keyboards ever, the Cherry G80-3000 has been on the market since the early 1990s. It has been reworked multiple times, although the core remains largely the same. It is a no-frills mechanical keyboard that appeals to the general office worker.

It has a classic look and feel to it, sans the flashy lights and macro keys characteristic of gamers keyboards. It comes in a nice matte finish. The keys are comfy on the fingertips, smooth and easy to type on. Designed to endure, the letters are laser-etched, too.

Aside from the lack of media controls and flashy lights, you’ll know that the Cherry G80-3000 is built for the typical office worker because it allows only four keys to be pressed at once. Still, it is perfect for people looking to improve their typing speed.

It’s a mechanical keyboard that is likely to endure the test of time with its manufacturer guaranteeing 50 million activations per key switch. Moreover, the fact that it has been in production for nearly 30 years proves that it is a high-quality model.

It comes with a USB cable that is about 175 cm long. It measures 470 x 195 x 44mm and weighs 935 grams.


SteelSeries Apex M750 Mechanical KeyboardSteelSeries Apex M750 Mechanical Keyboard

This high-end mechanical keyboard, unlike the Cherry G80-3000, is built for gamers. It gets high marks for its dazzling lighting, rugged build, and easy customization.

The keyboard is easy to clean thanks to its floating keycaps. Its dazzling lighting gives you the impression that it is catered towards the gaming market. Moreso when you learn that there are plenty of lighting customization options available on this keyboard, including individual key colorization.

The keyboard has reliable keys that can hold up to years of abuse. The bigger keys, such as Enter and Space, have distinct sounds which are intentional to give users more confidence in typing. If there’s one chink in the armor, it may be the small guide bumps on certain keys like F and J. Some users may find these difficult to get used to.

But there is no denying that most of the attention will go to the keyboard’s SteelSeries Engine software, which facilitates custom lighting. In fact, this keyboard has pre-set profiles for popular games, such as PUBG and Overwatch. The custom lighting is user-friendly and further cements the keyboard’s reputation as a top choice for gamers.

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Matias Quiet Pro Mechanical KeyboardMatias Quiet Pro Mechanical Keyboard

The Matias Quiet Pro is a mechanical keyboard designed for office workers looking for an impeccable typing experience. This full-sized keyboard is, according to Matias, the quietest mechanical keyboard today with its utilization of Quiet Click switches.

It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers and gets high marks for its tactile feedback. The Windows model has an all-black design with a glossy finish, while the Mac version has a silver and black color scheme. The PC model also has a Tab key.

The most impressive part of the keyboard, however, are the keys. They are quiet by any standard. There is enough sound to assure that a key is being hit but not enough to distract your neighbor. The feel of the keys also gets rave reviews for being firm and leaving a crisp feeling.

In short, the Matias Quiet Pro is a great pick if you have never used a quiet mechanical keyboard before. It provides good tactile feedback and key response. While it has quite a hefty price tag, it can be a good investment, especially if you are the type of office worker who needs a quiet keyboard.

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Filco Majestouch 2 TKL Mechanical KeyboardFilco Majestouch 2 TKL Mechanical Keyboard

The Filco Majestouch 2 TKL is simply the 87-key version of the Majestouch sans the number pad. It is compact and customizable with the same tactile feel that the Majestouch series is known for. This is a good mechanical keyboard to use if you want to save space on your home office desk and still enjoy a good typing experience.

The Filco Majestouch 2 TKL measures 14 x 5.3 x 1.3 inches. It is solidly built and stylish. Its rigid case construction is designed to give users a comfortable typing experience. The keys have a specially designed font for enhanced visibility and an appearance that should last for a long time.

You will be impressed with the overall aesthetics of this mechanical keyboard. It has a clean and simple look. It is not prone to fingerprints, either.

As for performance, the Filco Majestouch 2 TKL gets good reviews. With Cherry MX switches, the keypads are a pleasure to type on. Your fingers will likely glide through the keys. This is the type of keyboard that you will love if you have never used a mechanical type of keyboard before.


Logitech G513 Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G513 Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech is one of the more trusted computer brands in the world, so the G513’s entry into this list is not surprising. It has a sleek and low-profile chassis designed to satisfy the needs of hardcore gamers.

Measuring 17.5 x 5.3 x 1.4 inches, the G513 is a compact gaming keyboard with elevated keys. This design gives it a kind of minimalistic and futuristic look and feel. While Logitech kept things simple, the lack of discrete media keys is one major drawback of the simplistic design of this keyboard.

One of the best features of this keyboard, though, is its plush wrist rest running its entire length. The 3.2-inch wrist rest is intended to make typing even less tiring with this keyboard. It feels comfortable to use, and you can put your fingers in the best position to tap keys quickly and accurately.

The keyboard makes use of Logitech’s Romer-G switches, which are known for being quiet, responsive, and tactile, similar to the Cherry MX Browns. Running on the Logitech Gaming Software, it allows users to perform certain actions like adjusting RGB illumination, reprogramming function buttons, and creating profiles to link with games and programs.

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Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardCorsair Strafe RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair Strafe RGB MK.2 has the features and functions you will want from a gaming keyboard. It features Cherry MX RGB key switches, full key-rollover anti-ghosting, and onboard profile storage for gaming profiles. There are multiple dedicated multimedia and volume controls that let you adjust audio, while a detachable palm rest provides optimal comfort.

The Corsair Strafe RGB is a full-sized keyboard with dedicated media buttons, a Windows Key lock, volume scroll bar, and a button for adjusting backlight brightness. There is also a specialized button for going through various backlighting profiles stored in the board’s memory.

The keycaps are covered with soft-touch material, making them feel nice on the fingertips. Corsair also included gray-topped and textured keycaps. The major drawback, however, is that the keycaps can easily pick up grease. Like the Logitech keyboard, the Strafe RGB MK has a textured wrist rest that is comfortable enough for most users.

In terms of performance, the Corsair Strafe RGB gets high marks. Using full RGB Chery MX switches, the keyboard is noticeably quiet. Overall, the Corsair Strafe RGB is one of the best quiet mechanical keyboards today.

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Das Keyboard 4 Mechanical KeyboardDas Keyboard 4 Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard comes from a brand that is relatively unknown, especially when ranged against giants like Logitech. Launched in 2005, Das has built a solid reputation for its basic but useful mechanical keyboards. The Das Keyboard 4 is designed primarily for gamers, but typists and office workers will also love how it can give them a smooth and satisfying typing experience.

It is a simple board if we are to talk about its design. It has a solid aluminum plate and plastic backing that can prevent scratches. The keycaps are laser-etched on plastic dyed in black. There is a volume knob located on the right corner for convenient sound management functions.

Coming in with Cherry MX Brown or Cherry MX Blue switches, the Das 4 is catered to both gamers and office workers. The Cherry MX Blue switches provide a luxurious typing experience with their pronounced tactile bump, while the Cherry MX Browns are quiet and offer superior feedback. It is best suited to gamers with its light and more responsive action.

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Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical KeyboardRazer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Keyboard

The Razer Blackwidow Elite is a robust and highly customizable keyboard that is well-made and quite responsive. Marketed toward gamers, the keyboard excels for gaming.

Measuring 17.5 x 6.5 inches, the Blackwidow Elite has a thick frame. It is fairly heavy at nearly 4 pounds. Thick rubber pads underneath it prevent the keyboard from sliding around, while a padded wrist rest can be attached to the front of the keyboard. The wrist rest is comfortable to use and stays cool.

The Blackwidow Elite has understated keys with sharp edges. You will immediately know if your finger is not perched centrally. There are media keys sitting in the top right corner that make a loud click when pressed.

Razer has its own switch technology incorporated into this mechanical keyboard. Razer’s orange switches are well-designed and boast of a lifespan of 80 million keystrokes. These are also protected against dust and liquid spills. You can also customize the lighting of the keyboard and save a maximum of five configurations with its on-board memory and cloud storage.

The Blackwidow Elite also has good cable management options, with a USB and audio pass through as well as cable routing. These options can keep your gaming desk clutter-free.


Roccat Vulcan 120 AimoRoccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

The Roccat Vulcan 120 is one of the best gaming keyboards today. It has a gorgeous design and plenty of customization options. It is not only great for gaming but also for typing as well.

Measuring 17 x 6 inches, the Vulcan 120 Aimo has a stunning design with a brush aluminum body. There are RGB LEDs that light up when keys are pressed. It also features designated buttons for mute and volume control.

A key feature of this keyboard is its wrist rest made of rigid plastic. While it is not as comfortable as a padded wrist rest, it can still make typing less tiring to the typical office worker.

Like Razer, Roccat has its own Titan switches that are comparable with the Cherry MX Brown. The result is a tactile switch that feels fast and light. The sound is also muted, making the Vulcan 120 Aimo a solid choice for people looking for a quiet mechanical keyboard.


Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768

The Alienware Pro Gaming keyboard could be the best mechanical keyboard in terms of value. Relatively cheap but well-designed and built, it is geared toward gamers. But it’s also something that office workers should consider getting primarily because of its durability. It is one of the toughest gaming keyboards today.

This full-size keyboard is big at around 19 x 6 inches. All keys have anti-ghosting and N-key rollover. Using Cherry Brown mechanical switches, the keyboard delivers solid tactile feedback and low click noise. It appeals to all gamers from novice to experts, although typists will also love how quiet the keys are. The keys are also rated to last up to 50 million keystrokes, so it is safe to say that the Alien Pro AW768 should last for a very long time.


What is a mechanical keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard makes use of a mechanical switch placed under every key to record each and every keystroke. This results in a different typing experience wherein you don’t have to press a key longer than needed. In short, your hands won’t get tired as easily when you use a mechanical keyboard.

One of the drawbacks of mechanical keyboards back in the day was the noise they made. Fortunately, mechanical keyboards are now a lot quieter than their predecessors. And aside from being quiet, this type of keyboard can also last for a long time. Many of the mechanical keyboards have switches that can last millions of presses, which translate to years of use.

What to Look for in a Mechanical Keyboard

In choosing a mechanical keyboard, here are some things you might want to focus on:

Form Factor

The most common keyboard layout is the full-size board where all the keys are within your reach, including a full number pad. The main drawback, however, is the size, which can take up significant space on your desktop.

You may also opt for a tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard, which, as the name suggests, lacks ten keys. Known as the 80% keyboard, it does not have a number pad and thus brings the mouse closer to you. It also makes typing even more efficient. But if you are really after efficiency, then opt for the 60% board, which removes dedicated arrow keys, the number pad, and the function keys (F-row).


This is arguably the most important factor to consider in choosing a mechanical keyboard as it determines the sound that the board makes.

Cherry brand switches are the most commonly used. It is the gold standard by which other switches are compared to. Cherry MX Brown, for instance, is known for generating a hushed sound. However, as you probably saw in our reviews, many brands have dropped Cherry switches and develop their own.

Extra Features

From keycap material to removable cables and extra keys, there are a host of features that you should also take a look at before buying a mechanical keyboard.